Pokemon Psychic Adventures GBA ROM Download [2023 Updated]

Pokemon Psychic Adventures GBA ROM Download [2023 Updated]
Full Name Pokemon Psychic Adventures
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer EViLGRiN
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 5.18 MB
Released September 25, 2019
Downloads 29406
Download now

Pokemon Psychic Adventures” is a new GBA game ROM. This ROM is a fan-based modified  GameBoy Advanced ROM game. In this GBA hack, unofficial improvements are added. Thus, get modified Pokemon, GameStory, and much more improvements. Further, this GBA Hack offers gameplay especially developed for those above 16 age players. Hence, Download and Play to enjoy the features of this ROM hack.

Unofficial GBA ROMs are popular among Poke trainers. Because unofficial ROMs offer new and unique modifications to the official gameplay. However, finding a hack with complete alterations is problematic. Therefore, this page is about a such game with the best collection of modifications. Hence, learn about this new GBA ROM hack on this page.

What is Pokemon Psychic Adventures GBA?

Pokemon Psychic Adventures ROM is a GBA ROM Hack game. This GBA game is the remake version of the Pokemon GBA game FireRed. Therefore, get New Pokemon, Storylines, and relative improvements in this remake game. Further, this game offers multiple unofficial modifications. Thus, experience completely new features here in this ROM.

The official GBA games offer quite similar gameplay. Even, the unofficial games provide similar gameplay. Thus, it is rare to find any Pokemon GBA game with special and differnet gameplay. So, playing such a unique GBA hack is always exciting for any Poke trainer. This page is about a unique hack with interesting gameplay.

FireRED GBA game has various modified editions. This ROMSFORGBA.COM website offers a variety of GameBoy Advance hacks such as Pokemon Fused Dimensions. But, a game with modified storylines is still rare. Thus, here find this new and unique game with modified storylines and gameplay. Hence, stay to learn all about this new GBA hack.

Pokemon Psychic Adventure is a GBA hack with various unofficial features. Thus, Poke trainers will get improved completed features. Additionally, no need to worry about halfway development or incomplete features. Because this complete GBA hack. So, all the modifications are completely added. Hence, get information about added mods here.

“Pokemon Psychic Adventures Guide”

This ROM hack is completely different compared to the official FIRERED ROM. Therefore, any Poke trainer will find it difficult to play. So, here players will get detailed guidelines related to the gameplay and added modifications. Hence, explore the information available here before downloading this game.


The game story is about an 18-year-old boy starting the journey to become a Poke trainer. However, this lad has strange and differnet ambitions compared to the official Pokemon Boy. Thus, players need to explore the unique ambitions of this boy and make them a reality. Additionally, the decision made by the trainer will decide the result of the future. Hence, explore this special story of Pokemon.


The Gameplay of this ROM hack is modified. Therefore, players will get differnet Pokemon and relative encounters. So, start the journey in Pettle Town and the player has to contact the Professor to get the first Pokemon. After getting Pokemon, the player has to battle with the rival for the first time. Winning this battle will provide extra points and battle EXP.

Although, the official gameplay is available. But, there are unique encounters available in this GBA hack. Thus, players should communicate with the available NPCs, especially with the Girls. Because this GBA ROM hack offers special encounters with available NPCs. Hence, find girls and explore this unique gameplay.


In the official FireRed, the starter Pokemon are Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander. But, this ROM hack offers improvements. Although, the Squirtle and Charmander are available. But, the Bulbasaur Pokemon is replaced. Hence, players will get the Drowzee as the replacement of Bulbasaur.

The available Pokemon in this hack aren’t completely changed. However, players will get Drowzee Pokemon Psychic here. This Pocket Monster has a special Psychic Ability. This Psychic ability is used to control Girls available in this game. Hence, players can use this powerful controlling ability to unlock moves. More higher generation dn fan based-monsters are added.


Although, the available characters in the GBA ROM hack are similar to the official game. But, the age of the characters has been increased. So, now the available characters are 18 and above ages. Even the main character and other functional NPCs are above 18. Players will know about the ages while playing this modified GBA game.

Pokemon Psychic Adventures Cheats

This new GBA remake version of FireRed. Therefore, the basic GBA of FireRed has been used in this version. So, using the cheat codes of FireRed is possible to hack this remake. Consequently, cheats of this GBA are provided here. Hence, get the list of Cheats in the download section and get all cheat codes. 

In this exciting game, differnet surprising modifications are added. However, the main alterations are provided here. But still, more similar features are unshared. Therefore, downloading and playing this Pokemon game is the best way to explore all modifications. Hence, have fun with mod Poke features.

Screenshots Of Game

How To Download Pokemon Psychic Adventures GBA ROM?

Downloading GBA ROM hacks isn’t common. Because rare websites offer updated ROM hacks. Therefore, this website offers a simple ROM hack downloading process. So, find the DOWNLOAD ROM button on this page and tap on it. Get the downloading system of GBA ROM hack instantly.

How To Patch Pokemon Psychic Adventure GBA Hack?

The patching process of the GBA ROM hack isn’t easy. Because this process requires multiple files such as GBA, ROM hack, and Patcher tool. For this reason,  this website offers patched ROM hacks. Consequently, going through the patching hack isn’t required anymore. Simply download and play this ROM hack.

How To Play Pokemon Psychic Adventures GBA?

There are two parts available in this ROM hack. The first part is related to the available main official gameplay. In this part, players can have gameplay similar to the official game. Hence, battle with monsters, and other trainers. Further, GYM leaders and Championship battles are also available. Hence, players will have an official gameplay experience.

In the second part of this game, players will experience modifications. Thus, learning the moves of Drowzee monsters. Applying Psychic skills to girls and controlling them. Thus, the second part is completely differnet compared to the official gameplay. Hence, have a fun gameplay and enjoy.

How To Use Hypnosis in Pokemon Psychic Adventures?

Hypnosis is the ability of Drowzee. Therefore, players have to select this Pokemon as the starter in this GBA hack. After selecting this monster, start battling to increase EXP levels. Because the Hypnosis Move isn’t available at the start. Hence, the battle to increase the level and unlock this move. After unlocking this move, it can be used to control available girls.

Main Features

  • New FireRED Hack
  • New Characters
  • More Pokemon Added
  • Modified Gameplay
  • New Stater Available
  • More Routes Added
  • Modified Moves And Abilities
  • Upgraded Graphics
  • Difficulty Increased
  • Interesting Graphics
  • Much More


What are The Hypnosis requirements in Pokemon Psychic Adventure?

Hypnosis requires high EXP levels. Because this move will unlock after reaching level 10. Therefore, train with this Pokemon to increase the level and complete the Hypnosis requirement.

How To Download Pokemon Psychic Adventures on Android?

Install a GBA Emulator on an Android device and download this GBA hack. After this RUN the GBA ROM hack on installed Emultor to play this game on mobile. 

How To Play Pokemon Psychic Adventure On PC?

To play this GBA on a PC, players need to install a GBA Emulator. Play the GameBoy Advance game using Emulator on PC.


‘Pokemon Psychic Adventures Download’ to enjoy the modified features in FireRed. Because the best available method to enjoy GameBoy Advance hacks is to play. Further, more similar GameBoy Advance hacks are available on this website. Hence, follow to know more.

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