Pokemon Quetzal ROM Download Latest v0.7 [NEW]

Pokemon Quetzal ROM Download Latest v0.7 [NEW]
Full Name Pokemon Quetzal
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer TennmaRH
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 8.33MB
Released May 31, 2023
Downloads 101357
Download now

Pokemon Quetzal is the best available Pokemon ROM hack. This ROM provides the most popular GameBoy Advanced ROM Hack game with high-quality modifications. Therefore, get multiple customized characters, Pokemon Evolutions, Follow Monsters, Nuzlocke Difficulty, and many more improvements. This GBA ROM Hack provides a complete pack of modifications. Hence, download and enjoy playing this ROM Hack.

Pokemon-modified games are always interesting to play and have fun with. However, finding enhanced versions of games is quite rare. Because official Pokemon games don’t offer series-based games. Therefore, unofficial improved games known as ROM Hacks are popular. Hence, get details about the latest available trending GBA hack.

Pokemon Quetzal Review

Pokemon Quetzal is a GBA ROM Hack Game. This Hack is based on Pokemon Emerald. So, get improvised Emerald gameplay with tons of modifications. In this GBA ROM Hack, get multiplayer gameplay, Gen 9 Pokemon, Evolutions, New Starters, More Events, and many more. Apart from this, more QOL(Quality Of Life) improvements are also added. Hence, enjoy playing this unique game.

Finding the updated new GBA ROM Hacks are quite rare on the internet. Therefore, we (ROMSFORGBA) provide all the most popular and trending ROM Hacks with updates here. So, find one of the most trending Updated GBA Hack games here.

In this digital world, finding games isn’t difficult at all. Because games for different consoles are available. However, Pokemon games are still popular all over the globe with the largest community. Millions of active players enjoy playing games based on Pocket-Monsters. Not only the latest versions of Pokemon are popular. Even the ROM-based games are still enjoyed by players.

Although, there isn’t any official Pokemon game that has less than millions of players. However, playing the improved versions of Pokemon ROM games is always more interesting because improved versions/hacks allow Pocket trainers to experience something new and interesting. So, find the most popular available GBA ROM Hack game here.

Pokemon Quetzal Emerald Game offers the best-improved version of Pokemon Emerald with high-quality improvements and modifications. In this game, find features added from different Pokemon Official Generations.

Additionally, unofficial features such as events, difficulty levels, and many more improvements are added. Hence, learn about added modifications in this Pokemon GBA ROM hack here before downloading.

Key Features of Pokemon Quetzal ROM


Apart from the latest Pokemon game, all previously released games are solo gameplay (Not Online). Connecting using devices is possible. However, this game allows players to experience the multiplayer gameplay.

So, anyone can easily play with their friends from anywhere. Additionally, Pokemon Emerald Multiplayer is available on Emulator and requires internet connectivity. Hence, download and enjoy playing the Quetzal Multiplayer Game.

Multiple Characters

In this GBA Hack, multiplayer gameplay is added. Therefore, multiple characters are needed to play. So, find some of the best collections of custom characters. Each of the available characters has a unique appearance. So, selecting available characters will be interesting. Apart from the appearance and gender, nothing is different. This means each character has no special abilities.


Higher-generation Pocket monsters are always preferred by trainers. Therefore, 9the Generation Monsters are added to the Pokemon Quetzal Pokedex. So, Poke trainers will get a wide collection of monsters added from different generations. Apart from this, the staters of the game are also changed. Therefore, start the journey of Emerald ROM Hack with different Pokemon. 


The Evolution of Pocket Monsters is enjoyed by trainers. Because it shows the effects of training with the Pokemon. Therefore, Quetzal ROM provides a Mega Evolution System.

This evolution allows trainers to change the size, appearance, moves, abilities, and skills of monsters. Additionally, the Mega evolution in this GBA hack only requires higher EXP levels. Hence, train using the Pokemon to level up EXP and unlock Mega Evolution.

