Yu Gi Oh Pokeduel GBA ROM Download 4.0.4 [2023 UPDATED]

Yu Gi Oh Pokeduel GBA ROM Download 4.0.4 [2023 UPDATED]
Full Name Yu Gi Oh Pokeduel
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer ortz3
Region Global, Spain
Genre Role Playing
File size 13.56 MB
Released July 24, 2023
Downloads 21115
Download now

Yu Gi Oh Pokeduel is the best GBA ROM hack. This GBA hack provides the most special modifications in the Pokemon GBA with the introduction of Yu Gi Oh Monsters. In this GBA, experience New Monsters, Moves, Abilities, Characters, and much more modifications. Hence, download and play this exciting GBA game to have fun. 

In Pokemon games, it is common to find Pocket monsters. Although, these monsters are differnet compared to any other digital monsters. So, different games offer more unique monsters such as Yu Gi Oh monsters. But, it is impossible to find a combination of these monsters in a single official game. Hence, find a unique game with the combo.

What is “Yu Gi Oh Pokeduel GBA”?

Yu Gi Oh Pokeduel GBA is a GBA ROM Hack. This GBA ROM is based on Pokemon GBA FireRed. Therefore, Poke trainers will get modified features in FireRed GBA. Further, this ROM hack provides special features added from the Yu Gi Oh Game. Hence, get Monsters, Characters, and more features of Yu Gi Oh.  

Poke FireRed GameBoy Advance is a third-generation Poke game. It provides unique role-playing gameplay about the life of Human of Pocket monsters. In this game, players are known as Pokemon Trainers. Because players capture Monsters using Pokeballs and Train them. Hence, this Poke GBA game offers unique gameplay.

Yu Gi Oh is a completely different game compared to Pokemon. But, the card-based gameplay is similar in the Poke and Yu Gi Oh. Because both of these games are based on Monsters. But, the official gameplay is completely different and a combo of both monsters isn’t available. Consequently, find a unique game with this combination here.

Yu Gi Oh Pokeduel ROM is a unique ROM with interesting features similar to Pokemon Eternal Coliseum. This is the first POKEMON ROM with YU-GI-OH features. Thus, experience a unique combination of two different games in this single GBA ROM hack. Further, unique features from higher-gens are also added. Hence, get info about this GBA game and enjoy combo features.


The gameplay of this is mostly similar to the official FireRed game. Thus, players will start the journey in Pallet Town. So, players have to visit the Professor and get the starter Pokemon. However, as you play the game more unofficial counters are possible. Because modified events and quests are added to this gameplay. Hence, play and explore all available quests.

Yu-Gi-Oh Pokeduel Pokedex

The Pokedex of FireRed is completely changed in YuGiOh FireRed GBA. Because all official Pokemon are replaced with the monsters of YUGIOH. Therefore, players will get a completely differnet Pokedex here. Additionally, all available new Pokedual monsters are catchable. Thus, creating a powerful team of new creatures is possible. Hence, find and capture unofficial monsters.

  • Armoured Basic Insect with Laser Cannon
  • Insect Princess
  • Orgoth the Relentless 
  • Luster Dragon 
  • Luster Dragon #2 
  • Diamond Head Dragon
  • Lord of D 
  • King of D
  • Aligator Sword Dragon
  • Snow Dragon
  • Snowdust Dragon
  • White Night Dragon
  • Rescue Rabbit 
  • Much More

In the Yu Gi Oh Pokedex, there are 269+ monsters are added. Recently, the Pokedex has been updated and 13 more monsters are now available. Similarly, all available new creatures provide high-quality gameplay. Further, the appearance and abilities of monsters are also added from YUGIOH. Hence, experience a new gameplay with modified main monsters.

Pokemon Mechanics

The battle Mechanics of this Pokemon remake game is modified. Previously, the 3rd-generation mechanics were available in the gameplay. However, this GBA ROM hack offers 8th-gen Poke Mechanics in the gameplay. Therefore, players will have a better battle experience. Further, available Pokemon attributes are modified. Hence, experience new gameplay with upgraded features.

Moves And Abilities

In this GBA game, official FireRed monsters are not available. Similarly, the 70+ moves, abilities and types of monsters are also modified. Therefore, now players will get all monster attributes added from the game YuGiOh. So, experience modified gameplay with the quality abilities of pocket creatures. Hence, identify the advantages and disadvantages of monsters before battle.

