Pokemon Mega Emerald XY GBA ROM Download [2023 GBA]

Pokemon Mega Emerald XY GBA ROM Download [2023 GBA]
Full Name Pokemon Mega Emerald XY GBA
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer jovefreak1993
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 6.98 MB
Released June 10, 2016
Downloads 20359
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Pokemon Mega Emerald XY GBA ROM is the best English-based ROM. This ROM offers a completely altered Pokemon edition. Thus, players will get combo regions, high-gen monsters, improved tilesets, evolutions, moves, and much more in this ROM hack. Hence, download and play this exciting game to enjoy.

Mod ROMs are popular among Pokemon players. Thus, different mods are available with limited improvements. However, it is hard to find a completely modified edition. But, finding such ROMs isn’t impossible. Thus, find the best available ROM hack on this page. Hence, stay to learn all about this exciting game first.

What is Pokemon Mega Emerald XY GBA ROM?

Pokemon Mega Emerald XY GBA ROM is a ROM hack. This ROM hack is based on Pokemon Emerald. Thus, this emerald ROM will provide unique unofficial, and higher-generation features. In detail, players will get a comprehensive map with multiple regions, the number of monsters increased, and much more modifications are added. Thus, monster trainers will have better gameplay.

Emerald is the most popular ROM of Pokemon. Therefore, millions of active players all over the globe enjoy playing this ROM. However, no official updates of this game are available. Therefore, playing the only existing ROM features is an available option. But, mostly players search for modified ROMs with additional features.

ROMSFORGBA.COM is the best available ROM hack store with countless Emerald editions. Although, recently Pokemon Emerald Crest and Pokemon Emerald Rogue are gaining popularity. But, there are much more available on this website. Especially today, this page is all about a newly modified edition. 

Although, it is common to find ROM hacks on the internet. But mostly Pokemon players find it hard to search for updated hacks. Therefore, this website allows players to get all the latest released ROMs in a single place. So, get information related to the latest modified ROM of Emerald on this page. Consequently, learn all about newly added modifications here.

Pokemon Mega Emerald XY Game is the latest modded version with exciting features for players. Therefore, higher-generation features are now available in this unique game. Additionally, more interesting modifications are added to make gameplay exciting. Thus, play to have unique gameplay with modifications. Before downloading explore all information about added alterations here.

Pokemon X And Y

Pokemon X And Y is a higher-generation game compared to the official Emerald. Therefore, it is impossible to find features of X and Y in the official game. However, Monster trainers love the exciting features of X&Y. Thus, this ROM hack offers players to get the popular features. Hence, players will get a unique gameplay experience.


Pocket monster players love to get higher gen monsters. Therefore, this ROM hack offers players to get 1 to 6 generations of all monsters. Now, players will get hundreds of new and higher-generation creatures in the gameplay. Although, capturing all monsters will be tricky. But, trainers will enjoy playing with higher monsters.

In the official game, players only get limited monsters. Additionally, capturing all available monsters in a single gameplay isn’t possible. But, Pokemon Mega Emerald XY GBA ROM offers modifications. Thus, Monster trainers can now capture all available monsters in one go. Hence, complete the Pokedex Or National Dex of Pokemon instantly. 

Legendary Pokemon

Each generation of Pokemon offers a limited number of Legendary Monsters. Additionally, capturing legendary monsters is also hard. But, this ROM hack offers Legendary monsters from Gen 1 to 6. And capturing all available Legendary Pokemon is also easy. Hence, create a team of the most powerful monsters in this game. 


Each Pokemon ROM game offers a single region. Similarly, Hoenn Region is available in the official game. However, this ROM hack offers three regions in a single game. Thus, players will get regions added from other available ROM games. So, monster trainers will get a large map with endless locations.

  • Hoenn
  • Kanto
  • Kalos

In this hack, modifications are also added to certain locations. Therefore, Monster trainers will find attractive and unique locations. Although, all available locations are attractive. But, it is recommended to visit certain locations while playing this ROM hack game. Hence, explore the list to know about all these locations.

  • Birth Island
  • Faraway Island
  • Navel Rock
  • South Island

Although, accessing available locations in the game is easy. But, not all locations can be accessed by foot such as added Islands. Therefore, players have to use boots or a ferry. In this ROM hack, players will also get ports with ferries. Hence, access to these islands is also possible.

