5 Best Sega Genesis ROMs To Play In 2023

Call it Mega Drive or Sega Genesis, it is a 16-bit fourth-generation home video gaming console made and marketed by Sega. So let’s talk about the 5 best Sega Genesis ROMs that you can try in 2023.

Mega Drive was the third console coming from the company and it came out in 1988 and its presence spread across the world in a couple of years.

It failed to impress the consumers in the home market nevertheless, it was a considerable success in other regions such as North America and Europe. So if you have memories of the console or have seen the games brought by it, we are here with their ROMs for you.

5 Best Sega Genesis ROMs

Here we will introduce to you the 5 best ROMs brought by this console for the consumer spanning over many years, as it ensured its presence in the gaming market. So let’s explore the list without any further delay.

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TMNJ – Return of the Shredder/Hyeprstone Heist

It came up with other titles across the regions including the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle –Hyperstone Heist. Released in 1992, is a side-scrolling beat ‘em up game based on the comic characters that it carries the name of.

Shredder has taken control of the Hyperstone the great treasure of Dimension X. With it the future of the world is in danger. Now it is the turtles who can save the world by going after him and stopping him before he makes a disastrous step.

Disney’s Aladdin

This title is a platform game that is based on the film Aladdin released in 1992 by Disney. The game was released for Sega by VirginGames USA. Soon after its release, it created a large fan base for itself.

In this side-scrolling game, you are controlling the protagonist Aladdin in the gameplay through a given setting while following a storyline that mimics the movie. You are equipped with a scimitar for short-range and apples for the long-range weapon of attack.

Though the apple in your repertoire is limited, still you can collect them while playing the game. Here you can collect apples and gems while facing enemies and move ahead in the game crossing different levels.

Golden Axe

This is a whole series of games. It has a side-scrolling beat them up arcade video gameplay. It takes place in a medieval imaginary world. Here are a lot of heroes all given the task to retrieve the golden ax

The game saw five sequels and three spin-offs. Having characters like Ax Battler, Tyris Flare, Gilius Thunderhead, and Death Adder where each has unique characteristics and abilities throughout the gameplay.

Such as in Golden Axe, the first in the series, the game revolves around three heroes. You will have to make progress by exterminating the Adder’s forces. Apply magic, move your hands, it is up to you to clear the field and move ahead.

Ultimate Mortal Combat III

It is a fighting game in the Mortal Combat Series and Sega got its version in 1996. Here you have different Ninja characters to pick from and start your quest to glory by fighting and climbing up the ladder.

You can play against the AI of the machine or go in versus mode, fighting the opponent who is also controlled by a human. The Sega-specific mode saw many additions and removals from other versions on different consoles.

Such as, it brought to the user the additional stages up to five. These were in addition to the six original stages from Mortal Combat III. These and other factors make it one of the best Sega Genesis ROMs to consider.

Street of Rage II

Also known as the Bare Knuckle II, it is another side-scrolling beat them up game coming for the Genesis console. It brings to you characters like Axel Stone, Blaze Fielding, Max Hatchet, and Eddie Hunter.

Here you have one or two players engaged in a battle with a crowd of enemies who are coming at them. Along the way, you can pick up weapons and other useful items.

The charters are loaded with extra damage abilities. You can fight with each other in the dual game mode as well.

Here are the most popular Sega Genesis ROMs.


So this is the list of the 5 best Sega Genesis ROMs that you can try in 2023. Pick your mobile phone or use your personal computer. It is now time for you to enjoy some vintage gaming right now.

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