Pokemon Trick-or-Treat House ROM Download [2022 Patched]

I am sure you will be more than pleased to know we are back with another amazing game for all Pocket monsters who enjoy gaming. We are here with Pokemon Trick-or-Treat House, where you can enjoy spending time with your favorite monsters Pokémon.

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What is Pokemon Trick-or-Treat House ROM?

Pokemon Trick-or-Treat House Game is a GBA ROM hack that is an improved version of Pokemon Emerald. This is one of the best hacks for GBA that provides some of the funniest Halloween-based changes for players to enjoy.

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You are probably aware that there are a lot of kinds of games that are available for the players, which they can play and enjoy and each of the games offers a unique gaming experience to the players. Therefore, Pokémon fans can stay with us and enjoy playing the games.

As you know, Pokémon games are quite popular all over the world, and there are numerous people who love playing them. Role-Playing games are a great way for anyone to spend their free time, so we have created something that is unique just for you.

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Among the numerous features provided by Pokemon Trick-or-Treat House GBA, there are some that are quite unique to this game. There are a lot of changes that have been made for the players to have fun, which are all quite related to Halloween.


It will be a completely different gaming experience for the players in this edition. So, here you will be able to experience a fully unique gaming experience at Emerald and enjoy your time. As it will be a Halloween edition, here you will also experience,


The gameplay of the game consists of a number of puzzles, which the player has to solve in order to have endless fun. There are some of the best puzzles available for players, which will allow you to have a completely new gaming experience in the game.

In this game, there are a lot of types of puzzles available for you to solve as well as various types of quests. Therefore, we are going to share with you all some of the puzzle types, which you can find in the list below.

  • Ranging
  • Mazes
  • Battle Gauntlets
  • Logic Puzzles
  • Many More

This means that you can be sure to have a truly unique gaming experience here. In addition, a lot more improvements are made for the players, which you can easily gain and enjoy a truly unique gaming experience.


There is no doubt that you will be able to get some of the best collections of Pokémon in the game, which is added from the latest generation 8 and more so that you can have some of the largest Pokemon collections in the game, which you have the opportunity to catch and enjoy.

In this game, you have a choice of three different Pokémon starters with which you can put together a powerful team. There are 12 Pokemon options available as starters which you can easily access and have unlimited fun spending your time on.


The Halloween edition has been themed around candy, which means that you will find some of the best candy in the game. Here you will find 40 different types of candy to use in the gameplay and have a lot of fun with.

In addition to the above improvements that have been made, there are a number of improvements to explore and enjoy as well. If you are interested in exploring more, then we recommend that you download the Pre-Patched GBA ROM from this page.

ROM Details

NamePokemon Trick-or-Treat House
Size15.44 MB
Base ROMEmerald
Update DateNov 1, 2022

Screenshots of Game

How to Download Pokémon Trick-or-Treat House GBA ROM?

Our aim is to provide you all with the fastest download process through which anyone can easily get the latest ROMs for their smartphones. There is now no need to waste your time searching for it over the internet.

The only thing you need to do here is to find the download section provided at the top and bottom of this page. Once you have found the section, you will only need to click on the appropriate download button provided.

After making the tap, please wait a few seconds until the downloading process is completed. If you encounter any problems, then please feel free to contact us using the comment section below.

Main Features

  • Unique Emerald ROM Hack
  • Changed Gameplay
  • Halloween Based Edition
  • Get Latest Gen Pokémon
  • Various Puzzels Added
  • Different Locations
  • Multiple Candy Types
  • Simple Gameplay
  • Many More


How to Patch Pokémon Trick-Treat House GBA?

We are here with the Patched GBA.

How to Download Pre-Patched Pokémon Trick-Treat House GBA?

Get the Pre-Patched GBA from the download section.

How to Download Pokémon Trick-Treat House 3DS CIA?

You can also get the CIA file from the download section.


Pokemon Trick-or-Treat House Download on your gaming console and start playing the most unique edition. There are more exciting features available for you to explore in the game. So, keep following us for more games.

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