Pokemon Sacred Gold and Storm Silver 2.0 Download [NEW]

Pokemon Sacred Gold and Storm Silver 2.0 Download [NEW]
Full Name Pokemon Sacred Gold and Storm Silver
Console Nintendo DS
Publisher Game Freak
Developer Drayano
Region Global, mikelan98
Genre Role Playing
File size 24.27 MB
Released May 25, 2017
Downloads 6597
Download now

Pokemon Sacred Gold is the best available improved Pokemon DS Game. This ROM provides improved features in the overall gameplay. Therefore, get more Pokemon, New Types, New Items, More Challenges, and much more. Download this DS ROM Hack and enjoy playing this unique game.

Each available Pokemon Game provides unique functions. Therefore, fans enjoy playing various editions. However, most available games provide limited functions in each available edition. Therefore, players prefer to play the improved versions with additional features. Find the most unique available game here.

What is Pokemon Sacred Gold?

Pokemon Sacred Gold is a DS ROM Hacks based on the popular Pokemon Game Gold and Silver. The Drayano introduces a unique combination of this GBA game hack for Nintendo DS. In this game, multiple improvements are added. Therefore, Poke Trainers will have a completely new experience of gaming. Hence, enjoy playing this exciting game and have fun.

Pokemon Console games are divided according to the supported console. Each available game can be supported on limited devices. Therefore, using a compatible device is necessary. However, the improved versions or ROM Hacks allow users to remove this limitation. This page is about a DS ROM Hack based on a GBA ROM.

Pokemon Sacred Gold and Storm Silver are the most unique ROM Hacks based on the Gold and Storm. This ROM is the remade version offering improved features. Therefore, Poke trainers will get the best gaming experience. Find details related to the best available features of this game here.

Storylines and Gameplay

The Storyline is the same as the official game. Therefore, players will get the best experience of official gameplay with all available characters and storylines. However, the gameplay is improved offering more challenges and new monsters. So, experience a completely new gameplay with multiple improvements. Enjoy exploring the upgraded gameplay.

More Pokemon

The number of Pokemon was limited in the official gameplay. However, the ROM Patch, adds more unique Pocket Monsters. In total, this patch offers 493 Pokemon in the gameplay. Additionally, all available Monsters are catchable. Trainers can easily create the best team of monsters with this unique patch.

Fairy Type Pokemon

One of the popular Sacred Gold is the Fairy Type Monsters. However, the first patch of this hack doesn’t have the Fairy Type Monsters. Therefore, the 2nd patch is introduced with the Fairy Pokemon. Therefore, get the most unique Monster Types in the second edition. Enjoy creating a team of Shiny Monsters and have unlimited fun.

Limited Items

The overall gameplay is similar to the official version. However, some items are limited to make the gameplay challenging. Therefore, encounter restrictions during monster battles. Additionally, unique items are removed from the list. Hence, some items are unobtainable.

Scared Gold Pokemon Download to enjoy playing this exciting game. The basic information related to this patch is shared here. However, many more unique features are explored. Therefore, playing this game is the best available option to explore. Get details related to the 2.0 edition below.

Pokemon Sacred Gold and Storm Silver 2.0

The 2.0 version of Sacred Gold Pokemon has not been released yet. However, the developer has been working on this project for quite some time. With a simple Twitter (X) post, Drayano shares information related to the 2.0 Edition. We will share the 2.0 Patch when it is released. Follow get get more relevant information.

Screenshots Of Game

How To Download Pokemon Sacred Gold?

The downloading process of this ROM Hack Patch is a package consisting of Storm Silver and Sacred Gold. This page provides all versions and patches combo here. So, downloading this patch will be easy and fast. Find the DOWNLOAD button and tap on it to start the downloading. Searching on the web for the editions isn’t necessary.

Main Features

  • Best Pokemon DS Hack
  • Get New Encounters
  • New Encounters
  • More Challenges
  • Restricted Items
  • Much More

Frequent Ask Questions [FAQs]

How To Patch Sacred Gold Patch?

Use a Patcher tool to patch the game and Patch file to complete this process.

How To Download Pre-Patched Sacred Gold?

This page provides a pre-patched file to download and play.

Can I Play Sacred Gold Poke On PC?

Yes, use a DS Emulator on PC and play this exciting game.


The Pokemon Sacred Gold and Storm Silver provide the best and most unique unofficial version with multiple improvements. Therefore, Poke trainers will get a unique experience. Additionally, more similar ROMs are available on this website. Follow to get more.

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