Pokemon Broken RPG-XP Game Download [Fan-Based 2023]

Pokemon Broken RPG-XP Game Download [Fan-Based 2023]
Full Name Pokemon Broken
Console RPGXP
Publisher Game Freak
Developer WolfTaiko
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 130 MB
Released September 3, 2022
Downloads 4008
Download now

Pokemon Broken is a new short Fan-made Pokemon game. This Game offers a completely new storyline with differnet characters and quests. Additionally, this Fan-based game offers monsters from differnet generations. Therefore, Poke trainers will have fun gameplay with fan-based modifications. Hence, Download and play this new Pokemon Game.

Games based on Pocket Monsters are not rare to find on the internet. However, getting the unofficial fan-based Pocket monsters games. Because unofficial editions are not available on official websites. Therefore, it is rare to find unofficial Pokemon gaming editions. Hence, find a new and unique fan-based game here.

What is “Pokemon Broken Game”?

Pokemon Broken Edition is an RPGXP fan-based Poke Game. This Poke Game provides new gameplay with multiple modifications. Therefore, get New Game Story, Pokemon, Characters, Quests, Encounters, and much more. Further, this is an unofficial game. Therefore, Poke trainers will find features from differnet generations randomly. Hence, encounters will be exciting for trainers.

Role-Playing Games XP is quite popular among the Poke community. Because multiple Poke fans offer modified RPGXP games. Therefore, multiple unofficial games are available with differnet changes in the gameplay. Although, officially RPGXP Poke games are not available. However, fan-based editions do exist with various improvements and modifications.

ROMSFORGBA.COM provides the best collection of Poke RPGXP games. Therefore, finding any trending game is possible on this platform such as Pokemon Uncensored. But, this page is about the latest available game with the latest modifications. Hence, learn about a new RPGXP Poke game on this ROM Store.

Pokemon Broken RPGXP is the latest available Role-Play Game XP.  In this game, unofficial features are available for Poke trainers to have fun. Therefore, trainers will find multiple features added from differnet Pokemon generations. So, get complete information related to this exciting game here. 

Game Story

The gameplay starts in the Pokemon Town of Kalos Region. In this region, the main character is living a good life with his grandfather. Although, it is fun to live in a region full of Pocket monsters. However, the young boy is facing the problem of bullying from a same-age boy. Apart from this, life with Pokemon is fun and entertaining.

The story will change as the main character of this RPGXP game gets a birthday gift from his grandfather. In the gift, a Pokemon and Pokemon Watch is given. Both of these are known as the family treasures. Although, the boy doesn’t know the actual worth of the watch due to its rusty state. But, this game revolves around the Poke Watch.

The rival of this Poke RPG game requests a fight with the main character. Although, the MC will lose this game due to the low level of Pokemon. But, it is necessary to progress in the main story. Because after losing this Poke battle, the rival will get the Poke watch and break it. This will affect the timeline. Therefore, both characters are summoned by mystical creatures to solve this problem. Hence, both trainers have to travel in the past and future to remake the Poke watch.


In this RPGXP game, Pokemon from differnet generations are added. Therefore, players will get a single Pokemon “Magearna” as Stater. Additionally, more monsters are available in the gameplay. So, it is possible to find 7th Generation Pokemon monsters in this gameplay. Thus, find all available monsters in this game and battle to increase the EXP levels of Magearna.


Pokemon Broken RPG-XP game offers multiple graphics are available. So, the graphics are divided into three parts Present, Past, and Future. Thus, smooth and normal graphics in the present, tiles-based graphics in the past, and more attractive and creative graphics are available in the future world. Hence, experience multiple graphical changes in the gameplay.

Playing RPG XP games is always exciting for poke players. Therefore, download this newly fan-based modified RPG XP game to enjoy all available features. Although, information about this new fan-based edition is provided here. But, the right way is to download and play. Hence, get information about RPGXP download process here.

Screenshots Of Game

How To Download Pokemon Broken?

The downloading process of this new game is quite simple and easy. Therefore, players only need to tap on the DOWNLOAD NOW button. This page provides a direct download link to this RPG XP Poke game. So, surfing the web for this download link isn’t necessary. Hence, get the Poke game here and have fun.

How To Play Pokemon Broken Game?

The game will start after the player gets the Pokemon and Watch. After this event, travel to the east of the town to encounter the main event with the paper bag guy (Rival). This will activate the main quest of Borken Watch. Hence, follow to the gameplay to visit in past and future and create a new Watch. 

Main Features

  • Completely New Game
  • Differnet Poke Characters
  • Travel To Past And Future
  • 7th Gen Pokemon
  • New Locations And Interface
  • Differnet Quests And Subquests Added
  • Characters With Special Quests
  • Background Music Available
  • Much More

Frequent Ask Questions [FAQs]

How To Play Pokemon Broken Android?

The game is only available for Windows OS. Therefore, install a Windows Emulator to play this game on Android.

Do We Need To Patch Pokémon Broken Hack?

No, this is an RPG-XP game. Hence, Extract the Zip file and play the game.

How To Add Pokémon Broken Cheats?

Currently, no cheats are available for this game.


Pokemon Broken RPG-XP Game is the latest fan-based game. Although, this game offers a short-gameplay. But, playing this game will be more exciting and entertaining for Poke trainers. Therefore, trainers should download and play this new Poke fan-based game to have fun. Hence, have fun with available unlimited unofficial features.

4.8/5 - (5 votes)

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