Pokemon Odyssey GBA ROM Download [2022 Updated]

In case you are a Pokemon lover, then we have another amazing and latest GBA hack for you all. So, if yes, then we have the perfect game for you all. Try Pokemon Odyssey out and you will have a great experience.

GBA ROM hacks are one of the best ways to enjoy new games. So, if you like to play a variety of games, then we are here to provide you with the best game you could possibly play. Stay with us to learn about all related issues regarding this game.

What is Pokemon Odyssey ROM?

Pokemon Odyssey Game is a GBA ROM hack, which is a modified version of Pokemon FireRed. It has multiple improvements in the story of the game, the events, the Pokemon, and the graphics, as well as additional changes.

You can also download more similar FireRed Hacks. If you want to try more similar games, then you should get Pokemon Blazing Fire Red.

It is one of the largest gaming communities in the world. There are millions of fans from all over the world who enjoy spending their time playing games that have something to do with Pokémon.

It is true that there are a lot of different types of games available for the players, which anyone can play and enjoy without any problems. So, if you are one of those players who love playing GBA ROMs, then here is a unique ROM for you to play.

This week we have the Pokemon Odyssey Game to give you a look at, which has some of the best features available anywhere. The ROM hack is based on FireRed, which is one of the most popular GBA ROMs out there right now.

There are a number of fan-based improved editions of the ROM available; however, we are here to present you with one of the latest editions for you to enjoy. So, go ahead and examine all the information about this Hack below.

Game Story

There is a story about a very large tree, which is located on Talrega Island. The tree has a large pit that is at the base of the tree, in which a number of valuable items are available for people and trainers.

Pokémon trainers like to visit the location and explore it. A young trainer starts an adventure in order to visit the tree and become the best trainer in the world.

But there are multiple problems, which he encounters. So, can he make the journey and become the best Pokémon trainer. In this section, we will find the game all about the young trainer.


A lot has changed in the game, and you will be able to find Pokemon from Gen 3 and 4 in the ROM, and you can catch them and have fun. You will be able to catch Pokémon from Gen 3 and 4 in the game.

You will find some of the best and legendary monsters in this game, which you can catch and have a great time. If you want to enjoy your time more, then you should get the game and explore it as much as you can.

Also, the moves and abilities that the players will be able to use will also be improved. So, here you will be able to get better moves, which your Pokémon will easily learn and enjoy. The abilities will also alter, which you can access.

New Region

Labyrinth is a new island that was introduced recently in the game, which offers a variety of locations for the players to explore. Forests, deserts, buildings, and other places can be found on this island.

There are also multiple layers of the region, which must be completed. However, in order to complete each layer, you need to defeat the Captain first.

Each layer has a Captain, who must be defeated in battle before you can access the next layer. Don’t forget to explore the region and enjoy each part of it. You can also access secret locations through the trees.


You will enjoy a better gaming experience on your gaming console with tiles from the latest generation, which offer better color, display, and brightness.

In the game, many more changes have been made, which you can also explore. So, if you’re interested in learning more, then download the ROM.

ROM Details

NamePokemon Odyssey
Size6.93 MB
VersionAlpha 1.1
Base ROMFireRed
Update DateSep 20, 2022

Screenshots of Game

How to Download Pokémon Odyssey GBA ROM?

This page provides the latest version of the ROM hack that anyone can download. Click the download button if you wish to download the ROM hack.

There is a download button at the top and bottom of this page. Click the button and wait a few seconds. The download process will begin shortly.

If you encountered any problems during the download process, you can use the comment section below to let us know.

Main Features

  • Best FireRed ROM Hack
  • Changed Gamestory
  • New Region Introduced
  • Latest Gen Pokémon Available
  • Moves and Abilities Changed 
  • Imporved Tiles
  • Soundtracks Added
  • More Items Added
  • Difficult Increase
  • Multiple Modes Available
  • Many More


How to Patch Pokémon Odyssey ROM?

We are here with Pre-Patched ROM for you all.

How to Download Pre-Patched Pokémon Odyssey ROM?

Find the download button on this page and download it.

How to Download Pokémon Odyssey 3DS CIA?

You can also download the CIA file from this page.


If you want to have unlimited fun with Pocket monsters, then you should try this page. Pokemon Odyssey Download from the download link below and have fun.

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