Pokemon Fated Destiny The Prologue ROM Download [2022]

Want to play a unique Pokemon game? If yes, then you are in the perfect place. We are here with the Pokemon Fated Destiny The Prologue ROM, which provides unique gameplay and more features.

Playing your favorite game is always a fan for anyone, but playing the same game over and over again isn’t fun at all. Therefore, we are here with a new way to have long-lasting fun for pokemon lovers.

What is Pokemon Fated Destiny The Prologue ROM?

Pokemon Fated Destiny The Prologue ROM is RPGXP Game, that any pokemon lover can easily play. It is fan based developed game, which provides completely different features.

As you know there are multiple types of games available for gamers, which they can easily play and have fun with. Pokemon games are also quite popular, which provide a series of games for the fans.

There are still millions of fans and gamers, who love to spend their time playing such games. But the officials don’t provide multiple editions for the users.

But the Poke Community is quite amazing, in which there are multiple fan developers. The developers create multiple fan-based games for the players, which you can easily play.

The Pokemon Realidea System ROM is one of the popular RPGXP games, but today we are here with one of the best ones for you all. So, if you want to try the latest available game, then stay with us.

The Pokemon Fated Destiny The Prologue Game is one of the latest developed games, which provides some of the best collection of features.

There are multiple features are available for the players, which anyone can easily access and have fun spending their time with. So, if you want to know about the available games, then explore below.


Get a new and unique story, where you are the hero. The hero has to fight against evil people. You will start your journey with some resources but never lose hope.

Soon you will find some of the best pokemon, which can assist you in the gameplay. So, fighting against any team won’t be a challenge for you anymore.

But you have to train hard to achieve all the amazing moves and skills. There are multiple types of services available for the users.


With the latest version, you will get better graphics, which means fewer pixel graphics in the game. Here you will get quality graphics, which will increase gaming interest.

Additional improvements in the Gameworld are also been made for the players. Here you will find a new environment, with multiple amazing features.

Find better Houses, Buildings, In-door items, and many more. There are multiple improvements have been made, which you can explore and have fun with.


Want to have more evolution experience? If yes, then here you will get Mage Evolutions, which you can easily access and enjoy.

The Mage Evolutions are not available for every Pokemon, but most of them have the ability. So, you can have fun with evolving your monsters and enjoy.

Animation And Gen 5 Battle System

Want to get a better battle system? If yes, then here you will get the Gen 5 Battle System, through which you will have a unique gaming experience.

Additionally, get some of the best animations in the game and battle to have more fun. You can have a realistic gaming experience with this amazing edition.


Find new and unique dialogues in the gameplay, which will increase the interest of players. So, there are multiple types of dialogues are available, which you can access.

These are some of the available features, but there are many more in the edition. So, if you are willing to explore more, then Pokemon Fated Destiny The Prologue Download.

If you want to know about more amazing ROMs, then you should keep following us. We share all the latest available ROMs here with you all.

ROM Details

NamePokemon Fated Destiny The Prologue
Size890.8 MB
Base ROMFan-Based
Release Date

Screenshots of Game

How to Download Pokémon Fated Destiny The Prologue ROM?

If you want to download the ROM, then you don’t need to search on the internet. We are here with the latest and complete game for you all.

Anyone can easily download the game from this page, which anyone can access for free. So, you only need to make a single click on the button.

The downloading process will soon start automatically after the click has been made. If you encounter any problems in the downloading process, then feel free to let us know.

Main Features

  • Latest Fan-Based Developed Game
  • New Region
  • Latest Location and Building
  • Gen 4 And 5 Features
  • Updated Graphics
  • Mega Evolution
  • Simple and Easy to Play
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Many More


Is Destiny Fate Complete Game?

Yes, it is a complete game, which you can play and have fun with.

Is It Safe to Download?

Yes, we are sharing tested files here with you all. So, feel free and safe to download any available file.

Is the Game Available in Portuguese?

No, it is not available in the Portuguese Language.

Final Words

With Pokemon Fated Destiny The Prologue ROM, you can have a new gaming experience and have fun. Get the RPGXP from the download link below and enjoy.

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