Pokemon Xenoverse Download Free [V1.5.5 Eng/Italian]

Pokemon Xenoverse Download Free [V1.5.5 Eng/Italian]
Full Name Pokemon Xenoverse
Console RPGXP
Publisher Game Freak
Developer WEEDle
Region Europe, Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 38.22 MB
Released October 19, 2023
Downloads 4597
Download now

Pokemon Xenoverse is a new unofficial Pokemon RPG fan game. This game provides a completely new gaming experience with multiple modifications. Therefore, experience a differnet Pokemon gameplay, Storylines, New Pocket Monsters, New Types, Graphics, and much more. So, Poke trainers will get a completely new Pocket-monster game to enjoy. Hence, download and play this new unofficial Poke Game.

Pokemon games are quite popular all over the globe. Therefore, millions of active Poke trainers play various Pokemon Adventures and Role-playing games. However, the gameplay is mostly the same in all available Poke games. Therefore, unofficial Poke ROMs are popular to provide new gameplay. Hence, find the latest available unofficial Poke game here.

What is Pokemon Xenoverse Game?

Pokemon Xenoverse RPGXP is an unofficial Pokemon RPG XP fan game. This RPG game is made using the Pokémon Essentials v16​. Therefore, Poke players will get new gameplay in this fangame. So, get a new Story, Pokemon, Type, X Species, Quests, Evolutions, Graphics, Music, and much more. Hence, play this unofficial RPG XP game and enjoy all available quality features.

For Poke players multiple games are available. Although, each available game can be playable on a special gaming console. However, games for Windows OS are not available. Therefore, Poke trainers have to play other available console games on Windows OS using Emulator. Hence, Poke players face multiple problems while playing such ROM games.

Unofficial Poke games/ROMs are quite popular for providing various changes. However, most available ROMs provide limited changes in the official games. Therefore, trainers search for games with completely new and modified gameplay. It is rare to find completely modified fangames. But, this page is about the latest available game with the best improvements. Hence, find details related to this game here.

Pokemon Xenoverse RPG-XP is the best and complete available unofficial game. Although, this is not an official game. However, this fangame allows the best-compacted features. Therefore, get a new background story, Pokemon, Encounters, Events, Forms, and much more. So, playing this unique game will be exciting and entertaining for Poke trainers. Hence, learn about available compacted features here.

Xenoverse Story

The story is about a trainer (Male Or Female Depends on Selected Gender). The father of this trainer has gone missing and is hard to find. However, the situation is more complex than just a disappearance. Therefore, the trainer will encounter various events and situations. Hence, the gameplay will be more intense and mystery-based.

In this storyline, players will get the problem of interdimensional faults. Although the Eldiw region is a good place to live. However, now X Species are affecting the region from interdimensional defects. Apart from this, the interdimensional fault also gets connected with the Xenoverse. Therefore, stop the people(Team Dimension) behind these faults and stop the Xenoverse Eclipse. Hence, the story is about balancing Xenoverse And Earth. Because it can destroy both humans and Pokemon. 

Xenoverse And Eldiw Region

In this fangame, Poke trainers will get the best number of locations to explore. Some of the available locations are available on Xenoverse And others are available on Eldiw Region. Therefore, find 14 differnet cities, Towns, Routes, and many more unique locations. Apart from this, the available cities offer locations based-quests. Hence, explore the available locations and enjoy playing this RPG XP game.

New Pokemon

The Number of Pocket Monsters in this unofficial game is quite high. Therefore, Poke trainers will get 500+ Pokemon in total. However, Pokemon are divided according to the Region. So, Xenoverse offers 463+ Pokemon. In the Xenoverse 463+ Poke, 29 X-Species, 165 Retro Monsters, and 269 New Pokemon are available. Hence, get the best combination of Pocket monsters in this RPG XP game.

