Pokemon Beta Gold GBA Download [2023 Patched GBA]

Pokemon Beta Gold GBA Download [2023 Patched GBA]
Full Name Pokemon Beta Gold GBA
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer Ianetis
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 5.09 MB
Released September 18, 2023
Downloads 2933
Download now

Pokemon Beta Gold GBA is a new GBA ROM hack game. This GBA provides a unique GSC Pokemon gameplay in this GameBoy Advanced ROM hack. Therefore, find modifications in the Region, Pokemon, Monsters, Gameplay, and much more. Addtionally, this GBA offers GBC features in this GBA ROM hack. Hence, Download and play this new GBA ROM hack to have fun gameplay.

Pokemon games are available for differnet gaming consoles such as GB, GBC, GBA, 3DS, and much more. But, it is not possible to play any game that supports different consoles on other consoles. Because each console supports a single game file. Therefore, find a unique remake GBA game with the GBC game features. Hence, learn about this newly available remake game here.

What is “Pokemon Beta Gold GBA ROM”?

Pokemon Beta Gold GBA Game is a GBA ROM hack game. This GBA game is based on the GBA Poke game FireRed. However, the newly added features are available from the GBC game Poke Gold, Silver, and Crystle. Therefore, get new characters, Game Story, Monsters, Quests, Rivals, and much more modifications. Hence, enjoy this new improved gameplay.

Playing Poke GameBoy Color games is fun and entertaining. Because the Pokemon games started to gain popularity in the gaming community due to GameBoy games. Therefore, Poke trainers still enjoy playing such GB-based ROM games. However, it is rare to find games with 1st and 2nd generation Poke features. 

Although, the official games don’t offer any updates in the official gameplay. Therefore, Poke trainers have to play the same official gameplay over and over again. However, mod games or ROM hacks are another available option. Because ROM hacks offer modifications in the official games. Hence, trainers will get better gaming services.

Pokemon Beta Gold 97 GBA is the latest modified version of FireRed similar to Pokemon Coliseo Eterno. Although, this is based on the GameBoy Advance game. But, the features available in this game are related to the Pokémon GS demo. So, experience a unique modification in the gameplay and enjoy improved features. Hence, get info about this new available GBA ROM hack here.

Nihon Region

In this GBA hack, the Nihon Region is added from Beta GSC. Thus, the official Kanto region is not available in this ROM hack. So, the Nihon Region offers all GSC relative locations. Additionally, the Nihon region has a location known as Kanto Town. This Town is based on the offical Kanto Region. Hence, get the Kanto Region as a town in this region.


The available Pokemon in this GBA game are completely changed. Therefore, now players will get added Pokemon of Pokémon GS demo from 1997. Although, the final GS game offers 251 Pokemon. However, this Demo version offers limited monsters. Thus, Poke trainers will only get limited Pocket Monsters in the gameplay. Hence, capture and explore all available monsters.

Game Story

The Storylines are changed compared to the official FireRed. However, the story is still similar to other Poke games. Therefore, the story is about a young adventurer. Players can select their gender He/She. So, the adventurer wants to become the champion Poke trainer. Thus, he has to battle against adventurers, GYM Leaders, and also defeat Team Rocket. 

Graphics And Music

The GBC games have low-quality tiles compared to the GBA. Thus, this GBA game offers the gameplay of a GBC game. But, the tiles of this game are improved. So, get higher-quality display tiles in the gameplay. Further, the background melodies are also changed. So, get better and unique background music during the gameplay. Consequently, get high-quality graphic tiles with exciting music.

Pokemon Beta Gold ROM GBA is the best and latest available Poke ROM hack. Therefore, playing this game will be exciting and entertaining for Poke trainers. So, download this new game and start enjoying your free time. Information related to the DOWNLOAD ROM is provided here. Hence, know how to download this GBA hack.

Screenshot Of Game

How To Download Pokemon Beta Gold GBA?

This is a new ROM hack. Therefore, players might find it hard to get on the internet. However, this website makes the ROM hack downloading process simple and easy. Thus, find the DOWNLOAD NOW button and tap on it. The ROM HACK downloading process will start instantly. Hence, no need to surf for this GBA ROM hack.

How To Patch Pokemon Beta Gold Hack GBA?

The patching process of this GBA hack needs a FireRed GBA file, a Pokémon Beta Gold Version Hack file, and a patcher tool. Further, the FireRed GBA file and Beta Gold Hack version compatibility also affect the patching process. Consequently, make sure to use the right versions and add files in a patcher tool to patch them.

How To Download Patched Pokemon Beta Gold Hack?

Although, most ROM hack stores only provide the UPS file with patching. However, this website offers pre-patched GBA ROM hacks. Therefore, going through the GBA hack patching process isn’t necessary. Simply, download the pre-patched GBA ROM hack here and start playing. 

Main Features

  • FireRed ROM Hack
  • New Game Story
  • Pokemon Added From GS Demo
  • New Region Nihon Available
  • Starter Pokemon Changed
  • Locations Changed
  • New Characters Available
  • Upgraded Tiles And Music
  • Original Spaceworld 97 Gameplay
  • Much More

Frequent Ask Questions [FAQs]

How To Play Pokémon Beta Gold Super Gold 97 GBA?

The gameplay is similar to the official game. Thus, start with getting first monsters, defeating GYM leaders, and Team Rocket to complete main plot of this game.

How To Play Pokémon Beta Gold GBA Android?

To play this game on Android, install a GBA Emulator on Android and play this game using emulator.

Can We Play Pokémon Beta Gold GBA On PC?

Yes, this game is playable on PC. However, no exe file is available. Therefore, install a GBA Emulator to run the .gba game file. 


Pokemon Beta Gold GBA is the best available option to play the Pokémon GS demo 1997. Although, Poke trainers will get limited monsters added from the demo. But, playing this GBA ROM hack will be exciting. Therefore, download and play to enjoy all available modifications. Hence, have a new experience with multiple mods.

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