  • Wrath of Neos
  • Book of Moon
  • Skull Dice 
  • Emerald Flame 
  • Flute of D 
  • Emergency Provisions
  • Power Bond
  • The Warrior Returning Alive
  • Windstorm 
  • Burning Land
  • Dragon Capture Jar
  • Cold Wave

Custom Difficulty Settings

Officially, customization of the difficulty levels wasn’t an option. However, this GBA hack provides trainers access to customization difficulty levels. Thus, set the difficulty levels according to your gaming skills. Here, Poke trainers will get options to customize Grind Mode, Randomizer, Encounters, Overall Difficulty, and relative settings. The option to customize is available at the start of the game. Hence, change settings according to your gaming skills.

Yu-Gi-Oh Pokeduel Characters

Not only Pokemon but characters are also modified in this GBA game. Therefore, players won’t find Elite, GYM Leaders, Champion, and other relative characters. In this GBA hack, find characters added from the game Yu Gi Oh. Thus, players will get differnet characters performing quite similar roles. Hence, have fun with new available NPCs here.

  • Rex
  • Mako
  • Gary Fight 
  • Bandit Kieth
  • Johnny 
  • Gary 
  • Weevil 
  • Green Kaiba
  • Duke
  • Weevil 
  • More

Yu-Gi-Oh Pokeduel Anime NPCs

Like any anime series, the Yu-Gi-Oh Anime has special characters with dialogue. Therefore, this GBA ROM hack allows players to experience such characters using similar dialogs. Additionally, random NPCs also offer special quests and sidequests. Thus, sharing time with available NPCs will be beneficial for players. Hence, find all available new anime-based NPCs and have fun.


The region available in this GBA ROM is based on Kanto. However, the map provides modifications in the locations. Therefore, experience the core Kanto region with improvised locations. Additionally, newly non-Kanto Locations are also added to activate special tasks. So, find various YUGIOH-based added locations in this GBA hack.

Music Pokeduel 

Background Music any any game is important to have a clear mind while gaming. Therefore, the music of this GBA hack is added from Yu Gi Oh Anime. So, Poke trainers will not only get YuGiOh anime characters, and monsters here. Hence, enjoy playing this new role-playing Poke game with the best anime music in the background.

Yu-Gi-Oh Pokeduel Download to experience a unique combination of two differnet games. Although, details about this GBA game are provided here. But, play this game to have a personal gameplay experience. Further, more similar unofficial GBA Poke games are available on this website. Hence, follow to know more.

Screenshot Of Game

How To Download Yu Gi Oh PokeDuel?

The Pokeduel GBA ROM offers updates. However, most websites don’t offer all updates. Therefore, this website offers a simple GBA ROM downloading process. So, please find the DOWNLOAD NOW button here and tap on it. The downloading process of the GBA ROM Hack will start instantly. Hence, searching for the GBA hack isn’t needed.

How To Patch Yu-Gi-Oh Pokeduel Hack?

To Patch this GBA cheat, users have to get Pokeduel Hack File, FireRed GBA, and a patcher tool. However, the compatibility of files also affects the process. Hence, it is problematic for users to patch without any problem. Therefore, this website offers patched GBA Cheat. So, going through this frustrating process isn’t needed. Download the patched GBA and enjoy.

How To Play Yu-Gi-Oh Pokeduel?

The Pokeduel has two differnet types of gameplay available. Because it is the combination of Poke FireRed and Yu Gi Oh. Therefore, players will start the journey as Poke Trainers and play gameplay similar to the FireRed. However, the higher stages are more similar to the YuGiOh. Hence, experience dual gameplay here.

Main Features

  • Completed FireRed Hack
  • Get Yu-Gi-Oh Characters In FireRed
  • 269+ Yu-Gi-Oh Monsters
  • New Moves And Abilities
  • More Quests And SideQuests
  • Changed NPCs In-Game
  • YuGiOh Anime Music And Characters
  • Upgraded Graphics 
  • Much More

Frequent Ask Questions [FAQs]

How To Get Yu-Gi-Oh Pokeduel ROM Download For PC?

Download this remake game from this page and install a GBA Emulator to play and enjoy. 

How To Add Yu-Gi-Oh Pokeduel Cheats Code?

This GBA hack is based on FireRed. Therefore, use the Cheat Codes of FireRed to get additional assistance.

How To Play Yu-Gi-Oh Pokeduel Android?

To play on Android, install a GBA Emulator On an Android device and download this GBA File. After this, run the game in the Emulator to play.


Yu Gi Oh Pokeduel GBA ROM has recently been updated completely. Therefore, players will have the full game without any bugs. So, anyone can enjoy the updated features and have fun. Further, more similar ROM games are available on this platform. Hence, follow to know more.

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