Pokemon Shiron Castle GBA ROM Download [Patched GBA] 2.0

Pokemon Shiron Castle GBA ROM Download [Patched GBA] 2.0
Full Name Pokemon Shiron Castle
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer NanoDude
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 13.77 MB
Released August 10, 2023
Downloads 18379
Download now

Pokemon Shiron Castle” is a new remake of GBA ROM. This GBA ROM, enjoys a completely new gameplay, storylines, Pokemon, and more similar improvements. Further, this GBA provides 8th-generation Pocket Monsters and more higher-gen features combination in the official 3rd-gen game. Thus, enjoy playing advanced-level features and have fun. Download and Play this GBA ROM hack game to enjoy mods.

Pokemon communities offer various events for hack developers. Thus, recently the Make a Good Map 7 Contest was available. In this event, developers provide various types of new unofficial games. So, this page is about the most popular fan-based Poke GBA game in the MAGM 7 Contest. Hence, know about this new unofficial GBA ROM hack here.

What is Pokemon Shiron Castle GBA?

Pokemon Shiron Castle GBA ROM is a GameBoy Advance ROM hack. This GBA hack is based on the Pokemon GameBoy Advance Game Emerald. Thus, this ROM hack offers unofficial improvements in the Emerald Gameplay. Additionally, this ROM provides completely changed Storylines, Regions, Locations, Characters, Quests, Pokemon, and more modifications. Hence, Poke trainers will have a fun gameplay.

Pokemon Community offers various events. In which, players and developers can participate and introduce unofficial gaming services. Although, these events are popular and offer prizes for winning. But, most fans don’t know about such games. Recently, the seventh edition of the Make a Good Map Event was held. In this 7th MAGM, 1000+ developers introduced unofficial games.

NanoDude is the most professional GameBoy Advance unofficial game developer. This developer also joined Anthroyd’s “Make a Good Map 7” and introduced one of the best GBA ROM hacks. He provided a completely new GBA game with various modifications and improvements. So, this page is about the modified game NanoDude introduced in the MAGM 7 Contest.

“Pokemon Shiron Castle ROM” is a completely new GameBoy Advance ROM game similar to Pokemon The Teal Mask GBA. This ROM game was based on Pokemon Emerald. However, official Emerald features are hard to find. Because the gameplay is completely modified. Further, this GBA is now available for Poke trainers to play. Hence, learn about this app before downloading and playing.

Game Story

The story of this remake game is about a delivery boy. One day, a task is been given to this boy to deliver something to a person “Javier “. Javier is living in a differnet region. Thus, the young boy visits the Tauron region and searches for Daiman Village. Daiman Village is the location of Javier. But, the person isn’t available at home after finding the house. Hence, this boy goes in search of the missing person.

The main character visits the house of Javier. However, Javier’s mother informs him that he is missing after visiting the Shiron Castle. So, she requested to find information about her son. Hence, the main character visits the Shiron Castle to find Javier and get him back. In this castle, multiple surprising encounters await the MC. 


The gameplay will start in the Shiron Castle. The main quest of the gameplay is to find Javier. However, additional quests and sidequests are available in this mod GBA game. Therefore, explore the castle completely to find hidden missions and much more. Available NCPs also provide details related to quests and items. Hence, don’t forget to communicate with NPCs.


In this GBA hack, modifications of Pocket monsters are added. Therefore, Poke trainers will get 300+ monsters. Further, higher-generation monsters are also available in this game. Thus, get 8th Generation Pokemon in this Emerald ROM hack. Hence, create a team of 8th-generation Pokemon in this hack and have fun.

Moves And Types

In the official gameplay, players get Gen 3 Poke moves. However, this GBA offers eighth-gen moves. Therefore, players will experience quality and powerful battle moves. Additionally, more unique types of Pokemon are added. Thus, experience Fairy Type Pokemon and much more in this exciting game. Increase the EXP level of Pokemon to unlock moves.

Custom Tiles And Background Music

In any gameplay, background music plays an important role. Therefore, this remake GBA offers 17 new and interesting melodies in the background. So, players will have an interesting gameplay. Further, get Custom Tiles in this exciting game. In this game, get colored, clear, and attractive tiles. Hence, enjoy gaming with quality graphic tiles in this ROM hack.

Pokemon Shiron Castle Download to enjoy this exciting GBA hack of Poke Emerald. NanoDude added the best collection of improvements in the gameplay. Thus, playing this hack will be enjoyable for everyone. Further, it is possible to find more similar Poke games on this website. Hence, follow to know more.

Screenshot of Game

How to Download Pokemon Shiron Castle GBA ROM?

This unofficial Poke game was recently published. Therefore, it is rare to find this GBA ROM on any other website. So, this website offers a simple and fast ROM hack downloading process. Find the DOWNLOAD NOW button on this page and tap on it. Downloading of this ROM will start instantly. Hence, searching for GBA on the web isn’t compulsory.

How To Patch Pokemon Shiron Castle Cheat?

The cheat patching process needs multiple files such as GBA, Hack, and patcher tool. Additionally, compatibility of GBA and hack is also needed. Thus, this website offers pre-patched cheats. So, going through the cheat patching isn’t necessary. Download the Patched GBA cheat from this page and start playing.

How To Hack Pokemon Shiron Castle GBA?

This remake game is based on Poke Emerald. Therefore, Poke trainers can use Cheat codes of Poke Emerald in this new game. Additionally, in-game NPCs are also available with special features. Special NPCs provide free rewards and items. Hence, use codes or explore this game to get free rewards.

Main Features

  • New Pokemon Emerald Game
  • Best Remake Game
  • New Gameplay and Story
  • Find New Pokemon Of 8th Gen
  • High Gen Moves And Abilities
  • Custom Tiles And Graphics
  • Get 17 New Background Music
  • Modified Features Available
  • Many More

Frequent Ask Questions [FAQs]

How To Play Pokemon Shiron Castle GBA Android?

To play on Android, install a GameBoy Advance Emulator on Android and play this game on an Android device.

How To Download Pokemon Shiron Castle On PC?

Download the game from this page. However, install a GameBoy Advance Emulator on your PC to play this game.

Is Pokemon Shiron Castle an English GBA Hack?

Yes, this is an English language-based hack. 


Pokemon Shiron Castle Game is the best available game with completely altered features. Therefore, download and play this game to enjoy all the features. Additionally, find more modified versions of Emerald on this website. Hence, follow to learn about mod Poke games.

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