Pokemon The Red & Blue Sequel GBA ROM Download

Pokemon The Red & Blue Sequel GBA ROM Download
Full Name Pokemon The Red & Blue Sequel
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer MatrixGBA (SacredGBC)
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 11.21 MB
Released August 22, 2023
Downloads 4238
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Pokemon The Red & Blue Sequel is a new GBA ROM Hack game. In this GBA hack, Poke trainers will get multiple modifications and improvements. Therefore, get a new story, characters, encounters, and much more improvements. So, playing this exciting GBA ROM hack will be more exciting and entertaining. Hence, Download this GBA game and have a fun gameplay experience.

Each Pokemon game provides unique and limited features. However, getting a combination of multiple Pokemon ROM games is impossible. Because official GBA games don’t offer any combination. Therefore, playing the modified GBA ROMs is the best available option to enjoy the combination. Hence, learn about newly available ROM Hack game here.

What is ‘Pokemon The Red & Blue Sequel GBA’?

The ‘Pokemon The Red & Blue Sequel ROM’ is a GBA ROM Hack Game. This GBA is based on the Pokemon FireRed GBA game. Therefore, get a sequel to the game Poke Red And Blue. So, Poke trainers will get features from multiple Gens and Games. Apart from this, players will get major changes in the Pokemon, Storylines, Characters, encounters, and much more. Hence, enjoy playing this exciting GBA ROM Hack game.

In each available Pokemon GBA game a complete story is available. Therefore, no updates or Sequel are introduced after the completion of the game. So, once a game is completed, trying a new game form scratch is the only official option. Although, Poke trainers want to continue the story. However, there isn’t any option available. Hence, playing the next available game was used to be the only option.

Each Pokemon game provides special features such as Regions, Gens, Monsters, Quests, Characters, and much more. However, players have to play differnet games to enjoy differnet special features. Therefore, Trainers search for Pokemon ROM Game hacks with a combination of features. Hence, learn about a new GBA ROM hack here. 

Pokemon The Red & Blue Sequel Game is the unofficial sequel of the Pokemon game Red and Blue. In this GBA game, the story starts after the event of Red And Blue. Apart from this, more modifications in this GBA game are available. Therefore, playing this unique GBA ROM hack will be more exciting and entertaining. Hence, learn about the available new unofficial Sequel GBA ROM Hack. This GBA is similar to the Radical Red.

Pokemon Red Blue Sequel Game Story

The background story of this GBA ROM hack is directly connected with the Red And Blue. At the end of the official game, the Red will travel to another place. However, after five years Red is returning to reclaim the title of Champion. So, the main player is a young Poke trainer and just started the journey of Pocket monsters. Hence, this game will be a combination of past and present.

In this GBA, players will encounter multiple characters from the previous official version and newly added characters. Therefore, it is recommended to create a powerful team of monsters. Additionally, the difficulty levels are also increased in this GBA hack. So, winning any battle will be quite hard. Hence, enjoy this unique GBA ROM with new storylines and modifications.


Modifications in the collection of Pokemon are also added. Therefore, Poke trainers will no longer get only Gen 3 monsters. In this GBA ROM, Pokemon from Gen 1 to 8 are added. So, find the largest collection of higher-generation monsters in the gameplay. Additionally, creating a team of Powerful monsters will be easy. Hence, create a team and enjoy your free time.

In most Poke GBA games, players have to select a single Pokemon at the start also known as Stater Pokemon. However, this GBA hack allows players to get two monsters. Although, it is a choice to select a monster from two options Pokemon Pikachu And Pokemon EEVEE. But, Poke trainers can also get both monsters. Hence, it is recommended to get both monsters to have a better team at the start. Start the gameplay with a team of Pikachu and Eevee.

Evolution And Forms

Pokemon evolution and forms are usually not available in GBA hacks. However, this ROM hack offers trainers to get both of these. Therefore, get the Mega Evolution of Pokemon. This will allow trainers to change the appearance and moves of monsters. Additionally, multiple Poke forms are also added such as Alolan and Galarian forms. Hence, changing forms and evolving monsters will be exciting.

Opponents Battles

In Pokemon games, Battles are the main theme to become a champion. Therefore, this game offers multiple encounters with differnet opponents. So, find New GYM leaders in this GBA ROM hack. Additionally, GYM leaders from multiple regions are also available. Therefore, Trainers need to battle with Kalos and Sinnoh GYM Leaders. Hence, get GYM badges after winning GYM battles.

Find new and powerful opponents in the Elite Four Battles. Because this ROM provides modifications in the Elite 4. So, get Sinnoh Elite Four and Battle Frontier. Apart from this Champion Battles are also available. The most unique encounter will be with the Protagonist added from other Pokemon games. Hence, encounter various opponents who are the main characters in other Poke games.

Pokemon The Red & Blue Sequel Download to enjoy the available high-quality modifications. This will be new fun have an unofficial sequel of the most popular Pokemon game. Apart from this, much more modifications are available in the gameplay. Thus, download and play to enjoy all available unique and exciting features. Hence, learn about downloading of this GBA ROM hack here.

Screenshots Of Game

How To Download Pokemon The Red & Blue Sequel GBA?

This is not an official GBA ROM game. Therefore, it is rare to find on the internet. However, this website offers a simple and fast GBA ROM Hack downloading system. Therefore, find the DOWNLOAD NOW button and tap on the button. This will start the GBA Hack game downloading system. Hence, searching on the web isn’t required anymore.

How To Patch Pokemon Red And Blue Sequel Hack?

The patching process of this GBA ROM hack needs two files. So, get the GBA FireRed, Pokemon Red & Blue Sequel Hack, and use a GBA Patcher Tool to patch both files. Apart from this, the patching process can be affected due to version compatibility. Therefore, the best option is to download the Pre-patched GBA hack from this page.  Hence, get patched GBA ROM Hack game and have fun.

How To Play Pokemon Red And Blue Sequel Game?

The gameplay is similar to any other Pokemon game. So, players have to get the first monsters. However, to get Stater Pokemon no need to go out. Because the professor is in your room and offers Two Pokeballs (PIKACHU And EEVEE). So, get the Stater Pokemon and start the journey. Follow the available game quests to unlock routes and encounters.

Main Features

  • Sequel Of Red And Blue
  • New Storylines
  • Old And New Characters
  • Pokemon From Gen 8
  • Mega Evolutions And Forms
  • Pokemon Z Moves
  • New Items
  • Two Pokemon Starters
  • Multiple Opponents
  • Improved Challenges
  • More Difficulty
  • Improve Graphics
  • New Background Music
  • Much More

Frequent Ask Questions [FAQs]

How To Get Pokemon Red And Blue Sequel Cheats?

Pokemon The Red And Blue Sequel Cheats are not available. However, using the cheats of FireRed GBA is possible. Therefore, use the cheats of FireRed and enjoy this game.

How To Play Pokemon Red And Blue Sequel Android?

To play on Android install a GBA Emulator and play this exciting GBA ROM hack game.

How To Download Pre-Patched Pokemon The Red & Blue Sequel GBA ROM Hack?

Get a pre-patched GBA game from this page and enjoy gaming.


Pokemon The Red & Blue Sequel GBA ROM Hack game is the best available game for Poke trainers. This will bring back all previously available Poke characters with tons of modifications. Therefore, Poke trainers will enjoy this exciting game. Additionally, more similar GBA hacks are available on this website. Hence, follow to get more.

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