Pokemon Caliz GBA ROM Download [Patched GBA]

Pokemon Caliz GBA ROM Download [Patched GBA]
Full Name Pokemon Caliz
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer Jon.
Region Global, Spain
Genre Role Playing
File size 5.03 MB
Released March 16, 2023
Downloads 2906
Download now

Pokemon Caliz is a newly available Spanish GBA ROM hack game. This GBA offers a completely new Pokemon game with endless modifications. Therefore, Poke trainers will get new Characters, GameStory, Encounters, and much more improvements. Additionally, this GBA hack offers multiple unofficial features. Hence, download and play to have unlimited fun.

Pokemon games are based on the relationship between Humans and Pocket monsters. Although, the same game story is available in almost every available Poke game. But, the start of this evolutionary world is a mystery. Because not a single game offers details about the start of this world. Consequently, find a new Fan-based GBA game here with a story about the start of Poke World.

What is Pokemon Caliz GBA?

Pokemon Caliz Spanish is a GBA ROM Hack Game. This Spanish GBA hack is based on the official Pokemon game FireRed. Although, the based game is related to FireRed. But, this game provides new storylines, Gameplay, Pokemon, Challenges, Quests, and much more. Therefore, get a completely new gameplay experience with countless modifications. Hence, enjoy playing this new GBA ROM hack.

Pocket Monsters and Humans live together in any Poke-based game. Although, this background is available in almost all available Poke-based games. But, the question of how these Pokemon appear is an enigma. Because the background story about the start of Pocket Creatures isn’t available. Hence, Poke trainers only know that monsters and humans are living concurrently. 

Pokemon ROM hacks are available with new storylines. Although, most hacks also provide the same storylines. But, there are hacks available on ROMSFORGBA.COM with differnet storylines such as Pokemon Beta Gold GBA. However, limited changes are available in available ROM hacks. Therefore, find a unique Pokemon hack here with the story about how Poke-Mon and Human started living together.

Pokemon Caliz ROM is a Spanish GBA ROM Hack based on FireRed. Although, this hack is based on a 3rd-generation Poke game. But, the story is completely different. Apart from this, multiple modifications are added to the gameplay. So, playing this new ROM hack will be more exciting for Pokemon trainers. Hence, learn about this new fan-based game here.

Background Story

In this GBA game, a completely new background story is available. In this story, the world is normal without any Pokemon or battles. In this normal world, technology is advanced in most regions and vice versa in others. So, people are living a normal life doing differnet things and enjoying. However, an accident happens and everything changes.

Luis is an archaeologist who loves to work on ancient statues. Therefore, one day she mistakenly activates an ancient statue. This statue has the power to control dimensions. Therefore, the barrier between two worlds breaks and marges as one. This incident marges Poke World with Humans. Hence, a new world of monsters and humans forms.

The merging of Pokemon and human worlds creates a globally based risk in this new ROM story. Because humans are afraid of these new creatures and so does the pocket monsters. But, humans find the resources available in the Poke world. Therefore, Pokemon stands to save their resources. So, a war starts between monsters and humans. Hence, play this game to experience this new Pokemon War GBA ROM game.


In Pokemon Caliz Game gameplay, players will get two completely differnet choices. Because two main teams are available Pokemon and Humans. Therefore, players can select the Human Side. Although, this means getting Pokemon is impossible. However, players can level up and battle with monsters. The other option is to play as Mateo. This will make players friends with Pokemon. Hence, fight for Pocket monsters and save these newly available creatures.

Calyx Region

In Pokemon Chalice GBA Hack, get a completely new Pocket monster with exciting locations. In this GBA, the region is completely changed. Therefore, newly added cities, locations, and encounters are added. Apart from this, new routes are also added. So, Poke trainers can easily visit from one location to another. Hence, explore routes to know about this new region.


In this gameplay, characters are also changed. Therefore, players will find differnet rivals according to the role selected at the start of this game. So, find newly added unofficial NPCs in the gameplay. Additionally, the NPCs are more advanced. Therefore, it is possible to get rewards and items for free. Hence, chat with available NPCs to get information and items.


In this unique GBA hack, players will find a unique new feature of Blacksmithing. This feature allows trainers to create unique items and Pokemon. So, Items can be created if players follow the Human path and use Blacksmithing. Apart from this, following the Poke path and using Blacksmithing will create Pokemon or Evolutions. Consequently, now find random items and use them in this blacksmithing system.

Pokemon Caliz Download to experience all the unique features of this Spanish Language GBA remake ROM game. Although, the main features of this game are provided here. However, much more unexplored modifications do exist. Therefore, Poke trainers should download this ROM and explore it all. Hence, get information about downloading of this ROM game here.

Screenshots Of Game

How To Download Pokemon Caliz GBA ROM?

This website offers the best collection of GBA ROM hacks. Therefore, this new ROM hack is also available here. So, find the DOWNLOAD NOW button and tap on it. This will provide the ROM HACK DOWNLOADING SYSTEM. Using this system, downloading this GBA and 3DS CIA file is possible. Hence, get a fast and easy ROM HACK download here.

How To Patch Pokemon Caliz Hack?

In the patching process of ROM hacks, multiple files are needed. Therefore, players have to get the official GBA game file FireRed, this hack file Caliz, and a patcher tool. After this, use the tool to patch this ROM hack. However, compatibility between the game and hack is also important. Therefore, download the pre-patched hack here and start gaming. Going through this hack patching isn’t required.

How To Play Pokemon Caliz?

In this game, players will get dual options to play as differnet characters. Therefore, the game will progress according to the character section. Because one character will follow Pokemon and the other will follow humans. So, the outcome is directly connected to the progress of Poke players. Hence, make differnet decisions to encounter unexpected events.

Main Features

  • New FireRed Game
  • Completely Changed Storylines
  • New Gameplay Introduced
  • Interesting Background Story
  • New Characters Introduced
  • Dual Starting Characters Options
  • Multiple Endings Available
  • New Region Added
  • Modified Locations
  • Higher-Display Tiles
  • Simple And Easy To Play
  • Much More

Frequent Ask Questions [FAQs]

How To Add Pokemon Caliz Cheat Codes?

The hack developers don’t introduce any cheats. However, using the official FireRed hacks is possible. Because the FireRed is used as the base of this hack. So, save the game before adding a hack, and enjoy.

How To Play Pokemon Chalice Android?

To play this game on Android, install a GBA emulator and play this game using this Emulator.

How To Play Pokemon Chalice PC?

Install a GBA Emulator on your PC and play this game using the emulator.


Pokemon Caliz GBA ROM hack is the best available game to have fun gameplay. Thus, this Spanish remake version provides a complete remake FireRed game. So, start playing this exciting fan-based ROM game and enjoy. Apart from this, more similar GBA hacks are available on this website. Hence, follow to get more GBA ROM hacks.

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