Pokemon BasedRedCringeGreen ROM Download [v5 GBA]

Pokemon BasedRedCringeGreen ROM Download [v5 GBA]
Full Name Pokemon BasedRedCringeGreen
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer zioy
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 5 MB
Released April 19, 2022
Downloads 16819
Download now

We are back with another amazing edition of the FireRed game for all Pokemon fans. Get Pokemon BasedRedCringeGreen ROM and enjoy the best gaming experience.

For any gamer, playing a new and different game is always fun, but the more exciting thing is to play the modified edition of their favorite game. So, we are here with one of the best editions of Pokemon.

What is Pokemon BasedRedCringeGreen ROM?

Pokemon BasedRedCringeGreen ROM is GBA Modified ROM, which is the modified edition of Pokemon FireRed ROM. The new edition provides additional features for the players to have fun.

As you know there are multiple types of fans based developed modified editions of the game available for the players. But today we are here with a new and unique edition for you all.

The Pokémon BasedRedCringeGreen isn’t developed especially for the players. A fan starts making some changes in the game for fun.

So, the game isn’t planned to be developed for fans, but the developer provided the game. So, we are here with one of the most unique editions of the game.

There are multiple modifications have been made for the players, which you can use according to your requirement and have fun gaming.

The Pokemon Fire Red Kai ROM is one of the latest available editions, which also provides unique services. But here are for the Cringe Green.


Most of the previous monsters have been removed in the edition. So, you cannot access the similar pocket monsters here anymore.

Find some unique and rare monsters, which you can easily capture here. Here you can obtain 255 monsters, which you can easily use in the game.

Increase Damage

The damage rate has been increased, through which you can easily take down any opponent. There are also multiple powerful moves available, which you can easily learn.

Level Up

Level Up your pokemon easily in this edition and unlock new moves. BasedRedCringeGreen ROM FireRed Game, you don’t have to battle multiple times to reach higher levels.

Simple start battle a few times to reach higher levels without any problem. You can easily increase your level by spending some time in battle.


If you like to play difficult levels, then here you will get some of the best collections of services. The edition provides players to make changes in the difficulty levels.

So, the players who are willing to get difficult gameplay can easily increase the levels. You can easily push your limitations here and enhance your gaming skills.

Additional Bag Items

There are some changes has been made in the bag for you all, through which you will get some free items. There are multiple types of rare items available for the players

  • Rare Candy
  • Big Mushrooms

Both of these items are available for the players, which anyone can easily access and enjoy. So, if you are willing to have to get all these items for free, then Pokemon BasedRedCringeGreen Download.

These are some of the features available for the players, but there are many more. So, you can explore more similar features in the modified edition to have fun.

Screenshots of Game

How to Download Pokemon FireRed BasedRedCringeGreen ROM?

We are here with all available files for you all, which anyone can easily download. So, if you are willing to get access to the Patched ROM, then here you will get the ROM.

You can easily download the ROM and start using all available features. But if you want to get the.IPS files and additional detailed information, then we are going to share here.

So, you can easily download all required files according to your mood and have fun. Find the download button, which is available at the top and bottom here.

Once you found the button, then you have to make a single tap on it. The downloading process is simple and easy and doesn’t require users to watch ads at or anytime.

Main Features

  • Unique FireRed Modified Edition
  • Changes in Pokemon
  • Difficulty Controllers
  • Enhanced Levels
  • Damage Rate Increased
  • Simple and Easy to Play
  • Locations With Special Items
  • Find Rare Candy & Mushrooms in Bag
  • Many More


Do We Need to Patch the ROM and IPS File?

No, the ROM file is already patched. So, you can easily get the game in the ROM.

How to Get Location Detailed Information?

You need to download the IPS file, in which all files are available. So, you can also get information related to the hidden locations.

How to Patch BasedRedCringeGreen IPS?

Download the FireRed V1.1, then use any IPS patcher to patch the IPS file and ROM.


If you are willing to have a unique gaming experience, then get Pokemon BasedRedCringeGreen ROM. The modified edition provides all amazing features for the players to have fun.

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