Pokemon Polka Aqua 3 GBA Download [2023 Patched]

Pokemon Polka Aqua 3 GBA Download [2023 Patched]
Full Name Pokemon Polka Aqua 3
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer LatiosAzurill
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 7.20 MB
Released July 26, 2023
Downloads 16945
Download now

Pokemon Polka Aqua 3 is a new GBA ROM. This GBA game is a fan-based modified GameBoy Advanced game with unofficial improvements. Thus, this ROM offers Characters from various Anime characters. Further, this GBA ROM high generation Poke features. Therefore, get unofficial and higher Poke features combination in this GBA hack. Hence, download and play this GBA game to enjoy.

GBA ROM hacks mostly doesnt offer updates or series-based gameplay. Because a single gameplay offers a complete story. However, there are ROM hacks with multiple updates or series-based gameplay. So, this page is about a special GBA ROM hack with multiple series. Hence, find the latest and last updated version of this GBA hack here.

What is Pokemon Polka Aqua 3 GBA?

Pokemon Polka Aqua 3 GBA is a GBA ROM hack. This GBA hack is based on Poke Ruby GBA. Therefore, get modifications in the official POKEMON Ruby. This GBA provides new characters, Story, Gameplay, Monsters, and much more changes in the RUBY. So, enjoy the modifications and high-gen features. Hence, enjoy free time with new gameplay.

GBA ROM games provide simple gameplay with limited modifications. However, even the modified ROMs are short, and no future updates. Therefore, most GBA games provide enjoyment for a limited time. So, playing available games is quite boring for players. Hence, Poke trainers look for new games.

ROMSFORGBA.COM provides multiple GBA ROM hacks. In this ROM hack store, finding any newly released GBA hack is simple such as Yu Gi Oh Pokeduel. However, this page is about a special available hack with multiple editions. This new hack is the 3rd and complete edition. Hence, players will have a completely modified game with all altered features.

Pokemon Polka Aqua 3 ROM is a newly available ROM hack. This is the third and last game of Polka Aqua GBA hack. Thus, this GBA Hack offers a complete mod game with all high-level improvements. Additionally, unofficial features are also added and Poke trainers will have a fun gameplay. Hence, learn about this new and complete game here.


This GBA ROM hack offers a completely modified Game Story. Thus, players won’t get the boring and same official Poke RUBY gameplay. This story is about a young Poke trainer, who came back home (SAN FRANCISCO). In SAN FRANCISCO, the family of Main players are living. The mother is a housewife and the father works in the prestigious Poke Musume. Hence, the story will unfold with the process in the gameplay.

Pokemon Polka Aqua 3 Walkthrough is about the trainer finding all available monsters. Especially, the father of the trainer dreams of collecting all rare Pokemon paintings for the museum. Therefore, the MC wants to search and collect all available monsters. Hence, the main goal is to complete the POKEDEX of this game.

In this story, Azurill a Fairy type Pokemon is also available. This Pocket creature has special moves and abilities. However, players will find special game quests related to Azurill Pokemon. In this GBA game, this Pocket monster has a special role. Therefore,  play to learn about this newly available monster and have fun gaming. 


In the official Ruby, players will get monsters from only the first three generations. However, this GBA hack offers Poke creatures from all nine generations. Therefore, the National Pokedex of this exciting hack offers more Poke monsters. So, gathering all available Poke-monsters will be entertaining. Hence, capture all rare monsters in this ROM hack.

Double Battle Format

A single battle format was available in the official game. Thus, this feature is changed with the Double Battle Format. But, the double battle format is only available while battling against GYM Leaders. This format is also available as an option. So, trainers have to select the Dual or Single Battle Format according to their gameplay. Hence, select the battle format in this GBA hack and enjoy.


The game offers special characters added from various TV Shows and Movies. The official characters are available in this ROM hack. However, there are more unofficial characters available from differnet popular content. Thus, get a variety of unofficial NPCs in this GBA ROM hack. Additionally, the available NPCs also provide special quests. Hence, don’t forget to chat with NPCs during the gameplay.


The Existing map is still available in this remake game. However, modifications in the locations are added. Therefore, players will find newly added locations with special quests. Additionally, the starting point of this game is also modified. So, Poke trainers will start the game in SAN FRANCISCO. Hence, explore the locations and discover new quests.

Items And Stones

Poke Market is introduced in this game. This Market offers the largest collection of items. Thus, Poke trainers can purchase any available items from the available market. Find Pokeballs, Master Balls, Berries, Stones, diving, rock breaking, cutting place, surfing, strength and much more unique items. So, searching for rare items in the forest isn’t necessary anymore. Hence, purchase all items from the market and enjoy.

Pokemon Polka Aqua 3 Download to enjoy all available unique features of this game. In this mod game, more modifications and customizations are added. But, not all improvements are mentioned here. Therefore, the right way to download and play this exciting game. Hence, download and play to explore all improvements. 

Screenshots Of Game

How To Download Pokemon Polka Aqua 3?

The updated version of this GameBoy Advance Hack is available here. Therefore, poke players only need to find the DOWNLOAD NOW button and tap on it. The downloading process of this GBA hack will start instantly. So, surfing the web for this GBA ROM hack isn’t compulsory anymore. 

What is Pokemon Polka Aqua 3 Master Ball Cheat Code?

Cheats can be used to get items without any hassle. Therefore, a special Cheat Code is available to get 99 MASTER BALLS in a bag FOR FREE. This cheat code is “C674B60F B309F994“. Players can use this cheat code and add 99 Master Balls each time. Thus, using this multiple times will also increase the number of balls in the bag. Hence, get the code and have unlimited MASTER POKEBALLS.

What is Pokemon Polka Aqua 3 Rare Candy Cheat Code?

Getting all Rare Candy is possible. But, players have to use the Cheat Code. Therefore, the Cheat To Get Rare Candy is “361E3586CD38BA79“. However, rare candies won’t be available in the bag. Therefore, access to Your PC and withdraw rare monsters. PC is available in Home and Poke Mart. Hence, get the rare candy and enjoy this game.

Main Features

  • Complete Remake Ruby
  • New Storylines
  • Multiple Mod Locations
  • Pokemon From All Nine Generations
  • New Items And Stones Added
  • New NPCs From Movies And TV Shows
  • Mod Move Sets And Stats
  • New Repal System Added
  • Shapeshift Monsters Added
  • Dual Battle System
  • Upgraded Graphics and Music
  •  Much More

Frequent Ask Questions [FAQs]

How To Play Pokemon Polka Aqua III On PC?

Get a GBA Emulator on PC and run this GBA hack game in the Emulator.

How To Download Pokemon Polka Aqua III Android?

The game doesnt support Android devices. Therefore, use a GBA Emulator App on Android to play this game.

How To Add Pokemon Polka Aqua III Cheats?

On GBA Emulator, access the cheat section and add cheat codes. 


Pokemon Polka Aqua 3 Game is the final GBA hack edition with ultimate modifications. So, this final edition provides complete gameplay with all exciting features. Therefore, download and play this GBA ROM hack. Additionally, more GBA ROMs are available on this website. Hence, follow to get more.

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