Pokemon Ultra Smeraldo ROM Download [2023 GBA]

Pokemon Ultra Smeraldo ROM Download [2023 GBA]
Full Name Pokemon Ultra Smeraldo
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer AndryBlaze2424
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 6.8 MB
Released March 5, 2022
Downloads 7274
Download now

Poke Trainers love to play modified GBA editions. Therefore, try Pokemon Ultra Smeraldo ROM. In this game, Enjoy newly added modified features of GBA. Therefore, players can have unlimited fun with the improvements.

Finding the best mod of Poke GBA ROM is always hard for players. Due to countless mod ROMs, players face difficulties. Therefore, we are here with a simple solution. Get information about the latest introduced modified edition here. 

What is Pokemon Ultra Smeraldo ROM?

Pokemon Ultra Smeraldo ROM is a GBA Modified ROM. The hack is the altered edition of the Emerald Italian GBA game. Hence, it offers multiple improvements and alterations for trainers. Therefore, players can have fun spending time.

The Emerald was released in 2004 and is one of the most popular role-playing games. Therefore, Millions of fans all over the globe play this game to have fun. But there are no official updates available for this amazing offline game. Therefore, the fans started to make multiple changes in the gameplay.

So, these days there are tons of improved editions are available such as Google Translated Pokemon Emerald ROM. But the problem is to find the best one.

Players love to play improved GBA ROMs. However, trainers face difficulties in finding the best available game. Therefore, here trainers can get details about best modified ROM. Hence, stay with us to get complete information about a unique GBA ROM.

Pokemon Ultra Smeraldo Game offers high-end modifications in Poke-Emerald. Therefore, players can have a completely unique gameplay experience. Hence, any Pocket-monster lover will love to spend time playing this amazing edition. There are multiple types of changes have been made for the fans.

Usually, players want to know about the modified features. Therefore, we are going to share some of the best features here. Hence, players can get complete information. So, now fans can get details before playing the modified edition.


In the official Emerald only one-hundred and fifty-two pocket monsters. Additionally, players don’t get any updates in the game on these monsters. Hence, trainers have to use the same monsters over and over again. But not anymore, with this modified edition enjoy more monsters.

Three-Eighty Six more Pokemon are added in this edition. Hence, players will have a better gameplay experience. So, trainers can complete the national Pokedex in a single gameplay. With this hack, players can easily capture all 386 monsters.

Moves and Abilities

With super effective moves winning a Pokemon battle is easy. Therefore, with this ROM get newly added moves and abilities. There are multiple latest-gen moves available for trainers.

Lighting Bolt, Light Tail, and many more added abilities added in-game. Therefore, players can get a completely unique gameplay experience. Not only are newly added moves available, but find remastered moves. Hence, there are multiple modifications made to the stats of Pokemon.


Having multiple Pokemon types is a dream of Poke trainers. Therefore, this GBA cheat offers alteration in Pokémon types. Poke monsters have been changed according to their abilities. Hence, explore the new Pokedex and have fun with amazing types.

Difficulty Level

The difficulty levels have been increased for the players in this hack. Hence, now playing the Emerald won’t be easy anymore. Here your opponent will be stronger than you. But you can train more to increase your levels, through which you can win any match. So, here you can find more difficult opponents in the game.

Map and Events

In this ROM, get similar official locations and maps. But, players will find newly added locations and routes. These new locations offer unique quests. Hence, trainers can have a new gaming experience with fan-added events.

Players find it difficult to understand completely changed game maps. Therefore, in this ROM limited changes are made for the players. So, gamers can have same gameplay experience.

Pokemon Ultra Smeraldo Download on your gaming console and enjoy modified features. With this altered GBA, trainers will have unique gameplay. Enjoy the available improvements and have fun.

Screenshots of ROM

How to Download Pokémon Ultra Smeraldo ROM?

No need to search for the Game on the internet. Because we are sharing the fastest downloading process here. Hence, trainers can easily get GBA files with a single click and start downloading process.

Here rainers will get the fastest downloading process on this platform. Therefore, click on the download button available at the top and bottom here. Hence, the downloading process will soon start automatically. Contact us, if you had any problem with downloading.

Main Features

  • Latest Emerald Edition
  • More Pokémon Available
  • Changed Moves
  • More Events Available
  • Changed Type
  • Difficult Level Increase
  • Friendly Interface
  • Much More


Can We Play Ultra-Smeraldo Night Mode?

Yes, here you will get both day and night mode gameplay.

Smeraldo Ultra is Available For 3DS?

We are going to share the CIA file of the game, which you can play on the 3DS.

Can We Catch All 386 Pokemon?

Yes, all available pokemon are catchable. So, you can catch any available monster in the game.


Pokemon Ultra Smeraldo ROM offers the best modifications for Poke trainers. Hence, anyone will have a new gameplay experience. With this mod game, players can find countless improvements. Therefore, keep following us for more latest GBA ROMs.

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