Radical Red 4 ROM Download [NEW]

Radical Red 4 ROM Download [NEW]
Full Name Radical Red
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer Soupercell
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 12.29 MB
Released August 3, 2023
Downloads 22009
Download now

Pokemon Radical Red is the latest remake of Pokemon ROM. This ROM provides modifications in the official GBA Pokemon game. Thus, Poke trainers will get unique improvements. Further, unofficial features are also added for players. Thus, playing this ROM will be more exciting. Hence, download and play this ROM to enjoy all available modifications.

Mod games are mostly used to make gameplay easier. However, mod Pokemon provides changes in the official gameplay to make it more interesting. Therefore, this page is all about a unique Pokemon fan-based altered GBA. Hence, learn all about a newly available modded game on this page.

What is Pokemon Radical Red?

Pokemon Radical Red ROM is a GBA ROM hack. This ROM game is based on the official Pokemon FireRed. Thus, find modifications in the FireRed GBA game. Further, this ROM hack offers a modified Story, Pokemon, Moves, Skills, and Much more alterations. Thus, Poke trainers will enjoy this gameplay even more. Hence, enjoy modded ROM and have fun.

FireRed modded games are quite popular. Therefore, this website offers multiple hacks such as Pokemon Charged Red ROM and Pokemon Unbound. Although, both of these are quite popular hacks of Fire Red. But, this page is about the newest released hack with extra modifications. Hence, learn about all newly added modifications here.

Radical Red GBA ROM is the newly modded edition of Poke FireRed. In this ROM, multiple improvements are added to make the official gameplay interesting. Thus, find all relative information about newly added modifications here. Poke trainers only need to explore this page to learn all about added alterations. Hence, explore all details here.

Game Story

Each Pokemon game has a unique story. Therefore, it is always exciting for trainers to play any Poke game. Correspondingly, this hack of Poke FireRed offers a basic official game story for players. Thus, trainers will get the taste of originality in this unique Pokemon Hack. Hence, enjoy playing the official gameplay and have fun spending your free time.

Although, the official FireRed gameplay is available. However, the difficulty levels are increased in this hack. Therefore, players will find it challenging to play. Further, unofficial side quests and missions are also added. Completely these unofficial events aren’t compulsory. But, trainers will have fun playing all available quests.


It is common to get more monsters in GBA hacks. However, this ROM hack doesn’t offer any modifications to the existing monsters. Thus, players will get all official monsters only in this hack. However, players can capture all available Pocket creatures. Although, this feature wasn’t available in the official edition. But, now players can capture all monsters easily.

Although, this ROM doesn’t offer modifications to the available number of monsters. But, special Pokemon are added. Thus, players will encounter Legendary and Rare monsters here. Previously, such Pokemon were only available in higher GBA games. But, this hack offers players to encounter and capture such types of monsters.


The defense and Attack of Pokemon are quite important. Because using high abilities winning any Poke Battle is easy. Therefore, this GBA hack offers modifications to the existing abilities of monsters. Although, changes in the abilities of Pocket monsters aren’t common. But, this feature allows players to experience new types of gameplay. Hence, find monsters with differnet abilities.

Swap Abilities is a unique method to exchange the abilities of monsters in the team. However, the official FireRed doesn’t offer this exchange or swap system. Thus, this Swap Abilities system is added to this ROM hack. So, Poke trainers can use this feature to exchange attacks and defense-related abilities. Hence, use the powers of legendary Pokemon and exchange them with any other common monster.


Pokemon Attack and Defense stats affect the battle. Although, official gameplay offers monsters with low stats. But, this hack provides improved stats of monsters. Therefore, players will get monsters with better stats. Hence, winning any battle of this ROM hack will be easy for trainers.

Radical Red 4

The new version of Radical Red is recently introduced with more advanced level modifications. In this 4.0 GBA ROM Hack, multiple improvements in the existing features are made. Apart from this, new features are also added in the gameplay to make it more interesting. Hence, learn about this new Radical Red Version here. 

Gen 9

Currently, the latest Pokemon Generation is 9. Therefore, all the higher quality features are available in the 9th Gen. So, this GBA game provides features added from the 9th Generation. Pokemon from Gen 9 are added to the gameplay. Hence, the Pokedex is completely changed for players. Hence, find the best collection of Pocket monsters added from ninth Pokemon Generation here.

Move and Ability 

Not only Pokemon from GEN 9 are added. But, the Poke trainers will also get improved Moves and Abilities of Pokemon. Therefore, get the Abilities And Moves of Pokemon from the 9th Generation. Apart from this, Evolutions of Pokemon are also added to the gameplay. So, trainers can now evolve monsters easily. Hence, learn new moves, evolve monsters and have a fun gameplay.

Routes and Bugs

Although, the available map is the same as Radical Red 3.1 in the Radical Red 4. However, some locations are modified. Therefore, trainers will get a new gameplay experience such as getting snow on Route 20 Pryce location. Apart from this, there were some bugs in the 3.1 version. But, all those Bugs are fixed in this Version 4.0. Hence, have a smooth gameplay without any bugs.

Pokemon Radical Red Download to enjoy all available unique modifications available in the hack. Although, information about hacks is available here. But, there is still much more unexplored available in this hack. Hence, Download and play this unique Pokemon fan-based game to enjoy all modifications.

Screenshots of Game

How to Download Pokemon Radical Red ROM?

Official games are easily found on the internet. However, fan-modified GBA games are not available on common websites. Therefore, this website offers a simple one-tap downloading process of ROM hacks. Thus, no need to search for GBA ROM hacks on the internet. Simply, find the DOWNLOAD ROM button and tap on it.

Patching GBA cheats isn’t simple. Because this process needed multiple files such as GBA, Cheat, and patching tool. Further, the compatibility of cheat and GBA is also needed. Therefore, this website offers pre-patched GBA cheat. So, going through this process isn’t required anymore. Hence, find patched GBA and enjoy gaming directly.

Main Features

  • Updated FireRed Edition
  • Improved Difficulties
  • Legendary Pokemon Available
  • More Abilities and Swap Abilities Options
  • Stats Changed
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Fun to Play
  • Many More

How to Patched Radical FireRed?

We are here with the patched ROM, which you can easily download and have fun with.

How to Download Patched FireRed Radical?

You only need to find the download button here, through which you can easily download the Patched ROM.

Is Radical 3.02 Playable On Emulator?

Yes, you can play the ROM on any GBA Emulator. It is playable on GBA Emulators, which you can play.


Pokemon Radical Red is the newest available GBA cheat with endless modifications. Therefore, download this new hack to enjoy newly add altered features in the FireRed. Further, more similar GBA cheats are available on this website. Hence, follow to know more.

GamePlay Video

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