Best PSP Video Games Of All Time

Playing on a handheld console is a whole new level of experience for gamers. Today we are going to discuss one of the most popular consoles known as “PSP”. This gaming device comes with a massive library of epic games. We are happy to manufacture a list of the Best PSP Video Games of All Time.

PlayStation Portable famously known as PSP is a very functional and portable device with many features. This console is not just for gaming it can also be used for internet surfing, downloading images and videos, and to watch movies.

Well, the main aim of this console is to provide a fantastic gaming experience and controls that are easy to execute. So, this franchise has produced some breathtaking which are worldly famous and regularly played by many gamers.

Best PSP Video Games of All Time

In this article, we have prepared a list of some of the best video games of all time which are related to this franchise. PSP games list is very long so we have cut it down to top ones with all the good things.

PSP Gaming Experience

God of War; Ghost of Sparta

This is one of the best games of all time certainly on this console. It is an action-adventure game with thrilling modes and stunning graphics. The storyline is intriguing and filmy kind as to its famous character Kratos goes on a journey that exposes the roots of the destroyed worlds.

Players have to control Kratos and the blades of Athena and fight against the evil enemies. Gamers can enjoy combat battles, quick-time events, puzzles, and many more intense modes.

Grand Theft Auto; Vice City Stories

This is truly a world-famous PSP game available on this console. This is another marvelous action-adventure game with all the fascinating features. The storyline is thrilling where a player is given an open world environment to do whatever you want.

Players can drive vehicles, walk, jump, swim, run and shoot with weapons. Players can fly using helicopters and jet skis and enjoy water using boats. Different missions, modes, and combat systems give this edge over any other PSP game.


Daxter is another fantastic gaming franchise with epic games. Daxter is the popular character of this video game that plays the role of Bug exterminator with many abilities. Players can perform a double jump, ledge grabber, crouch, and ride on ziplines.

The storyline is fascinating where Daxter is searching for Jak his best friend and participates in many combats. Many modes and weapons to use and savor in this game.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy series is one most loved gaming series with many wonderful games. Crisis Core; Final Fantasy VII is an action-packed adventurous battlefield where you control a character called Zack Fair. This popular PlayStation Portable game has a great storyline and open environment for the player.

Players characters interact with other characters available in-game and together battle against the monsters. In this spectacle, you are a soldier with many responsibilities on your shoulders.

Burnout Legends

Burnout Legends is a racing video adventure available on this console. Fast and furious tracks with a massive list of cars to use and play. Players will have to battle in a series of racing modes to unlock other tracks.

World Tour, race, eliminator, face-off, time attack, burning lap, road rage, pursuit, and crash are the different modes available in this racing adventure. More than 90 cars are available to choose from and enjoy extreme racing experiences.

Tekken: Dark Resurrection

This is an epic game from the famous Tekken series. Dark Resurrections is the ultimate fighting video game with all the flavors of combat. There are 32 playable characters to choose one and play. You can also customize the characters which is a great additional feature.

Here you will explore hidden areas, bigger and better stages to fight enemies. Various exciting modes are also part of this intense fighting adventure.

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Well, PlayStation Portable is a very interesting and efficient gaming console to use, and this is the list of Best PSP Video Games of All Time that we have manufactured using different researches and data. Hope this article will be useful to you in many ways.

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