Pokemon Parallel Emerald

Pokemon Parallel Emerald
Full Name Pokemon Parallel Emerald
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer Joggel19
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 14.36 MB
Released March 13, 2024
Downloads 2447
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Pokemon Parallel Emerald is the newly available improved GBA ROM game providing multiple improvements in the difficult and Quality of Life QOL features. Therefore, Poke trainers will get a unique and improved gameplay experience with the available amazing improvements. Download the newly available edition and have unlimited fun.

Pokemon GameBoy Color games are popular all over the globe providing unique features. Each available game is played all over the globe by millions of active users. However, the commonly faced problem is no updates in the gameplay. Hence, get a solution here known as the GBA ROM Hack.

What is Pokemon Parallel Emerald GBA?

Pokemon Parallel Emerald is a GBA ROM Hack game. This GBA Hack is based on the most popular GameBoy Color game Pokemon Emerald. Therefore, get amazing improvements and modifications in the Emerald game. Get newly amazing modifications in the QOL features and Difficulty levels. Hence, experience new gameplay with the available improvements.

Emerald is a Pokemon 3rd Generation game, that provides unique monsters and gameplay. Similarly, multiple improved editions are available based on this game. However, most of those editions provide unnecessary changes in the gameplay. Hence, this page is all about the newly available edition with limited improvements.

Pokemon Parallel Emerald is the newly available GBA Hack. This edition provides the same gameplay and game story. However, the basic changes are made in the in-game features to provide a better gaming experience. Get details related to major improvements added in this game. The Pokemon Emerald+ is also a popular Emerald Edition.

Enlarged Bag Pockets & Healing

Storing items is no limitation now. This edition provides an enhanced bag with more space to hold more items. Therefore, carrying more monsters, healing portions, and relative items is possible. Additionally, the healing portions price is reduced. Purchase multiple items easily and enjoy battling without any problem.

Pokemon TMs & HMs

In this edition, modifications to the moves are added. Players will get 100 reusable TMs. So, learning new battle moves will be fun for everyone. Additionally, HMs can also be forgotten easily. Simply, learn any new move and forget the unwanted one.

Unlimited Money & Damage Calculator

Get Max money in the game, which means players can easily enjoy the gameplay without any limitations. Purchasing items from the Pokemark will be easy. Additionally, get a damage calculator to know about the damage dealt in every move.

Difficulty & Battle Engine

This game provides multiple difficulty levels for the trainers. Therefore, adjust the difficulty according to the gameplay. Select the difficulty levels from Hard and Normal. Additionally, the Eighth Generation Battle Engine is added. Therefore, users will get unique features added from higher generations. 

  • Physical/Special Split
  • Fairy Type
  • Abilities
  • Moves
  • Items
  • Learnsets
  • More


The trade evolution has been removed in this improved version. Therefore, players won’t be able to trade any monsters. However, the Mega Evolution is added. So, level up the monster and get Mega Evolution. This will also unlock a new appearance, Moves, and more features.

Pokemon ParallelEmerald Download to get access to all available unique features. This unique game provides multiple improvements in the QOL and Gameplay. Therefore, playing is the best available way to explore all. Get information related to the downloading process below.

Screenshots Of Game

How To Download Pokemon Parallel Emerald?

The downloading process of this GBA ROM Hack is quite simple and easy. This website provides a fast GBA ROM Hack downloading system. Therefore, find the DOWNLOAD button and click (Tap) on it. This will activate the downloading process instantly. The downloading process will start automatically.

Main Features

  • New Emerald GBA Hack
  • Multiple QOL Changes
  • Gameplay Improvements
  • 8 Generation Features
  • Friendly Interface
  • Multiple Modes Available
  • Control Game Difficulty
  • Evolutions Changes
  • Much More

Frequent Ask Questions [FAQs]

How To Patch Pokemon Parallel GBA ROM Hack?

Download the Hack, Emerald GBA, and use a GBA patcher tool to patch the game.

How To Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Parallel GBA Hack?

This website provides pre-patched Parallel Emerald files. Download and start playing without any problem.

How To Play Pokemon Parallel ROM Hack on Android?

Download a GBA Emulator Android on the device and use the emulator to play the GBA game.


Pokemon Parallel Emerald GBA ROM Hack Download to enjoy an improved version of Emerald with 8th-generation features. This game provides a unique combination of quality services. Therefore, Pokemon trainers will enjoy playing this unique edition.

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