Pokemon Emerald 1.0 ROM Download [USA/ GER GBAs]

Pokemon Emerald 1.0 ROM Download [USA/ GER GBAs]
Full Name Pokemon Emerald 1.0
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Game Freak
Region Germany, Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 6.55 MB
Released September 16, 2023
Downloads 73715
Download now

Pokemon Emerald 1.0 is a GBA ROM. This is a Pokemon 3rd generation game. Thus, this ROM is popular among monster trainers. Therefore, get an interesting story, characters, monsters, and endless adventures. Hence, download and play this exciting Pokemon edition and have fun.

Modified ROMs of Emerald are available on the internet. However, it is hard to find the original game. Therefore, this page is specially dedicated to the official GBA ROM. So, Pokémon lovers should stay to know about this legendary game. Hence, get complete details below.

What is Pokemon Emerald 1.0 GBA ROM?

Pokemon Emerald 1.0 ROM is a Pokemon GBA game. This GBA ROM is 3rd gen Pokemon Role-Playing Game. Therefore, experience a relationship between humans and Pocket monsters. So, experience the adventure, battles, endless characters, trainers, evil organizations, and much more. Hence, download and enjoy this exciting game of monsters.

Officially Pokemon introduced multiple ROMs for players to experience the adventures of the monster world. Although, multiple games were introduced. But, limited editions are popular such as Pokemon FireRed 1.0 and others. Hence, this page is all about another exciting Pokémon ROM. 

The Pokemon game initially started as a GB console ROM. Although, the game is developed by Game Freak and Pokémon on a small scale. But, trainers love to play this exciting monster game. Thus, millions of active trainers started playing it. Since its initial release, It has been more than two decades. And, the fam of Pokemon is still high in the gaming community. 

Pokemon is basically an interesting game for players. Because it is not all about having fun. But, it is about finding differences and acceptance. Therefore, players will get a life lesson from this exciting game. Although, multiple Pokémon editions. But, the thoughtful game theme is the same in all. 

In the Pokemon world, humans and creatures are living concurrently. However, living in peace isn’t always a possibility in the game. Similarly, in this world, bad people also live who are hunting monsters and hurting people. Hence, they need to be stopped from doing badly.

Pocket monsters are different creatures with super abilities. Therefore, humans catch these monsters using Pokeballs. And, people who catch monsters are known as Trainers. Additionally, trainers train and pet monsters for fighting and survival. Because without monsters living in this world is hard for people.

The Pokemon Emerald offers the basic theme of pocket monsters. Nevertheless, there are more refined features compared to other editions. Therefore, playing this version is always exciting. So, finding complete information about this edition is possible here. Hence, stay on this page to learn more.

Game Story

The Story of Emerald is all about a young Pokemon trainer in Hoenn Region. This is one of the most beautiful regions of Pokémon World. Because it consists of glories and stunning landscapes. Additionally, this unique region is a friendly place for everyone. Hence, trainers and monsters live a happy life.

The Journey of Hoenn starts in a little town known as LITTLEROOT. In this town 4 houses and a Pokemon research lab. Besides, LITTLEROOT is surrounded by green forests and lush green grass. Thus, everyone living in this town is happy and free. Here you will also find a young trainer, who has a dream to become a Pokemon Master. The young trainer is the main character of this region.

Pokemon Research Lab is working under a specific person known as Professor Birch. So, the professor works on finding all types and abilities of Pocket-monsters. But, one day it all goes wrong. Professor was attacked by a monster in the forest. Where the main characters appeared to help. Because of this professor rewards the MC with the first monster.

One day Professor Birch gives MC the task to bring his daughter home. She is a Pokemon trainer. Therefore, she spends all her time moving in the forest searching for rare creatures. Nevertheless, the professor wants to give her a gift. Hence, NC needs to bring her back. And, this is also the first quest of MC in the Hoenn.

The MC and May get a gift from Professor known as Pokedex. This is a digital device, specially designed for monster trainers. Additionally, Professor wants MC and May to capture as many monsters as possible to complete the Pokedex. This device is used to get complete details of Pocket monsters.

The journey of MC will start to complete the Pokedex. During this journey, MC encounters evil organizations. Team Magma is the organization available in this journey. This organization consists of evil monster trainers. Thus, MC needs to stop this organization. Or else, they will destroy the Hoenn Region completely.

The Pokemon Emerald 1.0 is an RPG game. Therefore, the game story will grow according to the gameplay and decisions taken by the players. So, players can grow according to their nature while playing this edition. Hence, start playing this edition to enjoy this emerald world of monsters.


The gameplay of Emerald is simple and easy for every player. At the start, trainers only need to select their preferred gender. In this game, two genders are available such as Boy/Girl. Hence, select the preferred character and start the game in the Emerald World.

In this Pokemon, players will get a quest to meet with neighbors. In the neighborhood, Anotagonist lives. After meeting with the antagonist, find a kid standing near the forest. Thus, chat with this kid to activate the second quest “Resue Professor”. Hence, chat and activate the quest.

The second quest is about saving Professor. Although, Professor is in the forest outside LITTLEROOT. But, a wild monster is attacking the Professor. For Poke professor, it is impossible to save himself. Because his bag with Pokeballs has been dropped. Thus, fighting the wild monster is impossible. Hence, the quest is to save the professor and it is an easy quest. 

