Pokemon The Teal Mask GBA ROM Download [2023 Patched GBA]

Pokemon The Teal Mask GBA ROM Download [2023 Patched GBA]
Full Name Pokemon The Teal Mask
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer TeamSolga
Region Europe, Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 5.05 MB
Released August 19, 2023
Downloads 12688
Download now

Pokemon The Teal Mask GBA is a new GameBoy Advance ROM. This ROM is the new short-modified game with multiple modifications. Thus, get higher-generation and unofficial features combination. Further, this ROM hack offers new Pokemon, Quests, Moves, and much more modifications. Hence, Download and Play this GBA ROM Hack.

Pokemon new games offer unique updates. But, such updated features are not available in GBA game editions. Therefore, Poke trainers love playing fan-based remake versions of Pokemon. Because remake editions provide unofficial improvements in the gameplay. Hence, get information about a new remake Poke game here.

What is Pokemon The Teal Mask GBA ROM?

Pokemon The Teal Mask GBA hack is a GameBoy Advance ROM hack. This ROM is based on the Pokemon FireRed GBA game. Thus, high-quality changes in the official FireRed Game. Additionally, this GBA hack offers New Monsters, Moves, Characters, Events, and many more modifications. Thus, experience a new gameplay with multiple improvements and have fun.

A series of new events are added in newly available Pokemon games. But, this feature for GBA players is only available in fan-based GBA games. Because official GBA ROMs don’t offer improvements in the gameplay. Therefore, trying updated features is only available on mod games.

GBA ROM hacks are popular for providing unique features. Therefore, ROMSFORGBA.COM offers the best collection of hacks such as Pokemon Psychic Adventures. However, this page is about the newest available GBA remake game. Playing a remake game is always interesting for Poke trainers. Hence, learn about the new FireRed remake game here.

The “Pokemon The Teal Mask ROM” is a new short mod game added to the Pokemon Scarlet Violet ROM. Thus, players will get more unique updated features in this exciting game. Further, this GBA offers Poke trainers an experience of unique gameplay with high-generation features. Hence, get the details related to this new ROM hack here.

Game Story

The main official story of this game is about going on a trip with school friends. The School is collaborating with another school and all the students of both schools are on this trip. However, this GBA hack is a short sequel added to the Scarlet And Violet ROM game. Thus, players will get a new location to visit and explore. 

This modified GBA story is about the new location. The main Poke trainer is visiting a new location to search for new Pokemon. Thus, the main quest is to explore this new location and find rare and legendary monsters. Further, battling with other trainers is also available as quests. Hence, explore the region, battle with monsters, and battle Poke trainers to complete this GBA ROM hack.

Characters And Pokemon

In this GBA Hack, find newly added NPCs in the gameplay such as Perrin, Briar, Carmine, Kieran, Juliana, and Florian. In this gameplay, players will find all these characters. Further, each of the available characters offers a special quest. Thus, find all available NPCs talk to them, and get new quests. Hence, explore this region and encounter unexpected events.

Pokemon The Teal Mask GBA Cheat the Loyal Three Pokemon are added. In the Loyal Three Pokemon, players will get Fezandipiti, Munkidori, and Okidogi. Thus, players will get all three of Loyal Pokemon here. Further, more similar new Pocket monsters and forms were added. Therefore, Poke-trainers will have unique gameplay with quality monsters. Hence, capture all monsters and have fun.

  • Dipplin
  • Poltchageist
  • Okidogi
  • Terastallized Form Ogerpon
  • Much More

Moves And Abilities

New monsters have differnet moves and abilities. However, most GBA hacks don’t offer such features. So, this ROM hack offers special moves and abilities. Thus, get the main Move of Dipplin’s “Syrup Bomp”. Additionally, the ability of Loyal Three Pokemon “Toxic Chain“, Dipplin’s Ability “Supersweet Syrup”, and Poltchageist’s Ability “Hospitality” are added. Hence, get the best moves and abilities here.

Pokemon The Teal Mask FireRed GBA ROM Hack offers the best available features. However, the official game and event don’t have any similarities. But, this ROM hack offers players to experience a unique combination. Therefore, download and play to explore this unique and unreal Pokemon GameBoy Advance game. Follow this website to know and get more GBA hacks.

Screenshots Of Game

How To Download Pokemon The Teal Mask GBA Hack?

Downloading the latest released GBA ROM hacks is quite problematic. Because not all websites provide updated GBA cheats. Therefore, this website offers a simple downloading process for ROM hacks. So, find the DOWNLOAD NOW button and tap on it. Get the newly released GBA hack with a single tap and have fun gaming.

How To Patch Pokemon The Teal Mask GBA Cheat?

In the Patching Process of GBA Cheats/Hacks, multiple files are required. To Patch, the official GBA File, Hack File, and Patcher Tool are needed. Further, the compatibility of official GBA and hack also affects. Therefore, the patching process is complex. So, find the Pre-patched GBA cheat on this page and skip the patching process. Simply download and start playing this game.

Main Features

  • Latest FireRed Hack
  • Get New Region
  • Higher-Generation Pokemon
  • New Moves And Abilities
  • Characters Modified¬†
  • Support Italian Langauge
  • Koraidon As Stater Pokemon
  • 25+ Level Starters
  • Improved Quests and Sidequests
  • Simple and Easy To Play
  • Signature Moves And Abilities
  • Upgraded BG Music And Graphics
  • Many More

Frequent Ask Questions [FAQs]

How To Add Pokemon The Teal Mask CheatCode GBA?

FireRed GBA is used as the basic game. Thus, use cheat codes of FireRed and hack this ROM hack.

How To Download Pokemon The Teal Mask ROM GBA Android?

The Android version of this game is not available. Therefore, install a GBA Emulator App on Android and play this game using the Android GBA Emulator.

How To Download Pokemon The Teal Mask ROM GBA PC?

It is a GameBoy Advance game. Therefore, use a GameBoy Advance Emulator on PC to play this unofficial Poke game.


Pokemon The Teal Mask GBA is the latest available FireRed GBA unofficial game. In this GBA ROM game, experience multiple unofficial and higher-generation official features. Further, much more similar ROM Games are available on this website. Hence, follow to learn more.

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