How To Run Gameboy Advance Games On Android: Guide

Well, Gameboy Advance (GBA) is a popular and one of the most used gaming consoles all around the globe. It has a massive library of epic ROMs which have a large fanbase worldwide. So today we are going to talk about How to Run Gameboy Advance Games on Android.

GBA is home to one of the most exciting gaming series that includes Pokémon, Super Mario, and many more thrilling games. It is a 32-bit handheld console for gaming that offers numerous great features and a pleasing gaming experience.

This console started its journey in the early ’90s developed by the very famous company Nintendo. It is 6th generation gaming console that is compatible with a large number of GBA ROMs which can be played with great graphical features.

How to Run Gameboy Advance Games on Android

Nowadays smartphones are an essential part of human life, people carry it travel where ever they want. So, if you want to play GBA ROMs on your android phones without any complications, just give this article a read.

Remember, this will ease your burden of carrying the GBA console everywhere to play these games. The only way you play these ROMs on mobile devices is by using an emulator. An emulator is capable of running games made for other systems on your particular devices.

Today, we are going to list the steps that will allow you to play numerous Gameboy Advance games on your Android devices.


  1. The First step is to install an emulator, you just go to your particular play stores and choose any emulator you want to install. Note there are a number of emulators available on the play store including RetroArch, My Boy, and various more.
  2. You have to select one and install it and wait for the process to complete.
  3. If you don’t find your favorite emulator on the Google play store, you can also install it from different websites on the internet.
  4. Now go to your internet browser and install some Gameboy Advance ROMs.
  5. There are numerous websites that have huge lists of popular ROMs, you pick your favorite ones and start installing them.
  6. The next step is to extract ROM files in a separate folder where you can access them easily.
  7. Note that the above step extraction can only be done via Archiver or unzipper application.
  8. Now after completing extraction using an Archiver or Unzipper, now reopen your emulator app.
  9. Go to the downloads section of your emulator application, there you will find the game you just installed on your phone through the browser.
  10. The last step is to open the game, wait for a few seconds, and play your favorite ROMs.

This is the easiest way to play GBA games on your android devices and enjoy the fascinating gaming experience.

So, many of you may be wondering what are GBA ROMs? The answer to this question is explained in the below section.

What are GBA ROMs?


Gameboy Advance Read Only Memories are non-volatile memories that play an essential role in playing games on your GBA consoles. Every console has its own ROMs that must be customized to solve the compatibility issues.

ROM files are files with .GBA extensions and if these files are available on your computer or smartphone, it means that the game has been copied and located on your system. That’s why these games are also known as GBA ROMs.

Do you want to know how to patch IPS and UPS files to play ROM then read here.


So, this is How to Run Gameboy Advance Games on Android and enjoy the intriguing gaming experience on your mobile devices. Hope this article will be useful and helpful to you in many ways.

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