In the LITTLEROOT forest, players will find the bag and Pokeballs of the professor. Picking up the ball will activate the sub-quest of rescue Professor. Thus, players need to select the first Pokemon. Because there are three Pokemon available. Torchic, Mudkip, and Treecko are the available pocket monsters.

In Emerald 1, three starters are available Tirchicm Mudkip and Treecko. Compared to Torchic, Mudkip, and Treecko is a better option for players. Because both of these monsters have high damage and defense. Therefore, it is recommended to select any one of Treecko or Mudkip. Hence, get the first monster and battle to complete the “rescue Professor” quest.

The third quest of Emerald is about contacting Professor’s son. Thus, this quest is also known as the “first Professor task”. So, to find the Pro Son, move up towards Pokecenter. During this journey, find wild monsters and capture them to increase the monster team. Because you will be challenged by Pro Son.

In Pokemon, the professor will give a gift “Pokedex“. The Pokedex is a digital Pokemon device. Thus, it can store complete information about the available Emerald Pocket creatures. Hence, the main task of the game is given to you. Main task is to collect information about all available creatures in this region.


Pocket monsters are special creatures. Therefore, it is impossible for trainers to capture monsters. So, Pokeballs are introduced to capture wild monsters. However, capturing monsters using Pokeballs will be still hard. Because high-level monsters can break the balls and run. Hence, use strategies to capture creatures.

Most Monster trainers want to know about the best way to capture higher-level monsters using Pokeballs. Therefore, the best option is to battle the creatures first. Using moves in the battle, reduce HP of the monster. After significantly low HP, try to capture the monster using Pokeball. Hence, this will allow monster players to capture high-level creatures with Poke-ball.


Podedex is a device given by the professor as the main quest of Emerald. Although, its is main purpose to collect data related to the available Pocket-monsters in this region. But, it is still required a trainer to capture the monster once. Because without capturing this device cannot collect the data. Hence, it is also known as “National Dex“.


As any RPG game, Pokemon Emerald also offers endless quests. Thus, players will encounter various types of events during their journey. Although, multiple sub-quests are available. Despite this, only five main quests are available. Hence, get details about the main quests in the list.

  • Eight Gym Challenges
  • Elite Four
  • Champion
  • Team Magma
  • Team Aqua

Team Magma and Aqua are the two evil teams of Pokemon. Because both of these parties are battling to take control of the Hoenn Region. During this battle, Humans and monsters are getting hurt. Additionally, both factions have legendary monsters. Thus, it is getting dangerous for the people of Hoenn. Hence, you need to stop them.

To Stop Team Magma and Aqua from fighting, you need to be stronger. Therefore, find the most legendary monsters and train them. Use these creatures to build a formidable team. Because with a powerful team stopping this fight will be easy. Hence, the future of the Hoenn Region depends on you.

Although, information about this exciting game is available here. But, the best way to enjoy is to play. Therefore, Pokemon Emerald 1.0 Download and start the Hoenn journey. Addtionally, more similar games are available here. Hence, follow to know more.

Screenshots of Game

How to Download Pokémon Emerald Clean GBA ROM?

Downloading the official Emerald ROM is quite hard on the internet. Because most websites offer patched editions with extra features. Therefore, this page provides a simple GBA ROM downloading process. Hence, the official ROM is downloadable from this page. Thus, find the ROM download button and click on it.

How to Download Pokemon Emerald 1.0 USA Edition?

Emerald has multiple ROMs available according to the region. Similarly, a special ROM is introduced for English players. Therefore, this English ROM is available on this page. So, find and click on the English ROM download button. This will activate the ROM downloading process automatically. Hence, get the English version ROM here.

How to Download Pokemon Emerald 1.0 German Edition?

Compared to other ROM types, finding the German edition is hard. Mostly, websites don’t offer German ROM. However, this page offers a simple way to download the German Emerald ROM. Thus, find the German ROM Download button and click on it. Downloading of the German edition will be automatically activated. Hence, play Emerald GBA in the German language

Can We Use Pokemon Emerald Clean GBA ROM For Patching?

Although, it is impossible to patch hack on a pre-patched GBA ROM. But, this page offers CLEAN EMERALD ROM. Means the GBA ROM without any pre-patched or changes. Thus, it is possible for players to add patches or hacks. Hence, add a patch hack to this clean GBA and enjoy.

Main Features

  • Best Edition Of the Pokémon Series
  • 135 Official Pokémon Available
  • Hoenn Region Available
  • Multiple Opponents
  • Animations Added
  • Unique Storylines
  • Smart NPCs
  • Enhanced Skills
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Multiple Languages
  • Simple and Easy to Play
  • Many More


What is a Clean Emerald GBA?

A Clean GBA refers to the official GBA, without any kind of patches or improvements.

What is the Difference Between Emerald USA and German ROM?

The only difference is the language of the game. In the USA edition, you will get English and in the German edition, you will get the German language.

How To Play Emerald GBA On PC or Mobile?

Yes, these are playable on PC and Mobile, but you have to use a GBA Emulator.


Pokemon Emerald 1.0 provides the official gameplay of Pokemon for players. Therefore, experience the official monster world journey in this game and have fun. Addtionally, more Pocket-monster games are available on this website. Hence, follow for more.

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