Follow Pokémon

In Pokemon Animation, Pokemon can freely move with their master. However, this feature wasn’t available in the Emerald. So, the Follow Pokemon feature is added in this GBA ROM Hack.

Therefore, now the main Pokemon will be out on the field with the trainer. Walk in the field and the main Pokemon will follow you everywhere. Hence, get a glimpse of the similarity in this ROM Hack.

Hard Levels

Difficulty levels are quite the same in most of the available Pokemon games. Therefore, a new feature of Difficulty levels is added. Using this feature, Pocket trainers can select the difficulty levels according to their skills.

So, find three different difficulty modes that are Easy, Normal, and Hard. As a suggestion, try all available modes to test your skills. But, the hard level is really hard to play.

Pokemon Quetzal Download and start playing this exciting Pokemon unofficial game. Most of the added features in this unofficial game are available here. However, more unique features do exist. Therefore, the simplest way to enjoy is to download and play this GBA ROM Hack. Hence, get information related to the GBA Hack downloading process here.

Poke-mon Quetzal 0.7

Quetzal Pokemon Aphla 0.7 version is now available with more unique features. Comapred to previous versions, the seventh version of this GBA ROM Hack provides limited features. The only newly available feature is the Generation 9 Pokemon. Therefore, Poke Quetzal 0.7 players will get higher-generation Pokemon in the gameplay.

Legendaries Respawn in Quetzal 0.7

In this version, the available legendary Pokemon can be defeated multiple times. After defeating the monsters will respawn to the Snorlax cave. So, defeating and capturing legendary monsters is easy. The legendary monsters will be available in the Snorlax Cave. Follow to defeat all.

Quetzal 0.7 BUGS

In this game, previously available bugs are fixed. However, more bugs such as game crashes, lag, and other problems are common. Therefore, until the proper version is released enjoy playing the 0.6.9 Quetzal. But, if you want to try the Quetzal Alpha 7, then make multiple copies of the game. This will provide a backup in case of any problems. Download Pokemon Quetzal 0.7 GBA ROM Hack and enjoy.

Screenshots of Pokemon Quetzal Game

How to Download Pokémon Quetzal ROM?

The downloading process of the latest Quetzal version is quite simple only on this website. So, find the DOWNLOAD NOW button available at the top of this page.

Tap on it to start the downloading process of this ROM Hack. No need to search on the internet for this GBA ROM Hack anymore. Hence, find the latest version of this GBA game and download it from the download section.

How To Patch Pokemon Quetzal GBA Hack?

The patching process requires multiple files that include Emerald GBA, Quetzal Hack, and Patcher tool. Use the tool to patch the Quetzal on the Emerald GBA game. However, the better option is to download the pre-patched Quetzal Hack from this page. So, download the patched file and start playing this exciting game. 

How To Play Pokemon Quetzal In Online Multiplayer?

The process of Quetzal Emerald Online Multiplayer gameplay is quite simple. Players have to use a GBA Emulator, Create a Host, Create a Parsec Account, and many more steps. So, we will share the video guide about the complete process. Hence, follow the steps according to the video and enjoy multiplayer Emerald Online.

Main Features

  • Updated Emerald
  • Multiplayer Gameplay
  • More Pokemon
  • Gen 9 Starters
  • Revolutions
  • Following Pokémon
  • More Items
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Unique Events
  • Many More


Is Pokemon Quetzal and Emerald Multiplayer ROMs are Same?

Yes, the Quetzal is known as the latest version of Emerald Multiplayer ROM.

Is Quetzal Playable on Android?

Yes, players only need to use a GBA Emulator. You can play the ROM on Android and PC using the Emulator.

How to Patch Quetzal ROM?

We are providing the Patched ROM here. So, you don’t need to use any patcher.


Pokemon Quetzal ROM is an interesting game for Pocket monster trainers. Therefore, Pokemon players should try this exciting GBA ROM Hack game. Although, this is not an official game. But, surely trainers will enjoy spending time. Additionally, more similar GBA ROM Hacks are available on this website. Hence, follow to get more.

