Top 5 Pokémon ROMs For GBA

Pokémon is one of the most popular gaming franchises all around the world. With GBA the handheld gaming console Pokémon becomes a must-play game on GBA due to its unique adventurous gameplay. The Game Boy Advance (GBA) hosts many famous Pokémon versions and is available to play on this console.

Top 5 Pokémon ROMs for GBA

In this article, we are going to list the 5 best Pokémon ROMs for GBA but what are ROMs? Basically, they are files with. GBA extension refers to the game being copied from read-only memory (ROM) and located on your GBA system.

So here is the list of the best and most famous Pokémon ROMs that can be played using the Gameboy Advance device.

Pokémon GS Chronicles

This is one of the best GBA ROM hacks available with additional features like new locations and mega evolution. The gameplay is a bit like the previous gold and silvers versions but with additions like a new storyline to explore.

Image of Pokemon ROMs

The script of the game has been changed and many new characters are added. Many puzzles are to be solved and tons of mini-games are available to play in this version. Mega Evolutions make everything fascinating to play and adventure more fun.

GS Chronicles version has many hidden features to explore and some new move sets.

Pokémon Flora Sky

This is another top Pokémon GBA ROM hack that is popular for its fierce battlefield with a day/night system that allows time-specific events. There are many hidden locations to explore and brand-new storylines are added. Many new characters are available to use and new maps to play this game.

This edition comes with modes where you face off against evil teams like team magma and team aqua. Mountains, caves, moves, items, and numerous mini-games are also part of this amazing adventure.

Pokémon Dark Rising

One of the most loved ROM hacks made by a fan. It is a series of fantastic Pokémon adventures with four different games. The storylines are distinct and new features take things to a whole new level. Players can become a trainer by battling in the gym, solving puzzles, and all other usual RPG trails.

The features like the day and night system, mega evolutions made this version a fan favorite. New moves, hidden abilities, locations, custom music tracks are also part of this beautiful adventure. 12 gyms to train and a total of 193 Pokémon can be caught.

Pokemon Mega Power

This is an emerald ROM hack with a massive fan following due to its unique storyline. This version was the first one to add the Mega Evolutions feature which has the ability to make pocket monsters more powerful by experimenting on them.

Three new regions to explore in this game are Ivara, Lande, and Sevii Island. Hidden features are also part of this adventure and Pokémon of generations 4, 5, 6, and 7 are usable. Your character will be a scientist in this version that will create strong Pokémon.

Pokemon Gaia

This is another amazing hack of FireRed ROM that gained a lot of popularity among GBA users. This version comes with fantastic features and a completely changed look of the game. The improvement in graphics made more people play this adventurous battlefield.

Underwater gameplay and Fairy types are also been added to this version of the hack. Bug catching contest and white/black repel system are the latest great additions. There are many secret temples and hidden grottoes available to explore.

Final Words

Well, that was the list top 5 Pokemon ROMs for the GBA console users to play and enjoy. This gaming franchise has given many exciting games and Pokemon ROM hacks have made that list larger. These additions save a lot of money for GBA users and provide a free list of interesting adventures.

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