Pokemon Uranium Free Download [RPG XP ROM Game]

Pokemon Uranium Free Download [RPG XP ROM Game]
Full Name Pokemon Uranium
Console RPGXP
Publisher Game Freak
Developer JV and InvoluntaryTwitch
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 268.4 MB
Released October 30, 2020
Downloads 3346
Download now

Pokemon Uranium is the latest remake Pokemon game. This game provides high-quality gameplay with various modifications. Therefore, experienced new gameplay, changed Storylines, Higher Difficulty, Evolutions, and much more improvements. So, download this exciting Pokemon Game with improvements and have fun.

Playing the remake games is always exciting and entertaining. Because remake games provide a unique gaming interesting. Therefore, Pokemon remake ROMs are also popular among players. So, it is exciting for Poke trainers to play fangames. Hence, complete information related to this newly available fangame.

What is Pokemon Uranium RPGXP?

Pokemon Uranium Fangame is a remake Pokemon RPG XP game. This Fangame provides the best modifications. Therefore, get a new Region, Pokemon, Types, Evolutions, Multiple Modes, and many more. Additionally, features from multiple generations are also added in this FANGAME. Hence, explore details about this exciting Pokemon game here.

This Pokemon game is English-based. Therefore, it is playable globally and anyone can access it. Apart from this, it is made using using RPG Maker XP & Pokemon Essentials. So, experience quality gameplay with multiple improvements. Hence, enjoy playing this exciting remake game and have fun.

Pokemon Uranium Game provides various features in the gameplay. Therefore, playing this exciting RPG XP game will be exciting and entertaining. So, enjoy spending quality time playing this game. But, exploring the available features before playing is a better option. Hence, explore details related to this game. You can also try the Pokemon Xenoverse.


  • The game story is quite similar to the official Pokemon game. Therefore, players will start the journey with Starter Pokemon. In the journey battle with the 8 GYM Leaders, and also win the Championship. Additionally, more active quests are available for players to enjoy this exciting game.


  • In this RPG XP Game gets multiple types of improvements in the Pokemon. Therefore, find 150+ Unofficial Pokemon.
  • The Starter Pokemon in this game is also changed according to the player’s section. Before starting this game, players asked multiple questions. Each available question is indirectly connected with the Starter Pokemon. Hence, get differnet monsters options as starters.

Type And Evolution

  • The Types of monsters are also not limited to the official Pokemon types. So, get the unofficial types such as Nuclear Type and much more.
  • The Evolution of Pokemon is also added in this fan game. Therefore, getting Mega Evolution of Pokemon is possible. Hence, increase the EXP level on monsters to access this Mega Evolution.


  • The newly available region in this game is known as the Tandor region. This region provides a completely new map and location. So, exploring this region will be fun and exciting for everyone.
  • In total, this region provides 13 completely new towns. Apart from this, additional locations are added in this region. Hence, start the journey to explore all available improved locations.


  • The main quest available in this game is quite similar to the official game. So, battle with the available 8 GYM Leaders, Defeating Champion, and also completing the Pokdex. 
  • Sidequests are also introduced in the gameplay. So, get 7 Sidequests in the gameplay. Although, side-quests are not necessary to play. However, it is recommended to play and enjoy all available features. 

Pokemon Uranium Download to enjoy the available modified features of this game. Poke trainers will get the best exciting and entertaining gameplay. Therefore, playing this Pokemon fangame is recommended. So, learn about the downloading process of this remake RPGXP game here.

Screenshot Of Game

How To Download Pokemon Uranium RPG XP?

The downloading process of this fangame is available here. Therefore, find the DOWNLOAD NOW button provided here and tap on it. This will start the downloading process of this remake Pokemon game instantly. So, no need to worry about searching for this RPG-XP on the web anymore.

How To Play Pokemon Uranium Game?

The gameplay is quite simple compared to the official gameplay. Therefore, start the journey with stater monsters, defeat the Eight Gym leader, Champion, Quests, Sidequests, and much more. Therefore, play this exciting and entertaining game and enjoy all available features. 

Main Features

  • New RPG-XP Game
  • Interesting Gameplay
  • Unofficial Pokemon Added
  • New Moves And Abilities
  • Quests and Side Quests
  • Radar System Added
  • Support 7 Languages
  • Shiny Pokemon Added
  • Mystery Gifts
  • Trading System Added
  • Randomizer Mode
  • Nuzlocke Mode
  • Much More

Frequent Ask Questions [FAQs]

Does Pokémon Uranium Offer Nuzlocke Mode?

Yes, this game offers Randomizer and Nuzlocke mode gameplay.

How To Get Pokémon Uranium Cheat Codes?

Currently, the cheat codes of this game are not available.

Can I Play Pokémon Uranium On Mobile?

The game is available for Windows OS. However, install an RPG-XP Emulator on mobile to play this game on mobile.


Pokemon Uranium RPXP ROM Game provides the best collection of improved features. Therefore, playing this exciting mobile game will be exciting and entertaining for Pokemon trainers. So, download this new and unique remake game and start exploring all improvements.

4.8/5 - (6 votes)

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