Pokemon Myth RPGXP Download [v5.9.2 Fan-Based]

Pokemon Myth RPGXP Download [v5.9.2 Fan-Based]
Full Name Pokemon Myth
Console RPGXP
Publisher Game Freak
Developer Falcary
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 840 MB
Released October 2, 2023
Downloads 7024
Download now

Try the new unofficial Pokemon RPGXP game known as Pokemon Myth. This game is an unofficial RPGXP game with a new story, monsters, characters, evolutions, moves, and many more features. Additionally, the available quest of this game. Therefore, no more same gameplay and same quests. Hence, download and play this new RPG-XP game to enjoy modifications.

Modified games of Pokemon provide limited changes in the official games. Therefore, it is not common to find completely new games with modifications. But, there are RPG-XP fan-based games with the main theme of Pokemon and features added from multiple generations. So, find the latest available fan-based game here with multiple modifications. 

What is ‘Pokemon Myth Game’?

Pokemon Myth is an RPGXP Fan-based Pokemon game. This game is based on the official game Pokemon Essentials. However, the official game features are not available in this RPGXP. In this RPGXP game, get a new Story, Monsters, Forms, Fakemon, Quests, Encounters, Opponents, and many more improvements. Hence, poke trainers will have fun gameplay with unofficial features. 

Poke games are fun to play and enjoy. However, most Pokemon games are played on special gaming consoles such as GB, GBA, NDS, and more. Therefore, PC players of Pokemon games have to use Emulators to play such console-based games. Because official games are not available for PC or Windows OS. Hence, it is a commonly encountered problem by PC Poke trainers.

PC Poker gamers can play fan-based modified games known as RPGXP Maker games. Although, these are considered to be unofficial editions. However. unofficial RPGXP provides the best collection of features to enjoy. Therefore, ROMSFORGBA.COM offers multiple unofficial games such as Pokemon Broken. But, this page is about the latest modified game with multiple modifications. Hence, learn about this game here. 

Pokemon Myth RPG-XP is a fan-based game, based on Pokemon Essentials. This edition is specially developed to provide a unique gameplay with multiple modifications and improvements in the gameplay. Therefore, Poke trainers will get a completely new game with only the theme of Pokemon. Apart from the theme, all other features are completely changed. Hence, enjoy this newly available game here.

Game Story

The story of this unique game is about a fifteen-year-old young Pokemon trainer. He is living in the Courmine Village with a dream of becoming a Poke champion. Therefore, this boy has to go through many adventures to become a champion. Apart from this, differnet teams are also available in games with differnet motives. Hence, this boy has to find evil organizations to wipe them. 

The Evil Team in this game is known as Team Corrupt. This team of Poke trainers wants to take over the world using the power of legendary monsters Arceus and Mew. Therefore, the main character has to stop them. However, players only need to follow the main game story. Because the main story will lead to these corrupt trainers. Hence, prepare the team of powerful Monsters to defeat them.

Mythan Region

In this game, the region is known as the Mythan Region. In this region, multiple locations are added such as Forests, Temples, and much more. Therefore, Poke trainers will enjoy exploring all available locations. Additionally, each available location has a specific quest or subquest. Therefore, unlock the quests to win rewards or to unlock new routes. Hence, enjoy exploring this new Poke region and have fun.

New Gimmick

In this RPGXP game, a new system is added to the Pokemon known as Infusion Types. This Infusion Type allows players to fuse multiple types of Pokemon into one. Therefore, the Pocket monster’s abilities will boost up to 1.25X. So, battles will be quite easy using the new gimmick of infusion types. But, monsters can only have up to 2 types of fusion. Thus, fuss with the best and compatible types to gain power.

Pokemon Myth Teams

Multiple teams are available in this game. Each of the available teams has a specific purpose. However, all teams will encounter the Poke trainer in this. Therefore, players have to find good and evil teams. Because all available teams will invite players to join their team. However, Joining any evil team will change the gameplay. Hence, join the teams and find all the information to play this new RPGXP game.

