Pokemon Outlaw Download GBA ROM Hack [Patched]

Pokemon Outlaw Download GBA ROM Hack [Patched]
Full Name Pokemon Outlaw
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer Crizzle
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 5.02 MB
Released September 5, 2015
Downloads 7995
Download now

Pokemon Outlaw is the first GBA ROM Hack game based on Slams. In this GBA ROM Hack, Poke trainers will experience the unique gameplay of FireRed and Slums. Therefore, experience New Storylines, Characters, Locations, Stats, and much more. So, playing this ROM Hack will be exciting and entertaining for any Pokemon trainer. Hence, download and try the available unique modifications in this GBA game.

The Pokemon games provide an unrealistic good civilization of Humans and Pocket Monsters. Therefore, players experience fantasy-based gameplay in the official games. However, Poke trainers want to experience something new and exciting. So, this page is about a more realistic Poke gameplay with real encounters. Hence, explore this exciting unofficial Pokemon Game here.

What is Pokemon Outlaw ROM?

Pokemon Outlaw GBA is a GBA ROM Hack Game. This GBA ROM Hack is based on the official Pokemon FireRed. Therefore, experienced multiple modifications in the official Fire Red game. So, get an improved Story, More Encounters, New Characters, More Locations, Changed Lifestyle, and much more. Hence, enjoy playing this exciting Pokemon ROM Hack game and have fun.

Pokemon ROM Hacks are popular for providing improved features. Therefore, these hacks are played all over the globe by millions of active players. Although, such modifications provide improvements in the official gameplay. However, there are limitations in most of the games such as NPC’s behavior. So, people get ROM hacks with limited improvements and have fun.

Pokemon ROM Games offers a simple and active game story. In such ROMs, players get to spend time in a beautiful environment with Pokemon and Humans. Although, such themes provide a law-full environment. But, such ROM games are completely differnet compared to the real world. So, find a new and unique Pokemon fan-game here with the best real-time encounter system. Hence, learn about this exciting unofficial Pokemon ROM hack here.

Pokemon Outlaw Game is a fan-based developed GBA ROM Hack based on FireRed. This ROM provides the best modifications and improvements in the official gameplay. Therefore, players will experience a life living in slams. So, Poke trainers will get unique gameplay with multiple improvements. Hence, get details related to the available improvements in the official gameplay.


The story of this exciting GBA hack is improvised. Therefore, Poke trainers will get a combination of official and unofficial storylines. So, the story is about a young poke trainer Boy(Changing Gender isn’t an option). This boy is living in the slams of Kanto. But, he finds out about getting Pokemon from a professor. Thus, he visits the professor and gets the first monster to explore the journey.

In this modified story, the player will get a basic gameplay. However, the NPCs/characters are improvised. Therefore, the behavior and response are completely changed. So, find more cruel and selfish encounters. Additionally, new encounters are also added in the Slums. Hence, enjoy exploring this exciting GBA ROM Hack game and have fun.


In the offical gameplay, players get limited monsters. However, this GBA ROM Hack game provides changes in the PokeDex. Therefore, trainers will get a unique combination of monsters from multiple generations. Additionally, the Stater Pokemon are also changed. So, get three powerful options to start the journey. Hence, complete the improved Pokedex and have fun.

Encounter and Dilogs

The storylines are completely improvised. Therefore, Poke trainers will find naughty jokes and dialog. So, Poke trainers will find it interesting and entertaining to communicate with available NPCs. Apart from this, the behavior of the available characters is also improvised. Thus, enjoy meeting available characters and have a fun experience.


The map of this GBA ROM hack game is similar to the official FireRed GBA. Therefore, players will have a similar experience. However, the best-improved location is the Slum sections. Thus, find new slum locations with quests. Additionally, Mt.Moon or Viridian Forest locations are also removed. Hence, experience the improved Map with changes in this GBA Hack game.


In this GBA hack, Poke trainers will get the best combination of multiple opponents. Thus, players have to battle various types of teams and trainers. So, get the best collection of opponents such as the Government, the Police, Team Rocket, and much more. In this hack, the Government and Police are corrupt. Consequently, defeat all available opponents and complete this GBA ROM Hack.

Pokemon Outlaw Download to enjoy the available unique features. The features of this exciting game are provided here. However, much more modifications are still unexplored. Therefore, the best way to explore all is to download this Pokemon GBA game. Hence, find information related to the downloading process of this GBA hack here.

Screenshot Of Game

How To Download Pokemon Outlaw GBA ROM Hack?

The downloading of GBA ROM Hack games is not simple. Because such games are not available on most ROM Hack stories. However, this online website provides a simple and fast GBA Hack downloading system. Therefore, find the DOWNLOAD NOW button and tap on it. This will start the downloading process of GBA game instantly.

How To Patch Pokemon Outlaw Hack?

The Patching process of Outlaw GBA hack needs multiple files. So, get the Pokemon FireRed GBA, Outlaw Hack, and a ROM Patcher Tool. Use this Patcher Tool to patch the GBA and hack. However, the better option is to download pre-patched GBA file. Because this will allows users to skip the patching process. Hence, download patched GBA Hack Game and enjoy improvements.

How To Play Pokemon Outlaw Game?

The Outlaw Gameplay is quite simple. However, it is quite different from the official FireRed. Therefore, players have to find the available Slums. Because most quests are incomplete without quests in the Slums section. So, explore the available slums to enjoy this unique FireRed GBA ROM Hack. Hence, explore the life in Slums of FireRed to have entertaining gamplay.

Main Features

  • New FireRed Game
  • Storylines Changed
  • Characters are Violent
  • New Locations
  • Slums Based Missions
  • Characters Improved
  • New Rivals Added
  • Different Encounters
  • Changed Starters
  • Simple and Interesting Gameplay
  • Graphics Improved
  • Much More

Frequent Ask Questions [FAQs]

How To Play Pokemon Outlaw Mobile?

Get a GBA Emulator On Mobile and play using the Emulator.

How To Get Pokemon Outlaw Cheat Codes?

Outlaw Cheats are the same as FireRed. Hence, use the FireRed cheats to hack this game.

How To Get Pokemon Outlaw May Evolution?

Increase the EXP levels of May to evolve.


Pokemon Outlaw GBA ROM Hack Download to experience all available modifications. Although, most information related to this GBA Hack is provided here. However, much more features are still unexplored. So, download and play this GBA hack. Additionally, more similar GBA hacks are available on this website. Hence, follow to get more.

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