Gameplay Video

4.5/5 - (57 votes)

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Comments by Drew M
Drew M

For some reason when I am playing multiplayer with my friend, the game freezes before we can actually battle. Please help out because the fun of multiplayer is being able to interact with each other. Thank you

Reply -
    Comments by gba_roms_official

    try reinstalling the game

    Reply -
Comments by Estienne van Zyl
Estienne van Zyl

Hi, what ROM would be advised to play with a friend on another PC that is not on the same WiFi or even IP Address?

Reply -
    Comments by juan

    Lo mejor que puedes hacer es usar una VPN o algo parecido por ejemplo a hamachi, de resto es imposible ya que solo se puede con conexion local

    Reply -
Comments by Haruu Asteros
Haruu Asteros

Can you even play the game with your friends on Pc? Or is Multiplayer for Mobile only saved? I tried to find a way to use the normal GBA Emulator for the Pc zu play it with my friend.

Reply -
Comments by Joseph

How do I start a online multiplayer session with my friend?

Reply -
Comments by Leon Carroll
Leon Carroll

my friend cant join my on multiplayer and ive:
set up a mulitplayer window
waited on the pause menu where you wait for people to join you
started a hamachi server

all of these seperately and at the same time

Reply -
Comments by Lazyy151

I cant figure out how to do multiplayer and the .cia doesn’t want to work on citra

Reply -
Comments by Harley

How do you evolve applin in this rom back, where would you go to fine tart or sweet apple or is it the leaf or sun stone

Reply -
Comments by ethan

I go on the cheat mode and after it fully loads I pull up the menu and I cant use any cheats.

Reply -
Comments by ethan

Kyrem’s signiture moves for white kyrem and black kyrem are swapped. can this be fixed please?

Reply -
Comments by Superman23

On hard mode nothing makes sense. I don’t gain more experience like the description says. If you aren’t the same level you can’t do any damage to trainer pokemon even if you are close in level. The exp gain is my biggest issue. You can even grind to catch up to the trainers. A level 6 bidoof took 10min to battle. It’s ridiculous

Reply -
    Comments by Superman23

    Also even after using leer multiple times my damage doesn’t seem to actually go up.

    Reply -
Comments by Neomas

I’ve installed the .cia file on my 2ds, but somehow part of the top of the screen gets rendered on the bottom… Like it’s not properly centered and the tile gets repeated on the bottom. Any ideas how this is happening?

Reply -
Comments by Iva Hardesty
Iva Hardesty

I have 2 questions 1) when will the under construction in this game go away? 2) how does the multiplayer work? I ask because a family friend and I would like to play together and see each others characters.

Reply -
Comments by Leonardo

Por que no se puede hacer guaridas secretas?

Reply -
Comments by Ozkar

Como se juntan las células zigarde y dónde encontrarlo, esa es mi duda!! ?

Reply -
Comments by Red

Cuando agregaran la novena generacion? le di un vistazo y me parece excelente pero me daria flojera jugar todo de nuevo solo para conseguir a los nuevos pokes

Reply -
Comments by Gabriel Ferreira Borges
Gabriel Ferreira Borges

Quando eu vou pegar o HM cut, eu recebo o “Razor Claw” no lugar dele, assim não consigo avançar no jogo

Reply -
Comments by Leo

Cuando llego a un volcán el juego se bugeo por lo q no puedo interactuar con nadie más q se queda pegado cuando lucho con un entrenador.acomoden eso porfa q me gustó el juego pero es una lastima q se me bugee de esa forma

Reply -
Comments by Himanshu

This game is a best GBA game.

Reply -
Comments by ChercheurRomFr

Ce qui me fume et de loin, c’est le drapeau FR mais quand on lance le jeu… ANGL faites un réel taff pour la commu fr ou bz vos daronnes à mettre FR lorsqu’il ne l’est pas 🤦

Reply -
Comments by Clarita

You are so awesome! I don’t believe I have read through something like this before.
So nice to discover somebody with original thoughts
on this issue. Really.. many thanks for starting this up. This website is one
thing that’s needed on the web, someone with originality!

Reply -