Secret Location

In this ROM, secret locations are added. Although, accessing these locations is not easy for players. But, these areas provide additional advantages. Therefore, don’t forget to access the GROTTO and MYSTERY DUNGEON. Both of these locations are filled with legendary creatures and items. Consequently, trainers will get higher benefits from these locations.


The Evolutions of Pokemon are introduced in higher-generation games. Therefore, the official Emerald doesn’t offer monster evolutions. However, this hack offers players to get Mega Evolutions. Thus, players evolve available monsters and unlock more powerful abilities. Hence, winning any battle of monsters will be easy.

Primal Reversion is the most unique evolution. This evolution allows monsters to enhance their attributes. Thus, Primal Reversion Pokemon will be strong, with higher HP, CP, Defence, and attack. Further, other available creatures in the team will get stronger with reversion. Consequently, all team monster’s stats will improve drastically. 

Moves And Attacks

Pokemon battles need higher stats of Pocket creatures with powerful moves. However, low-gen games offer limited moves in the gameplay. Thus, this edition offers higher-generation moves. So, winning any battle of monsters will be easy for players. Because this ROM hack offers 1 to 6 all-gen moves.

This hack not only offers high-generation attacks. But, players will also get Legendary moves. Although, learning such attacks required higher Pokemon levels. But after learning these attacks winning any battle will be a piece of cake. Hence, learn all available legendary moves and be unstoppable on the battlefield.

New Events And Difficulty

The official gameplay does exist in this hack. However, modifications in the quests are added. Although, the main quests is still the same. But, multiple side-events are added. Therefore, monster trainers should explore multiple available events to have a better gaming experience.

Difficulty levels in Pokemon are low. Especially in GBA ROM games. Therefore, Pokemon Mega Emerald XY GBA ROM offers higher difficulty levels. Although, players will have a normal start. But, higher stages will be more difficult for trainers. Therefore, building a strong team of monsters is the best available choice to defeat all other trainers.

Tilesets And Weather

The graphics of GBA games are quite the same. However, this hack offers modified Tilesets in the gameplay. Thus, players will get better graphical gameplay. Additionally, the weather system is also added in this hack. This will change the weather according to the region, place, and time. Hence, trainers will experience a real-time weather system.


For any gamer, background music plays an important role. Therefore, this version offers countless latest released music playlists in the background. So, players will get entertained while playing this modified GBA ROM. Additionally, changing the background music option is also available. Hence, make changes in the tracks according to your mood.

Pokemon Mega Emerald XY GBA Download and start exploring all available modifications. Although, details about basic GBA modifications are provided on this page. But, playing this game is the right way to explore mods. Hence, start by playing this unique game and explore all its features.

Screenshots of Game

How to Download Pokémon Mega Emerald XY GBA ROM?

Mostly, finding ROM hacks is not simple. Because most websites offer endless unnecessary advertisements. But, ROMSFORGBA offers a one-click ROM downloading process. Thus, find the download ROM button on this page and make that click. Downloading the hack will automatically start.

GBA cheats the patching process is not simple. Because this process requires cheats, official GBA, patching tools, and much more. Therefore, this website offer pre-patched GBA cheats. So, going through the patching isn’t required anymore. Simply download the patched GBA Cheat and start playing.

Main Features

  • Best Emerald ROM Hack
  • Get Latest Gen Pokemon
  • More Added Events
  • Legendary Monsters and Moves
  • Changes In Maps
  • Weathers And Tilesets Improved
  • Get Background Music
  • Difficulty Improved
  • Many More


How to Patch Pokémon Mega Emerald XY ROM?

Use a GBA patcher to patch, but we have a pre-patched game here.

How to Download Pre-Patched Pokémon Mega Emerald XY ROM?

Get the Pre-Patched ROM from the download section.

Can We Play Pokémon Mega Emerald XY ROM On PC?

Yes,  use a GBA Emulator and play the game on a PC.


Pokemon Mega Emerald XY GBA ROM is a next-generation hack game. Therefore, any Pokemon player should download and play this edition for fun gameplay. Additionally, this website offers more similar hack games. Hence, follow for more unique Pokemon editions.

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