Pokemon Fire Red Plus ROM Download Classic/Decapitalization

You want to play another updated Pokémon game and have fun? Then we have another exciting game for you to try, Pokemon Fire Red Plus. Enjoy the best-improved edition with an original gaming experience.

In a Pokémon game, there is a variety of games that can be played by the players to enjoy their quality time. There is a variety of games that can be enjoyed by users. If you are eager to try out a new Pokemon game, then stay with us and find out more.

What is Pokemon Fire Red Plus ROM?

Pokemon Fire Red Plus Game is a GBA ROM Hack, which is an improved edition of Pokémon FireRed. There are various changes have been made for the players to have fun, which you can access and enjoy.

Despite the fact that this is the updated edition of Pokémon Kai, if you haven’t played it yet, you don’t have to worry, since you can still play the Pokemon Fire Red Kai ROM if you wish.

People who love to play and have fun while playing Pokemon games are quite popular. There are multiple types of Pokémon games available, that Pokémon fans can play. There are also fan-based editions and ROM hacks that players just like to play and have fun with while playing.

There are many different types of Pokémon ROM hacks out there, along with a variety of improvements that have been made. Some developers are even making changes that affect the main gameplay, which is why we’re here with a unique edition to bring you all some fun.

Here we have the Pokemon Fire Red Plus GBA for your enjoyment, which is one of the best fan-based editions you will find on the market. It has many features that have been upgraded, but the official gameplay is still available to the players.

As a result, players can now experience a variety of improvements in FireRed, as there have been a variety of changes and improvements made for the players to enjoy. Therefore, check out the following information about FireRed so as to get a better understanding of the game.


You will face teams with different structures and movesets, which will make it difficult for the players to play them. Therefore, some of the best improvements have been made in the movesets and team structures.

In the beginning, you might find it challenging, but once you get used to it, you will find it fairly simple. If you dedicate enough time to it, you will be able to finish the battles quite easily. So, start your adventure and have fun playing this edition.

Evolutions and Pre-Evolutions

With Generational Evolutions for all Pokémon of the Johto region, you will be able to access all the evolutions you need without the National Pokedex. This will allow you to have a unique gaming experience with all the amazing features.


It is worth mentioning that there are some of the largest changes made in the available movesets. The game offers more nature movesets of Pokemon, which your pokemon can easily learn and have fun using.

Then you will get a simple option that will allow you to remove any move that the Pokémon has forgotten. You will no longer have to wait to learn a new move and then remove the previously learned ones. You will also be able to learn forgotten moves.

In Fuchsia City, you will find a move deleter house, in which you will be able to learn all the forgotten moves. In previous editions, players had to pay a fee for the service, but here you are able to use the service for free.

Additionally, you can find the elemental sisters, who will be able to teach you some of the best moves that you’ll ever learn. Check out the list below, which details the moves the sisters will be able to teach you.

  • Ice Punch
  • Fire Punch
  • Thunder Punch
  • Items

A Pokemon in the wild can hold a variety of rare items that you can use. There have been improvements made to these items, which can be found in the wild. Now you can find rare items in the world, which you can easily get your hands on.

Similarly, there are a lot of changes that are done for the players, which you can easily explore. If you want to explore more and have fun, then you will want to download the GBA ROM and start playing.

ROM Details

NamePokemon Fire Red Plus
Size5.1 MB
DeveloperPrincess Gabrielle
Release DateOct 19, 2022

Screenshots of Game

How to Download Pokémon Fire Red Plus GBA ROM?

You can find two different editions of the game. However, there are some changes in both of these editions, which are worth mentioning to you. We are going to share both of these editions with you here, so you can download them and enjoy the game.

As a result, you only need to find the download section at the bottom of this page. From this section, you can easily download all of the available editions of the game and have fun with it. If you are experiencing any problems downloading the game, please let us know.

Main Features

  • Latest FireRed ROM Hack
  • Official Gameplay 
  • Movesets Changed
  • More Items Added
  • Runnung In-Door
  • Improved Abilities
  • More Challenging
  • Many More


How to Patch Fire Red Plus Classic?

We are here with the patched ROM of FireRed Plus Decapitalization and Classic Mode.

How to Download Pre-Patched FireRed Plus Classic And Decapitalization ROM?

Get the Pre-Patched ROM from the bottom of this page.

How to Download FireRed Plus Classic And Decapitalization 3DS CIA?

You can download the 3DS CIA from the bottom of this page.


Pokemon Fire Red Plus Download and start playing the unique game. There are multiple features available for you to explore and enjoy. If you want to play more ROMs, then keep following us.

Download Link

Classic Mode


Decapitalization Latest Version 2.0.1

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