Pokemon GS Chronicles GBA Download [V2.7.1 ROM]

Pokemon GS Chronicles GBA Download [V2.7.1 ROM]
Full Name Pokemon GS Chronicles
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer Ruki
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 15.01 MB
Released May 25, 2023
Downloads 5051
Download now

Pokemon GS Chronicles is a new updated Pokemon GBA ROM Hack game. This GBA provides a unique fun gameplay with modifications and improvements. Therefore, get new quests, events, encounters, Pokemon, and much more relative changes. So, have fun playing this unofficial GBA ROM game, and have fun. Hence, download and enjoy this exciting ROM hack.

Gameboy Advanced Pokemon games provide exciting Role-playing gameplay. Therefore, Poke trainers enjoy playing with the available unique features from differnet Poke generations. So, players search for unofficial GBA games with multiple improvements. Hence, learn about a newly available GBA ROM hack game here.

What is Pokemon GS Chronicles GBA?

Pokemon GS Chronicles ROM is a GBA ROM Hack game. This GBA hack is based on Pokemon FireRed. However, the features of FireRed are completely altered. Therefore, Poke trainers will get features related to Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver and Pokémon Gold and Silver. Additionally, this GBA provides more Pokemon, Moves, Quests, Encounters, and much more improvements. Therefore, playing this exciting GBA game hack will be entertaining.

FireRed Pokemon RPG GBA game is the 3rd-generation most popular game. This RPG GBA game is played all over the globe. Additionally, this GBA game provides unique and interesting gameplay about the relationship between humans and Pokemon. However, the gameplay is quite the same as any other Poke game. Because this game doesn’t offer any official updates. Hence, playing the same gameplay is the only option. 

Unofficial GBA FireRed Editions also known as FireRed GBA ROM Hacks are popular. Because these editions/Hacks provide unofficial improvements in the official gameplay and QOL features. Therefore, Poke trainers love to play modified FireRed ROMs and explore unofficial features. So, find the best and trending Fire Red GBA hack here. Hence, learn about this new hack and all its relative features. Similarly, you can also try Pokemon Fire Red Squirrels.

Game Story

This GBA game doesnt offer any background story. Therefore, Poke trainers don’t need to worry about background storylines. So, the gameplay is about a Young Poke trainer starting the journey of Pokemon. The main character is living with his/her (Character gender is selection-based) mother. Thus, the mother informs the Main Character/MC that the Pokemon Professor is looking for him. Hence, the story of monsters will start with this first quest. 


In this Pokemon ROM Hack, the Pokedex is improved. Therefore, players will get 494+ Pokemon in the Regional Pokdex. So, the Regional Podex is added from the 4th Generation. However, the new updated version of the hack offers improvements in the collection of pocket monsters. Thus, players get more monsters added from higher gens. Hence, get a combination of differnet Pokemon.


The Moves of Pocket monsters affects the gameplay. Therefore, players love to get higher gen moves. So, this ROM hack offers moves from Gen 4  to 8. Hence, get higher generation Poke moves. Apart from this, Z Moves are also added in this ROM Game. Thus, enjoy high-quality battle moves and enjoy monster battles. So, get improved moves of Pokemon and enjoy.


Monster Evolutions can improve the abilities and moves of monsters. Therefore, this ROM hack offers a Mega Evolution system. This system allows trainers to evolve monsters into Mega form. Hence, increase the Battle EXP of the monster and activate this evolution. Apart from this, Dynamax and Gigamax forms will be added in further updates. So, more forms of Pokemon will introduced in further.

Time System

The available GBA ROM Hack provides a unique time system. So, the surroundings will change according to time. Therefore, get the day and night system in this game. Additionally, special Monster encounters also depend on the time. Thus, some monsters can be found during the day or at night only. Hence, visit the same time to encounter it again.


In this unique game, players will not only get the gameplay of Pokemon battles. But, here players will also get multiple mini-games. So, get Mini-games such as puzzles. Solving these puzzle-based games will provide additional rewards. Therefore, try to complete all available mini-quests and have fun gameplay. 

Map and Locations

In this unofficial game, the Region of FireRed is replaced with the Region of Pokemon HGSS. Therefore, trainers will get the Johto and Kanto Region in the gameplay. So, explore this unique region and enjoy the adventurous gameplay. Apart from this, new locations are also added to the gameplay. Thus, explore newly added locations and encounter new Pokemon.

Pokemon GS Chronicles Download to enjoy all available unique features of this unofficial Pokemon GBA ROM Hack game. Although, the main modifications are provided here. However, this ROM game offers much more improvements. Therefore, downloading and playing this GBA hack is the best option. Hence, learn how to download this GBA game here.

Screenshots Of Game

How To Download Pokemon GS Chronicles GBA ROM?

Although, most websites do offer this GBA hack. However, the latest updated version 2.7.1 is not available. Therefore, this website offers a fast and active ROM Hack downloading system here. So, find the DOWNLOAD NOW button and tap on it. This will get the latest GBA ROM hack downloading system. Hence, searching on the web isn’t necessary anymore.

How To Patch Pokemon GS Chronicles Hack?

To Patch this GBA ROM Hack multiple files are needed. So, get FireRed GBA and GS Chronicles BPS Patch, and a Patcher Tool. Use the Patcher tool and patch the GBA and BPS files to add the modifications to the official FireRed. However, the best option is to download the pre-patched GBA ROM Hack and play. Hence, download the pre-patched GBA hack and skip all these steps.

How To Play Pokemon GS Chronicles Game?

The gameplay ROM Hack GS Chronicles is quite simple and easy. Because all you need to do is to follow the available quests. So, as in any other Poke game, start the gameplay by visiting the Professor and collecting the first Pokemon. After this, the professor will give you the next task of getting a Stone. Hence, visit a differnet town and complete this task, and so on.

Main Features

  • FireRed New Hack
  • Changed Storylines
  • New Quests Available
  • Puzzles And Mini Games
  • 494+ Pokemon Added
  • Modified Maps And Locations
  • Improved Graphics
  • Changed Background Music 
  • Gen 8 Battle Mechanics
  • Items Added From Gen 8
  • Much More

Frequent Ask Questions [FAQs]

How To Play Pokémon GS Chronicles Android?

To play this game on Android, install a GBA Emulator on Android and play this game using Emulator on Android.

How To Get Pokemon GS Chronicles Cheats?

The cheats of FireRed GBA are compatible with this GBA hack, Hence, use the Cheat Codes of FireRed. However, save the gameplay before using any cheat codes.

What is the Latest Pokémon GS Chronicles Version?

The latest version of this GBA hack is 2.7.1.


Pokemon GS Chronicles GBA ROM Hack game is the latest available unofficial FireRed game with multiple modifications. Therefore, try this unique GBA game with multiple improvements. Additionally, this website offers more similar GBA ROM hacks. Hence, follow to get more.

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