How to Patch GBA ROMs?

There are might be different factors for patching ROMs. However, some of you may know How to Patch GBA ROMs, and some of you may not.

In this article, I am going to share a precise guide about that process. Further, I will try to why it is important to patch any ROM.

What does Patching GBA ROM Means?

There are so many people out there who love to play games in their original shape. Meanwhile, there is also a huge number of players who love to play the modified versions. So, Patching is that kind of process where you try to change the official or original game.

However, there are certain things that you cannot change. But you can have the option to customize the language, graphics, modes, resources, and a few more. So, it is just like a mod version that you use to have on smartphones or Desktop computers.

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Some people want to have such files to make the gameplay simple and some of them offer higher difficulty levels. So, it depends on the taste and desire of the players. Therefore, there are tons of them that you can find on third-party websites.

Nevertheless, these are the modified editions which is why these are not legal. But still, there are hundreds of thousands of people who use to patch or play already patched files. So, in this article, we are focusing on the Patch GBA ROMs.

How to Patch GBA ROMs?

To patch GBA ROMS, you need to have a little knowledge of these files. So, GBA ROMs are basically the games that you use to play on your console.

Game Boy Advance is a gaming console and the full form of GBA. You can find hundreds of ROMs for this device and Pokemon is one of the most famous and trending ones among all those.

Here are simple tools and steps that you can follow up and enjoy the patch GBA ROMs. If you want to do that successfully, then you need to follow the following steps below.

  • Download the Lunar IPS Patcher on your phone.
  • Unzip it and extract the file if it is in zip folder.
  • Now tap on that extracted file which is Lunar IPS.exe.
  • Install it on your desktop computor.
  • Launch that software on computor now.
  • Now there you need to click on the option of ‘Apply IPS Patch’, you can also have create option.
  • Click on the ROM that you want to path.
  • Now it will take you to the official ROM file so double click on it.
  • Then it will patch.
  • Click on the Ok button.
  • Now click on the game or ROM that you have patched and play.


There you can have IPS and UPS patchers so, both are different extensions. You need to download the designated software to patch. So, now you can easily patch GBA ROMS.

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