Pokemon Fated Destiny The Prologue ROM Download [2023]

Pokemon Fated Destiny The Prologue ROM Download [2023]
Full Name Pokemon Fated Destiny The Prologue 2.1
Console RPGXP
Publisher Game Freak
Developer ZeT0ken
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 890.8 MB
Released April 6, 2022
Downloads 7908
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Pokemon Fated Destiny The Prologue ROM offers a new gaming experience with enhancements for Poke trainers. Therefore, players will changes in the gameplay, story, monsters, and many more enhanced features. Hence, players will enjoy exciting fan-based alterations in this game.

Playing your favorite game is always a fan. But, playing the same game over and over again isn’t fun at all. Therefore, we are here with a new way to have long-lasting fun for pokemon lovers. Hence, get details related to the fan ROM.

What is Pokemon Fated Destiny The Prologue ROM?

Pokemon Fated Destiny The Prologue ROM is RPGXP Game. In this fan game, players will have unique gameplay. So, trainers will have better gameplay playing this fan developed RPGXP. Hence, players enjoy the role-playing-XP game with alterations.

Playing games is the most common hobby of billions of people. So, there are multiple types of games and gaming consoles. Although, different types of games are popular among gaming communities. But, Pokemon has the largest number of active players. Thus, it is known as best Role-playing game of all time.

ROM hacks are getting popular due to no official ROM updates. In these hacks, fans make various modifications and alterations in ROMs. Therefore, players can find easy and newly added games. All these types of editions are known as fan-based games or hacks. 

Multiple types of hacks have been altered by fans. In these enhanced editions, players get exciting modifications in the gameplay. So, trainers can have a fun gameplay experience. Therefore, here players will get a fan-based modified ROM. Thus, trainers can enjoy free time with newly added features.

As compare to other gaming communities, the Pokemon community is active. Therefore, community members provide a series of ROM hacks for players. Hence, trainers will have a new gameplay experience with hacks.

The Pokemon Realidea System ROM is one of the popular RPGXP games, but today we are here with one of the best ones for you all. So, if you want to try the latest available game, then stay with us.

The Pokemon Fated Destiny The Prologue Game is the latest developed fan game. Therefore, this edition offers multiple modifications to the gameplay. So, trainers can have fun gameplay to enjoy their free time. Hence, players will get complete details about the modified features here.


The storyline of the game has been improvised. Therefore, get a new and unique story. In this game, the main player is a hero. So, the hero has to fight against evil people. Although, trainers will start a journey with limited resources. But, while on the journey finds all the required items and resources.

Catching the first Pocket creature will be challenging for players. However, players get options to select the starter monster. So, trainers have to get the monster pet to start the journey. Furthermore, players can catch more creatures additionally Poke creatures build a team of Pokemon. Hence, trainers fight against challengers and win monster battles using a team of pocket creatures.


In this latest version, players will get better-quality graphics. Thus, get fewer pixel graphics in the game. With quality graphics, player’s interest will increase in the gameplay. Hence, more fans enjoy playing this edition. Additionally,  improvements in the Gameworld are also been made for the players. 

More locations and routes are also added in this edition. Therefore, trainers have more routes to explore and locations to visit. Furthermore, the designs of houses, buildings, in-dorr items, and many more visual items have been improvised. Hence, get well-colored and designed visuals in the gameplay.


Want to have more evolution experience in the game? If yes, then here trainers will get added Mage Evolutions. In the official edition, Mage Evolutions are not available. But, these have been added for players to have fun. So, increase the EXP Level of monsters to unlock the evolution of monsters. Thus, trainers will have a more powerful team of monsters.

Animation And Gen 5 Battle System

The battle system of the fifth gen is very attractive. So, this RPGXP edition offers the 5th Gen battle system for players. Therefore, trainers will have the latest gen battle experience. Hence, players will have unique gameplay with newly battle system of the game.

Animations in the game make gameplay more interesting. Therefore, get some of the best animations added to the game. So, the gameplay and battle to have more exciting. Hence, players will realistic gaming experience with animations.


In Role-Playing games, Nonplayable characters play an important role. Therefore, NPCs are modified in this RPGXP ROM. So, find new and unique dialogues in the gameplay. This will increase the interest of players. Additionally, dialogues of NPCs are also improvised in the gameplay.

Pokemon Fated Destiny The Prologue Download and enjoy the exciting fan-based edition. Although, most of the details about the game are provided. Yet, many modified features are not mentioned here. Hence, download the game and start exploring all the altered features.

Screenshots of Game

How to Download Pokémon Fated Destiny The Prologue ROM?

Downloading RPGXP ROMs on the web is full of unnecessary advertisements. Therefore, players can get the fastest and smoothest downloading process here. So, click on the download button to start downloading RPGXP ROM.

On this page, downloading is simple for anyone. Thus, players can download any game from this website in a few seconds. Although, download links had been checked. But, contact us if you had any problem with downloading feel free to use the comment section.

Main Features

  • Latest Fan-Based Developed Game
  • New Region
  • Latest Location and Building
  • Gen 4 And 5 Features
  • Updated Graphics
  • Mega Evolution
  • Simple and Easy to Play
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Many More


Is Destiny Fate Complete Game?

Yes, it is a complete game, which you can play and have fun with.

Is It Safe to Download?

Yes, we are sharing tested files here with you all. So, feel free and safe to download any available file.

Is the Game Available in Portuguese?

No, it is not available in the Portuguese Language.


Pokemon trainers will enjoy free time playing Pokemon Fated Destiny The Prologue ROM. In this edition, multiple fan added modifications are available for trainers. Additionally, find more exciting RPGXP fan editions on this website.

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