Best of Sega Saturn Games: ROMs Worth Playing

Sega was one of the greatest rivals that gave a hard time to the leaders like Nintendo at its peak. It later failed due to many reasons, yet we cannot ignore what it brought to us. So here are the best of Sega Saturn games.

After its success with the 16-bit system Genesis, Saturn was the product when the 32-bit was introduced in the world of consoles. With its arrival, this version gave a great opportunity to the game enthusiast to explore some great titles.

Here we will not deal with the issues the device faced, but the games it introduced to the fans and global audience. Some of which rivaled the best of that time for many reasons.

Best of Sega Saturn Games

This console brought to us some great titles in many genres including JRPGs, arcade, and fighting to name a few. With its own set of issues, the console didn’t leave an imprint on the memory of gamers at that time.

Still, we believe, if you explore this lost treasure, you will be surprised by the gems it harbor for you. So let’s introduce to you some picks for you that you can try and relish.

Just get the Sega Saturn ROMs for these titles and enjoy some fun time on your mobile phone or tablet.

Image of best of Sega Saturn ROMs

Daytona USA

One of the oldest and greatest racing titles to start with, we would like to introduce you to Daytona USA. This classic arcade racer has many features to grab your attention.

Zoom around its tracks that are always busy with the traffic, a great soundtrack forces you to never abandon your car and focus on achieving your goal, which is to finish the race and win it.

With great visuals, you will never complain about the graphics, which most of us talk about the games from that era. You will be amazed to learn that you can perform some heart-stopping drifting work or show some sliding skills while on the seat of your car.

Virtua Fighter 2

You cannot really pick between the visuals or the combat ambiance of this game, to praise it to the sky. With a focus on 3D that its predecessor set for itself, thanks to the makers, you are up for a treat here.

Once you open the interface, you will see it taking a great leap from the limitations set by its previous version. This on its own is enough to call the Virtua Fighter 2 one of the best games of its time in the fighting genre.

Not just the visuals with improved graphics, here we are also talking about an improved gameplay that gives an immersive and long-lasting experience to the gamers. You can easily enjoy the kicks, punches, and moves from the characters all the way.


The detail Astal carries in the gameplay takes the compliments, non-stop, from the gamers. With its exquisite graphics that are well thought and rendered with great care and deep features, it is a must-play for you.

In this fighting game, every act committed can be experienced in real-time with a deep aspect that enhances the user experience on the screen. So you will find the punching, kicking, grabbing, and throwing almost real.

You can start to fight with the adversaries or just go to the co-op mode in this best of the Sega Saturn games and become the supportive fowl of Astal and have a different experience all the way.

Panzer Dragoon II Zwei

This title is a rail shooter game developed by Team Andromeda Studio released in 1996. It is about the character Jean-Luc Lundi who has a dragon named Lagi which he rides.

Here you will have to aim at and shoot enemies before they trap you in their setups. You can either fly riding your dragon or run on the paths that will take you to the next level if you finish the enemies on the go.

So based on how you act in the gameplay, your dragon will evolve that way. So you will have a different experience each time you run on the same track but with different tactics.

Virtua Cop 2

The game was so famous that it did not just become a part of Saturn console but a part of Dreamcast as well as PC gaming in the last decade of the 20th century.

It is a light gun shooter arcade game. With three levels, the player’s movement is automatically controlled on a predetermined route. Nonetheless, you can pick between two tracks at some points in the game while shooting the criminals in the allotted time.

So this means you can have many replays on the game with different experiences. Pick between the characters of Rage and Smarty from the previous version or go for the new character Janet. Virtua Cop 2 is addictive as well as amazing to play.

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So these are the best of Sega Saturn games for you. If you like them from the description here you can try the ROMs on your computer or mobile phone using an emulator. Pick a title and relive an old but worthy experience now.

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