Pokemon Ice Silver GBC ROM Download [2023 Patched GBA]

Pokemon Ice Silver GBC ROM Download [2023 Patched GBA]
Full Name Pokemon Ice Silver
Console GameBoy Color
Publisher Game Freak
Developer Gold, Ruki Studios
Region Global, Spain
Genre Role Playing
File size 764.90 KB
Released February 22, 2014
Downloads 36275
Download now

‘Pokemon Ice Silver’ is a new GBC ROM hack game. This GBC game provides unique gameplay with a modified game story, monsters, moves, characters, and much more. Additionally, Poke trainers will get the Spanish-based gameplay. Therefore, enjoy a Spanish-based GBC ROM hack with completely changed gameplay. Hence, Download and play this GBC game.

GameBoy Color ROM games are quite rare and unique to find on the internet. However, Poke trainers enjoy playing games on the GameBoy Color consoles. Therefore, searching for GameBoy-C ROM hacks is quite popular. Because hacks offer additional features in the gameplay. Hence, know about a new and interesting GBC ROM hack game here.

What is Pokemon Ice Silver ROM?

Pokemon Ice Silver GBC is a GBC ROM Hack game. This GBC game is based on the official Poke game Silver. Therefore, the official game story is changed completely, New Higher Gen Monsters are added, More Medals are Added, New Items, Improved NPCs, and much more. So, experience higher generation features and unofficial improvements in this ROM game. Hence, play to experience all newly added modifications.

The official Poke Sliver is the 2nd Gen-based 1st game. This GBC game offers 2nd Poke generation features. At its release date, this game is considered to be the most popular RPG game with quality features. But, the 9th gen Poke was introduced recently. So, it is rare to find trainers enjoying this first edition game of 2nd Gen. Accordingly, interest in Poke trainers in the official GBC games has declined.

Although, the official Poke GBC ROMs popularity has been reduced. However, the modified ROMs/ROM hacks are gaining popularity. Because such games offer additional improvements in the gameplay. Therefore, Poke trainers find playing such games more interesting. Hence, it is a fun experience to explore modifications.

The official Poke GBC games are easily found on the web. However, searching the unofficial games/hacked games is complicated. Therefore, the best option to explore such GBC hacks is ROMSFORGBA.COM. This website offers the best collection of trending ROM hack games such as Pokemon Redcurrant ROM. Hence, find the latest available hack here.

Game Story

The official gameplay of Pokemon Silver has completely changed. Therefore, the gameplay will start in Cherrygroove City. In this City, a young trainer is living with his mother. Besides, the Poke journey will start from the homeroom in Cherrygroove. Accordingly, the first quest of the journey is to meet a friend. Hence, the trainer meets with his friend and gets the first Pocket monster.

In this GBC hack, the young trainer encounters an unexpected event. Because the storylines are changed. Thus, the trainer and his friend, find a girl getting bullied by some strangers. So, they try to help her and get the first Poke monsters in this process. Hence, use the available monster to battle with the strangers and save this girl.

After the first battle with strangers, the assistant Professor takes the young trainers to the lab. In the lab, the professor rewards them with the available Pocket monsters as a gift for saving the assistance. However, this professor gives additional quests to complete the Pokedex. Hence, the trainer starts their journey to find all types of Pokemon.

Apart from the main quests, this GBC hack offers unique quests and challenges. Therefore, Poke trainers will also encounter the TEAM Gamma. The Team Gamma is an evil organization. So, they use Pokemon to do evil things. Currently, they are looking for a way to capture the Dragon Trinity. Because it is the most powerful Pokemon to rule this world. Hence, Poke trainers also have to defeat the TEAM GAMMA for a peaceful world. 


The Poke Silver offers monsters from the 2nd Gen only. Therefore, modifications to the collection of monsters are added in this Hack GBC. So, find 125+ Pokemon added from higher Poke generations. Further, the Pokdex is organized with 3 Legendary monsters. Thus, get a unique combo of monsters here. All available Pokemon in this hack are catchable. Hence, complete the Pokedex in one go. 

Characters and Opponents

In this gameplay, the available characters are modified. Although, the basic characters of the gameplay are the same such as Mother, Professor, and Friends. However, the GYM Leaders, Order Of Gym, has changed. Further, the League of Pokemon Needs 16 Medals. Hence, Poke trainers have to collect the 16 Medals and join the League Pokemon.

Johto and Kanto

A new Latio Region is introduced as the combo of Johto And Kanto. This new region offers multiple puzzles and Mazes. Thus, playing the gameplay will be more exciting. Further, more quests are available on differnet routes. So, explore the available new Pokemon HGSS maps and more. Hence, have fun gameplay with available regions.


Without high-quality movesets, playing Poke battles is quite hard. Therefore, this hack offers 6th Gen Poke Movesets. So, get updated Move classifications and quality moves. Further, the available battle moves offer animations and effects. Hence, experience high-quality animations in the Poke battles. 

Pokemon Ice Silver Download to enjoy the available unique modifications. This GBC provides new Background Music, Items, and much more. Therefore, the best way to explore all alterations is to download and play. So, Download this new GBC ROM hack and start playing. Hence, get details about GBC ROM Hack here.

Screenshot Of Game

How To Download Pokemon Ice Silver?

Downloading of this GameBoy Color hacks is not common. Because not many website offers the available GBC hacks. Therefore, this website provides the best GameBoy-Color hack. So, find the DOWNLOAD NOW button here and tap on it. Hence, downloading of this ROM hack will be easy and simple for Poke players.

How To Patch Pokemon Ice Silver GBC Hack?

The patching process of the GameBoyColor hack requires GBC, Hack, and patcher tool. Further, the compatibility of GBC and hack is also necessary. Therefore, players find it complicated to complete the patching process. Hence, this website offers a pre-patched GBC hack. 

How To Play Pokemon Ice Silver?

The gameplay is quite simple and easy. Thus, the game will start in the Cherrygroove City. So, players need to get the Poke staters as the first quest. After this 1st quest, find the main quest of completing Pokedex. Further, defeating Team Gamma is also needed. Thus, get a unique gameplay with multiple improvements. 

Main Features

  • New Poke Silver Game
  • Changed Gameplay
  • New Storylines
  • Higher Gen Pokemon
  • New Moves Available
  • Battle Move Animations
  • New Region Introduced
  • Higher Gen Items
  • Puzzles Added
  • Simple And Easy To Play
  • New Background Music
  • Much More

Frequent Ask Questions [FAQs]

How To Play Pokemon Ice Silver Android?

The Apk version of this game is not available. However, install a GBC emulator on Android and play this game.

How To Get Pokemon Ice Silver Cheats?

The Pokemon Silver ROM cheats are compatible with this game. However, save the game before using cheat codes.

How To Play Pokemon Ice Silver PC?

Use a GBC emulator on the PC to play this game hack.


Pokemon Ice Silver Game is the best available GameBoyColor cheat. Therefore, this exciting game provides high-quality improvements in the official gameplay. Additionally, this website offers multiple Pokemon ROM hacks. Consequently, find to download more ROM hacks.

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