Pokemon Pathways Fan Game Download [RPGXP]

Pokemon Pathways Fan Game Download [RPGXP]
Full Name Pokemon Pathways
Console RPGXP
Publisher Game Freak
Developer Gray Hatred
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 722.9 MB
Released January 28, 2024
Downloads 4882
Download now

Pokemon Pathways is the newly available Pokemon RPG XP Fan game. In this RPG game, get completely new gameplay, Storylines, Encounters, Pokemon, and much more modifications. Therefore, get a completely changed Pokemon game with new and modified features. So, experience a fan game with the best changes. Hence, download and play this new RPG XP Fan Game. 

RPGXP games are quite popular for providing unofficial improved gameplay. Therefore, Poke trainers love to play newly available RPG ROM games. However, it is rare to find the latest released fan games. Because not most websites provide such RPGXP ROMs. However, this page is about such a unique game with multiple modifications. Hence, stay to know about this exciting Poke RPG ROM here.

What is Pokemon Pathways Game?

Pokemon Pathways RPG is an unofficial Pokemon RPGXP ROM fan game. This ROM Game is based on Pokemon Essentials. However, this RPG Game doesn’t offer gameplay similar to any other official game. Therefore, get a new Gameplay, Multiple Pokemon, New Stats, Interaction, Quests, and much more. So, play to experience a completely new gameplay. Hence, learn all about this exciting game here.

Pokemon games are based on the same gameplay. In any common Poke game, players have to get the starter Pokemon, Battle trainers, Gym Leaders, Elite Four, Champion, and much more encounters. Additionally, similar gameplay is available in almost every available Poke game. So, playing differnet games makes only a difference in the QOL features. Hence, playing any Poke game is easy for any trainer.

Although, multiple unofficial RPGXP games are introduced. However, the basic gameplay is quite the same even in the modified games. Therefore, playing the same-based games is boring for everyone. So, players search to experience something new and entertaining. Therefore, this page is related to an unofficial Poke RPG XP game with quality changes. Hence, explore here to learn about this new RPGXP.

Pokemon Pathways Team Magma Game is the best available remake game with multiple improved features. This is currently the only Pokemon Unofficial game with a completely changed theme and gameplay. Therefore, playing this will be a new experience for Poke trainers. So, experience a smart Pokemon game with multiple modifications and changes. Hence, learn about this exciting game here. Also, try the RPGXP fangame Pokemon Chaos In Vesita.

Game Story

This RPG Game provides an interesting story. Therefore, no more getting starter Pokemon from the professor. So, the story of this game starts in a small town. In this town, the main character is living with his/her (Character Gender Depends on Selected Gender) mother. So, the main character applies for admission to the Pokemon Academy. However, the MC also gets information related to missing a person in town. Hence, finding this person gets additional rewards.

The Main Character/MC has to move to the Pokemon Academy for studies in this Story. So, the MC uses a Boat to travel and reach this academy. After reaching the Academy, meeting new people, multiple encounters, Pokemon, Studies, and much more are daily activities. However, the future of this story depends on the gameplay. Hence, play the available game according to your mood and reach a unique ending.


In this RPG, Pokemon are available. However, the available in the game are added from differnet generations. Therefore, Poke trainers will experience a wide combination of monsters. Apart from this, encountering and catching legendary monsters is also possible. So, find and get Legendary Pokemon in the party to make the team stronger. Hence, enjoy playing with quality Poke Monsters.

Character Abilities

Previously, the abilities of the Main character weren’t a feature. However, this game provides the abilities of the character. The abilities are divided into 4 differnet factors. These factors include Intelligence, Skill, Strength, and Charm. Each of these abilities can be improved in the gameplay to increase its effectiveness. Hence, learn about the effects of character abilities here. 


This ability is completely dependent on the academic score. Therefore, to improve intelligence get higher marks in studies. Additionally, with higher intelligence, players will be able to unlock new routes and know mysteries hidden in this academy.


Pokemon trainer’s performance as a trainer is known as character Skills in this game. Therefore, players have to increase the battle experience and win. This will allow players to increase this Skill Ability. Apart from this, this ability allows players to increase the encounter rate of trainers and Wild Pokemon.


