Pokemon Chaos In Vesita RPG Download [RPGXP ENG/DE]

Pokemon Chaos In Vesita RPG Download [RPGXP ENG/DE]
Full Name Pokemon Chaos In Vesita
Console RPGXP
Publisher Game Freak
Developer UnOvA
Region Europe, Germany, Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 514.7 MB
Released September 24, 2023
Downloads 4006
Download now

Pokemon Chaos In Vesita” is a new and complete Pokemon RPGXP Fan game. This RPG game provides a complete English and German-based game with multiple features. Therefore, Poke trainers will get a complete Role-playing game with New Region, Pokemon, Characters, Storylines, Background Story, Locations, Encounters, and much more. So, playing this exciting game will be entertaining. Hence, Download and enjoy this new game.

Remake Pokemon games are always fun and exciting to play. Because such games provide unique and interesting gameplay. Therefore, Poke trainers usually search for newly available unofficial editions. So, this page is about the latest available unofficial complete game. Hence, learn about this new RPGXP Poke edition here. 

What is Pokemon Chaos In Vesita Game?

‘Pokemon Chaos in Vesita ROM’ is an RPG-XP Remake ROM Game. This fangame is based on Pokémon Essentials v17. Therefore, players will get a fun gameplay with multiple modifications and improvements. So, get a completely new story, NPCs, quests, map, encounters, evolutions, and much more. Get a combination of the best features in this fangame. Hence, learn about available exciting features and enjoy.

Pokemon games provide a unique fun play. In these games, players understand the relationship between Humans and Pocket Monsters. Although, the plot is based on fiction. However, playing these games will improve player’s mental abilities, problem-solving abilities, and much more. Therefore, playing Poke games is the best available option to have fun and learn.

Remake games are interesting to play. However, remake games are introduced in specific languages. Therefore, only specific players can play such games. So, this page is about a unique Pokemon German fangame. Although, this was specially developed for German gamers. However, now the language is optional. Because the English language has now been added. Hence, anyone can easily play and have fun.

Pokemon Chaos In Vesita RPGXP is the best and complete RPG-XP game. In this exciting game, players will get multiple unofficial features. Therefore, experience a new and exciting fun gameplay with available improvements. So, downloading the game directly isn’t recommended. Hence, learn about this unofficial game here before downloading. This game is similar to the Pokemon Shattered Light.

Background Story

The background story of this RPGXP game is about a place known as Vesita. This place is far from the mainland. Although, this place was a heaven for humans and Pokemon. However, an unknown incident changed everything. Therefore, Pokemon started to hunt humans and this place is filled with chaos. Hence, the peaceful environment is completely changed now.

Active Story

The main story of this exciting game is about a young Poke trainer winning a lucky draw of starcard. So, this trainer gets a lifetime chance to visit multiple locations to learn, explore, train, and enjoy. In these locations, the Vesita is also available. However, Vesita is under attack by Pokemon. Hence, the story of this game will change according to the gameplay. 

Vesita Region

In this exciting game, the region added is known as Vesita. This is the best available region with the most exciting and attractive places. Therefore, Poke trainers will get beautiful mountains, Lush Green Forests, Flowers, and much more. Apart from this, multiple cities, towns, and routes are also available. So, exploring this new and exciting region will be fun and entertaining for Poke trainers. Hence, start playing this unique game and enjoy exploring.


Any RPG game is incomplete without NPCs or characters. Therefore, this RPG-XP offers a wide collection of characters. Additionally, each available character has specific tasks. But, with the improvements in the gameplay get more relative encounters. Thus, try to communicate with the available characters to get free rewards, items, quests, unlock routes, and much more. Hence, have a fun and exciting experience. 


Most Poke trainers love to get high-generation Pokemon. Therefore, this RPG-XP game provides a unique collection of Pokemon added from all new generations. So, find a combination of powerful monsters. Apart from this, the Sixth Generation of Pokemon Forms are also added to this gameplay. Thus, find attractive and creative forms of Pocket monsters. Hence, capture available monsters and create a powerful team.

Follow the Pokemon system is available in this RPG-XP game. So, the main monsters will move on the field with the player. Therefore, change the main Pokemon to change the monster on the field. Additionally, the monsters available in the grass are visible. Thus, know about the monster before encountering it in the grass. Hence, enjoy exploring all available monsters and have fun.

Pokemon Chaos In Vesita Download and start playing this exciting game. Although, this game was previously available only to German users. However, now the English language is also added. Therefore, Global Poke players can now enjoy playing this exciting game. So, download this exciting RPG-XP game and have unlimited fun. Hence, enjoy playing this unique unofficial game.

Screenshots Of Game

How To Download Pokemon Chaos In Vesita English?

The latest released fangame is quite rare on the web. Therefore, this website offers a simple and fast RPG Fangame downloading system. So, find the DOWNLOAD NOW button and tap on it. This will start the fangame downloading system instantly. Hence, searching on the web wont be necessary anymore. 

How To Change Pokemon Chaos In Vesita German To English?

The latest version of this game does support both languages. Therefore, players don’t need to worry about the German or English Language. So, players only need to select the language at the start of this game. Because after start, changing language isn’t available. Hence, start the game and select the language of this game.

How To Play Pokemon Chaos In Vesita Game?

The gameplay is quite simple and easy. Because all players need to do is follow the game story. However, here are some staters such as getting the first Pokemon from the professor. The Pokedex will be provided in the main city. So, move out of the town towards west-north. Additionally, find other trainers in the way to battle and gain some experience. Hence, start this journey and enjoy free time.

Main Features

  • Complete RPGXP Game
  • Interesting Storylines
  • Multiple Characters
  • Pokemon From All Generations
  • 6th Gen Pokemon Forms
  • New Region Introduced
  • Attractive And Beautiful Locations
  • Friendly Gameplay Available
  • Communicative NPCs Added
  • Modified Items 
  • New Background Music
  • Improved Graphics
  • Much More

Frequent Ask Questions [FAQs]

How To Get Pokémon: Chaos in Vesita Cheats?

The Cheat codes of this game are currently not available.

What is the Difference Between Pokémon: Chaos in Vesita English And German?

The difference is only the language of the game.

How Long is Pokémon: Chaos in Vesita English?

To complete this game, players might take 35-40 hours time.


Pokemon Chaos In Vesita English RPG XP is the best available game to play. Because it supports dual languages. Therefore, English and German Poke trainers can enjoy this exciting game without any limitations. Additionally, more similar RPG hacks are available on this website. Hence, follow to get more.

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