Pokemon False Red Redux Download NEW

Pokemon False Red Redux Download NEW
Full Name Pokemon False Red Redux
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer MatrasowAndrzej
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 5.08 MB
Released March 21, 2024
Downloads 3973
Download now

Pokemon False Red Redux GBA ROM Hack is the newly available fan-based modified version. This newly available game provides a completely new Game Story, Characters, and many more improvements. Poke Trainers will get an improved gameplay experience. Download this newly available GBA Hack ROM and enjoy gaming.

FireRed is one of the most popular available GameBoy Advanced Games offering a high-end gaming experience. Third-generation Pokemon Game popular among Pokemon Fans all over the globe. However, no updates are available in the gameplay. Hence, trainers prefer to play improved versions also known as FireRed GBA Hacks.

What is Pokemon False Red Redux GBA?

Pokemon False Red Redux Hack is a GBA ROM Hack. This Hack is based on the most popular Pokemon GBA Game FireRed. Get completely new gameplay, new encounters, evil NPCs, More Challenges, and many more relative improvements. Enjoy playing this unique improved game and have a fun experience.

Various Pokemon fans introduced various types of improved editions known as ROM Hacks. These editions provide multiple changes in the official games. Poke trainers enjoy playing the improved versions with more features. Get information related to the newly available game introduced by MatrasowAndrzej. 

False Red Redux Pokemon is the most popular and latest available Pokemon-modified game. This newly available mod provides a completely new gameplay with multiple improvements. Basically, this edition provides players with a unique experience of the dark side of society. Hence, enjoy this unique game and have unlimited fun. Try Mega Moemon FireRed to get completely improved FireRed.

Game Story

The story is about the Red, the boy who is popular in the Kanto and Johto Region. However, Red has disappeared for many years. You play as the Fake Red back, but all these years many things have changed. Hence, explore the region and find various dark secrets hidden. Enjoy playing the role of Red and also encounter Blue in the game story, who is looking for revenge.


The Gameplay will start in Johto, where you will find different people. Interact with the available characters to know about them. Initially, the communication will be difficult. But, with time people will know you. Hence, explore various locations and learn more about the overall gameplay.


A new location has been added in the mountain in Johto. This location is quite important in the gameplay to learn information related to the real Red. Apart from this, additional improvements are also made in the map to make gameplay more interesting for trainers. Explore the region and enjoy spending your free time.

False Red Redux Download to enjoy the unique features available in this exciting ROM Hack. The basic features are mentioned here. However, many more relative services are also available. Therefore, playing is the best available way to explore all features.

Screenshots Of Game

How To Download Pokemon False Red Redux?

We are here with a simple and fast downloading system. Therefore, find the DOWNLOAD button on this page and tap on it. The downloading process will start automatically. Searching for the GBA ROM Hack isn’t necessary anymore.

Main Features

  • New FireRed Hack
  • Improved Game Story
  • New Characters
  • New Gameplay
  • Differnet Encounters
  • More Locations
  • Improved Graphics
  • Much More

Frequent Ask Questions [FAQs]

How To Patch False Red Redux?

Use a GBA Hack patcher tool and patch this game easily.

Can I Download Pre-Patched Poke False Red Redux Hack?

Yes, pre-patched games are available on this website. Get the pre-patched from this page.

How To Play False Red Redux Poke On Android?

Use a GBA Emulator Android and play using the Emulator.


Pokemon False Red Redux GBA ROM Hack download to get access of all available improvements. This simple game provides a unique combination of improved features. Therefore, download this GBA Hack and enjoy spending your free time. Additionally, more similar ROM hacks are available on this website. Follow to get more.

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