In this Pokemon Academy, the Trainer will get tasks to create and destroy items. Therefore, the efficacy of these tasks will determine the strength. So, increasing this ability of Strength will increase the chances of new events. 


The last ability of the trainer is Charm. This is the most important ability to increase chances of encountering Legendary Pokemon and getting free Rewards. Therefore, make friends and treat Pokemon in a friendly manner to increase the Charm ability.

Reputation And Interactions 

The Reputation of the player changes in this gameplay. Therefore, players can have a good or bad reputation. In both situations, the player will get differnet benefits. Additionally, the interactions with other available NPCs also change according to the level of reputation. Hence, play the game as you like and enjoy differnet encounters.

Pokemon Pathways Download to enjoy the available unique features of his exciting game. Although, most features related to this new game are provided here. However, much more unexplored features do exist. Therefore, download and play this unique unofficial game and have fun. Hence, learn about the downloading process of this RPGXP game here.

Pokemon Pathways 8.5.3 Updates and Bugs

Pokemon Pathways 8.5.3 is the newly updated version introduced. This version provides multiple improvements in the QOL and gameplay. However, the official gameplay is still available with similar missions. Mainly, this update provides better gameplay with fewer bugs. Developers are currently working on fixing all encountered errors.

However, some bugs still exist in the gameplay. Most of the errors don’t affect the overall gameplay, except the Invisible Partner and Light Aura Fixed At 2. These two bugs can affect the overall gameplay. Currently, the Invisible Partner can be fixed. But fixing the Light Aura is not possible. Players have to prevent the action.

How To Fix Invisible Partner and Cannot Interact Bug?

The current partner is invisible and cannot be interacted with after blacking out while partnered. Thus, double battles continue and lock you out of important content. Currently, this bug exists in the Pokemon Pathways 8.5.3. However, the next update will fix this error.

To Fix this Bug: Go to the Torchic Doll in your room or simply enter and leave the Poké Center while answering “yes.”

How To Fix Light Aura Fixed At 2 Pathways 8.5.3 Bug?

Error Encountered Reason: If you politely ask for the Team Magma girl’s badge after losing to Team Magma once, your Light Aura aura will be set to 2 exactly.

To Fix this Bug: Officially, there isn’t any method to fix after facing this bug. Therefore, play the game before encountering the Team Magma Girl, don’t lose to the team, or don’t be polite to the girl.

Screenshots Of Game

How To Download Pokemon Pathways?

Although, previous versions of this game are available on the web. However, the latest updated version 7.5.2 is rare to find. Therefore, this website offers a simple and fast RPG XP downloading system. So, searching for this RPGXP game on the web isn’t required. Find the DOWNLOAD NOW button and tap on it. Hence, download this game and start enjoying an unofficial Pokemon RPG game.

How To Play Pokemon Pathways?

The gameplay of this RPG is completely different compared to other Pokemon games. Because this game is more about character development. Additionally, players can make differnet choices and get the same results or the same choices and get differnet results. Because this game provides an interesting gameplay. Hence, start playing and only focus on completing quests by any means. 

Main Features

  • Completely New Game
  • Changed Gameplay
  • New Storylines
  • Character Stats
  • Energy Level Added
  • Save Game More Slots
  • Upgraded Graphics
  • Quality Background Music
  • NPCs With Abilities
  • Academic System
  • Much More

Frequent Ask Questions [FAQs]

How To Play Pokemon Pathways Phone?

This is an RPGXP game. Therefore, install an RPGXP Emulator on an Android/IOS Phone and play this game using the emulator.

How To Get Pokemon Pathways Cheat Codes?

Currently, this game doesnt offer any cheat codes. However, the cheat codes will be added here.

What is the Latest Version Of Pokemon Pathways?

Currently, the latest version of this game is 7.5.2.


Pokemon Pathways is the best available RPG-XP game for Poke lovers to experience something new and entertaining. Therefore, Poke trainers should try this unofficial version with multiple improvements. Additionally, more similar Pokemon unofficial games are available on this website. Hence, follow to get more.

4.8/5 - (5 votes)

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