Team Corrupt

Officially, Team Corrupt isn’t an evil organization. Because the main motive is to defeat the bad trainers. However, this team does have problems in the management. Therefore, the main motive of this team is completely changed. So, Players need to find dark secrets hidden in this team. Hence, prevent this team from doing bad things and complete this game.

Astra Team

The Astra team is a completely dependent team of Poke trainers. Although, this team of trainers loves Pokemon. However, players have to defeat the leader of this team to progress in the gameplay. Additionally, the Astra team is moved from the Serene region to the Mythan region. In the Serene Region, the leader is disqualified from the Championship and never loses a single battle. So, they moved to the Mythan Region. Now, Poke trainers have to battle with this formidable leader.

Rose Team

The best available team in this game is Rose Team/Infusion Inc. This team is cosist of researchers of Pokemon. Therefore, this team is the main lead behind finding Infusion Pokemon and more related information. So, Poke trainers should have a good relationship to get more benefits. Hence, help this team in the research to get more unique items.

Pokemon And Fakemon

Official Pocket monsters from higher generations are available in this game. Therefore, trainers will encounter various types of monsters in this gameplay. Apart from Pokemon, Fakemon are also added. Thus, get fan-based introduced Pocket monsters with completely new types, abilities, and moves. Hence, enjoy a combo of official and unofficial monsters in this RPGXP.


Pokemon forms are fun to level up and change the monster. Therefore, this game offers Multiple types of Forms. So, Poke trainers will get Mega Forms and Regional Forms. Apart from this, Fakemon also has multiple forms available. So, trainers can easily level up of available official and unofficial monsters. Hence, increase the EXP levels of monsters to unlock forms. 

“Pokemon Myth Download” to enjoy this exciting RPGXP game with complete Remake features. Although, this is not an official game. But, this is a complete game with countless improvements. So, download to enjoy this remake Pokemon edition. Therefore, information related to the downloading process of this game is provided here. Hence, learn about the downloading system and play this RPG-XP.

Screenshots Of Game

How To Download Pokemon Myth?

The downloading of this RPG-XP game is available here. Therefore, surfing the web to get this game isn’t necessary. So, find the DOWNLOAD NOW button and tap on it. This will option the download system to get this RPG XP. Hence, Download this remake game and start the unofficial journey. 

How To Play Pokemon Myth Game?

The gameplay is quite simple and easy for everyone. Therefore, start the gameplay by selecting gender and getting the first Pokemon. After that meet with the available trainers and start the journey to become the Poke Champion. In this journey, find Team Corrupt in the way and get much more encounters. Hence, play and communicate with NPCs to explore all.

Can We Play Pokemon Myth Android?

Basically, this game is only available on Windows Operating Systems. Therefore, playing this game directly on Android devices isn’t possible. However, there is a way to play this game on Android. The way to play is to use an RPGXP Emulator on Android. Use the Emulator to play this remake game and have fun.

Main Features

  • Remake Game
  • New Storylines
  • Multiple Characters
  • Dual Regions Available
  • Differnet Teams
  • Pokemon And Fakemon
  • Multiple Forms Added
  • Main And Side Quests
  • New Moves And Types
  • High-Quality Graphics
  • Interesting Gameplay
  • Custom Battle Mechanics
  • Shiny Pokemon
  • Much More

Frequent Ask Questions [FAQs]

How To Get Pokemon Myth Cheat Codes?

The cheats of this remake game aren’t available currently. However, this page will provide the cheats when they are released.

How To Install Pokemon Myth?

Download the ZIP file from this page and unzip this file. Open the folder and run the exe file to play this game. No need to go through any installation process.

What is the Latest Pokemon Myth Version?

Recently, the v5.9.2 is released. So, this is the latest version of Myth RPG-XP game.


Pokemon Myth RPG-XP is the latest available game with multiple remake features. Therefore, download this newly released remake game to enjoy all available features. Additionally, this website offers more similar remake Poke games. Hence, follow to get more.

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