How To Patch IPS And UPS Files To Play ROM

Well, you may have heard about the .GBA extensions if you played a GBA ROM that enables you to play different games using various emulators. Some ROMs come in .IPS and .UPS file format so, How to Patch IPS and UPS Files to Play a ROM.

Firstly, you have to patch them because emulators don’t support these formats, and games won’t run in these formats on your devices using emulators. So, the only way you can play these ROMs is to patch these extension formats.

Patching refers to transforming .IPS and .UPS extensions into .GBA extension to play those particular ROMs using numerous emulators. Therefore, patching becomes necessary to run these games and enjoy playing on your particular systems.

How to Patch IPS and UPS Files

In this article, we are here with a step-by-step procedure for patching these formats to be able to play certain games on your PCs, laptops, and smartphones via emulators. Now here are the steps to achieve this objective.

There are multiple methods to achieve this goal and this is the simplest one to achieve it.

  1. The first thing you have to do is install a patching app, there are numerous apps available for both PCs and smartphones.
  2. Pick the best application you think is most compatible with your system and install it.
  3. Now the next thing you need is those .IPS and .UPS extensions that you want to patch. Remember these are the games you want to play.
  4. Now reopen the application for patching you installed previously and now click or tap the “apply IPS patch” option.
  5. Now select the files you want to patch and transform into .GBA extension.
  6. Now click/tap the patch option to execute the operation.
  7. When this process is complete, you can easily play the ROMs using the normal method you use for playing .GBA extension ROM files.

This method is for patching IPS format and for UPS format repeat the same procedure step by step using a patcher application UPS extensions. Various UPS patcher apps are available for different operating systems such as NUPS Patcher.

Note that there are a number of good applications available to perform this process such as Lunar IPS/UPS for PCs, UniPatcher for Android devices, and various more.


For enhancing your understandings and knowledge in the below section we will define these extensions formats. Furthermore, we are going to talk about what is the difference between these extensions and .GBA files.


IPS and UPS of a ROM are extension formats and patches that consist of graphics, models, and data. These are applicable only for small-size patches that are less than 16MB. These can also be customized or modified using many IPS patching applications.

The main issue occurs when you want to play these games on your emulators of PCs and Mobile Phones.  These emulators don’t support IPS and UPS files which restricts you to play only on the GBA consoles. Hence patching procedure becomes essential.

Difference between IPS/UPS and GBA files

ROMs files are basically formatted in .GBA extensions and if the extensions are available on the system it means the games are been copied on your system. You can easily play these games on PCs or phones just by selecting one opening it via the emulator app.

These files are customizable according to the compatibility of the system. It allows Gameboy Advance games to be installed and played for free. The IPS and UPS files work in the same ways but are not compatible with emulators.


So, if you want a simple answer to How to Patch IPS and UPS Files to Play a ROM, we have provided you with the easiest solution and explained thoroughly every important factor in this procedure.

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