5 Best GBA Emulators for Android

Gameboy Advance is one of the oldest and of most popular gaming consoles all around the world. GBA Emulator allows users to enjoy the best GBA games to play on various systems like Android, Windows, and many others.

Gameboy Advance is a 32-bit handheld console that provides a unique gaming experience and comes with a massive list of epic games.

It is part of the 6th generation of video game consoles and was developed by the popular company Nintendo. The android emulator for this platform provides a fascinating gaming involvement on your particular devices. Below is the List of best GBA Emulators for Android according to the editorial team of RomsforGba.

GBA Emulators for Android

You can easily install it from the Google Play Store and play the top story-lined and adventurous games. The famous gaming adventures include the Pokémon series, Mario series, and many more fantastic games producing franchises with a great collection of games to play.

In this article, we are going to list the most used and best android emulators for Gameboy Advance gaming on the basis of their functionalities and features.

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The list of these simulators is a very large one so, we have cut it down to the best 5.


VGBAnext is a popular Android simulator for playing GBA games for many platforms like Gameboy Advance, Nintendo Entertainment, and also for the old Gameboy color. It runs games programmed for GBA, GBC, GB, and numerous more.

The most impressive feature is that it has particular control support and MOGA support. This allows gamers to play many breathtaking games written for different consoles including Gameboy Advance. You can also share the playing field with friends using wireless networks.

Another advance feature its user’s love is that you can record the soundtrack and sound effects of the game you are playing. This emulator has more great features which are why it tops our list.


This is another fantastic simulator for Gameboy Advance gaming available with some amazing features to use. One of the most loved features is that you can save your progress and load it on other devices using this emulator.

You can also use external hardware to have more efficient and effective performance. BIOS emulation, cheat codes, save, and load games any time you want. Users can also use external controller support if they want as well. It is continuously updated with Improvements and solutions.

ClassicBoy Gold

ClassicBoy Gold is one of the most functional and features a full emulator for android systems. It also supports differently written programs for different consoles like GBA, GBC, PlayStation, and various others.

Users can set up gestures control and sensor controls if they want. This simulator also allows the connection of external hardware to provide more effective performance. It allows the cheat code support and progress-saving facility.


EmuBox is recently released fast and is a top simulator to play GBA games. It also supports many gaming console games including GBC, SNES, and numerous others. This is a free emulator app that doesn’t require any payments like others.

This simulator also has some interesting features like saving, loading, and fast forwarding to the benefit of users. Users have to separately install the games and attach them to EmuBox to play.

It also supports external controls and offers advanced configuration options. This simulator has 20 slots for ROMs that can be installed and played. It has a special material design and a user-friendly GUI.

Pizza Boy

Pizza Boy is another one of the recently released popular products that provide an impressive gaming experience and numerous features. You can save and restore states and it guarantees 60 FPS even on old devices.

It comes with features that include fast forward, slow motion, screenshot capturing, and many more. Users can customize button sizes and positions of keys easily. It supports the external joypads to provide a more comfortable environment.

You can enjoy classic retro games and many amazing ROMs on this emulator.

Final Words

Gameboy advance is one of the best handheld consoles for many decades now and if you want the enjoy GBA games on your android systems then the above are the 5 Best GBA Emulators for Android.

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