Pokemon Xenoverse Staters

In the Pokemon Stater, Poke trainers will get three differnet Pokemon from differnet types. Therefore, get monsters from Grass-Fairy, Fire-Sound, and Water-Dragon. So, get monsters from unique combined types. Get Shyleon as Grass-Fairy, Trishout Fire-Sound, and Shulong Water Type. All available Staters have pros and cons. Hence, select any available monster according to your gameplay.

Legendary Pokemon

Getting higher-generation Pokemon in fan games is quite common. However, this game offers higher-gen monsters and legendary Pokemon. So, experience the best combination of powerful Pocket monsters. Additionally, all available Legendary Monsters are catchable. Thus, catching and creating a team of powerful monsters is possible. Hence, learn about some legendary Poke-Mon here.

  • Marshadow
  • MegaRaikou
  • Cresselia
  • Luxflon
  • Heatran
  • MegaSuicune
  • Mew
  • More

X Species

The Pokemon Xenoverse Wiki is about a multi-dimensional universe. Therefore, the X Species are Monsters from another universe known as Xenoverse. In this game, previously 20 X Species were added. However, the new update offers an additional 29 X-Species. So, have a collection of 49 new Xenoverse Pocket Monsters in this updated version. Similarly, you can also try Pokemon Pathways.

Extra Events

Apart from the main gameplay, this fangame offers multiple events. Therefore, Poke trainers will get mini-games such as Puzzles, NPCs-based short events, Win Item Rewards, and much more. So, players can still enjoy playing this game apart from the main gameplay. Hence, enjoy side-quests while playing this Poke ROM. 

Pokemon Xenoverse Download to enjoy the available high-quality features. Some main features of this Poke Fangame are provided here. However, this game offers much more high-quality features. Therefore, the best option to explore all available features is to download and play. Hence, learn how to download this fangame here.

Screenshots Of Game

How To Download Pokemon Xenoverse RPG-XP?

The latest version of this game is rare to find on the internet. However, this website offers the fastest RPGXP downloading system. Therefore, searching for this RPG-XP game isn’t necessary anymore. So, find the DOWNLOAD NOW button and tap on it. This will start the RPG Downloading process. Hence, download and start playing this exciting fangame.

How To Play Pokemon Xenoverse Game?

This RPG-XP game offers a unique and interesting gameplay. Because apart from the main story, more quests and side-missions are available. However, gameplay isn’t difficult at all. Therefore, simply follow the game storylines and keep an eye on the available quests. Additionally, try to chat with the NPCs to unlock routes, Rewards, and Quests. Hence, explore this game in every way to enjoy it.

How To Get Pokemon Xenoverse English Language?

The latest available game supports multi-language gameplay. Therefore, this game provides English and Italian Language. So, change the language according to your language. The language-changing process is also simple. First players will get an option of Language selection at the Stater and second, the main menu also provides a language section. Hence, changing the language from the menu is also possible.

Main Features

  • New Pokemon Game
  • Interesting Storylines
  • Multiple Pokemon
  • New Types Of Pokemon
  • Evolutions and Forms Added
  • Multiple Characters 
  • New NPCs Added
  • High-Quality Graphics And Sound
  • Classic And Modern Mode
  • Supports English and Italian Language
  • New Pokemon Added
  • Different Pokémon Picture Book
  • Much More

Frequent Ask Questions [FAQs]

Can you play Pokemon Xenoverse on Android?

The game is not available on Android devices. However, use the Joiplay Emulator and play this game. Install the Joiplay Emulators too before playing, or else the game will lag.

How To Change Controls In Pokemon Xenoverse?

The settings do offer to make some changes. However, changing controls isn’t an option.

What is the Latest Pokemon Xenoverse Version?

Currently, 1.5.5 is the latest available updated version of this game. 


Pokemon Xenoverse RPG-XP Game is the best available Pokemon unofficial fangame. Therefore, Poke trainers will enjoy playing with all available new features and modifications. Additionally, more similar fangames are available on this website. Hence, follow to get more.

4.8/5 - (5 votes)

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