Pokemon Hyper Emerald V Rainbow Eraser ROM v5.3 Download

Pokemon Hyper Emerald V Rainbow Eraser ROM v5.3 Download
Full Name Pokemon Hyper Emerald V5.3 Rainbow Eraser
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer and his team, Desvol, Popy, Satochu, wwwww
Region China, Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 10.4 MB
Released December 21, 2021
Downloads 16964
Download now

Pokemon Hyper Emerald V Rainbow Eraser ROM” is a Hack Chinese ROM. This ROM offers special modifications in the official game. In this ROM, get modified more Pokemon, new moves, fan-based quests, and much more. Additionally, find features from higher generations are also added. Hence, Download and play this GBA hack to enjoy all modifications.

Pokemon games are popular all over the globe. Similarly, Chinese players also enjoy playing Pocket-monsters games. However, officially Chinese games are not available. Therefore, playing modified games is the only option available. But, finding such Chinese hacks is quite hard. Hence, stay to know about a special Chinese Pokemon game.

What is Pokemon Hyper Emerald V Rainbow Eraser ROM?

Pokemon Hyper Emerald V Rainbow Eraser ROM is the first Chinese ROM hack. This hack is based on Pokemon Emerald. Therefore, get Chinese-based modifications in this Emerald edition. Additionally, this ROM hack offers modified gameplay, monsters, moves, Z-moves, region, language, and much more. Hence, playing this ROM will be more exciting for players.

Pokemon Emerald 1.0 is the most popular GBA game. Similarly, the modified editions of Emerlad are also popular. Therefore, ROMSFORGBA.COM offers multiple mod versions such as Pokemon Emerald Rogue. However, this page is about the latest available GBA hack. Hence, stay to learn about this new GBA game.

Mod ROMs of Pokemon are easy to find. Although, ROMs in differnet languages are common to find on the internet. But, Chinese language hacks are quite hard for players. Because the number of mod developers is high all over the globe compared to China. Hence, monster trainers face problems with the search.

Although, there are multiple ROM hacks available in other languages. But, a limited number of games are available for Chinese Pokemon players. Therefore, this page is all about the special hack developed for Chinese players. Hence, stay on this page to know all about this latest available ROM hack.

Pokemon Hyper Emerald V5.3 Rainbow Eraser Game is the latest updated ROM hack. This is the updated hack for Chinese Pocket monster trainers. In this GBA hack, trainers will get high-end alterations in the official gameplay. Consequently, playing this hack will be more entertaining compared to the official Pokemon. 


In the official Emerald, a limited number of Pokemon is a common problem. Because compared to higher generations, Emerald offers limited monsters. Therefore, this ROM hack offers modifications to the collection of pocket monsters. Consequently, trainers will find the most unique collection of monsters here.

Compared to the official GBA game find more Pocket Creatures in this hack. Because this GBA hack offers 898 newly added high-generation creatures. Additionally, trainers will also find legendary and epic creatures easily. Thus, creating a team of powerful creatures is possible for everyone. Hence, have a fun experience of gaming with mod monsters.

Fan-based customized Pokemon are known as Fakemon. Although, the official game doesn’t offer Fakemon. But, this hack offers multiple Fakemon in the gameplay. Additionally, monsters from Pokemon generations 1 to 8 are also added. Thus, get the largest Pokedex full of fakemon and Pokemon. Hence, create a team of powerful fan-based customized monsters. 


Emerald offers 3rd generation monster moves. Although, these moves are enough to complete the official gameplay. However, players love to get higher-gen monsters. Therefore, this ROM hack offers modifications to the existing moves. Hence, players will get powerful monster moves in the game.

In this hack, get Pokemon 8th-generation battle moves. The battle moves allow players to easily win any battle. Additionally, some unique moves are also added such as Grass Slide, Giant Beast Slash, and many more. Thus, unlock exciting moves and have better gameplay. Win any battle using Gen 8th battle moves.


Although, the official game story of Emerald is still available in this mod. But, sub-quests and events are also added for players. Completing Sub-quests isn’t compulsory. However, players will get fun gameplay with special events added in this mod. Hence, it is recommended that players try available quests.

Evolution and Z Skill System

Pocket monster trainers love to evolve monsters. Therefore, this ROM hack offers a Mega Evolution system. So, evolving monster is possible in this modified game. Additionally, the Z Skill System is also added to unlock high skills. But, both of these features require high exp levels. Hence, train monsters to gain EXP and unlock skills and evolutions.


Most ROM games consist of a single Region. However, this Pokemon Rainbow Eraser Hyper Emerald V5.3 offers players to play this game in multiple regions. Therefore, players will get Hoenn and Shenno combination. Hence, double regions mean double fun for monster trainers.

Traveling from one place to another is quite hard in Pokemon ROM. Because players have to walk and reach any specific location. Therefore, this ROM hack offers a teleportation system in the Shenno Region. Hence, use this system to visit any location on the map instantly. Walking is no longer necessary for trainers.


A weather and time system is added to this ROM. So, with each activity time will pass and the animation of the game will change. Additionally, the environment will change with time. Hence, players will get a realistic gameplay experience while playing this game.

Pokémon Hyper Emerald V Rainbow Eraser Download and start playing this unique edition. Although, details about this GBA hack are provided on this page. But still, there is much more unexplored in the hack. Hence, download and start playing this edition to know more.

Screenshots of Game

How to Download Pokémon Hyper Emerald V Rainbow Eraser ROM?

Downloading Pokémon hacks on the internet is problematic. Because most websites offer unnecessary advertisements. Therefore, this website offers a one-click hack downloading system. Hence, click and get the modified Pokemon game. No need to search for hacks anymore.

GBA hacks needed to be patched with the official game to add hacks. However, players find the patching process difficult. Therefore, this website offers pre-patched GBA hacks. Get a pre-patched hack and start playing this hack. Hence, no need to go through the patching process anymore.

Main Features

  • Latest Emerald Improve Edition
  • Largest Number of Pokemon
  • Evolutions and Z Skill System
  • New Regions
  • Unique Locations and Items
  • Rare Types of Pokemon
  • More Quests Available
  • Many More

Frequent Ask Questions

Do We Need To Use A Patcher?

No, we are here with the patched file. So, you don’t need any kind of patcher.

Can WE Play The Hyper Emerald 5.3 On Emulator?

Yes, you can download the ROM on any device and play it using a GBA Emulator.

How To Download The Patched ROM?

You can get the information about the downloading process in the download section above.


Pokemon Hyper Emerald V Rainbow Eraser ROM is the best available Chinese Pokemon game. Therefore, try this unique hack with insane modifications. Additionally, more unique Pokemon games are available on this website. Hence, stay to learn more about ROMs.

GamePlay Video

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