Buried Pokemon Red/Blue ROM For GB Download [2023]

Buried Pokemon Red/Blue ROM For GB Download [2023]
Full Name Buried Pokemon Red/Blue
Console Game Boy
Publisher Game Freak, Nintendo
Developer danielah05
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 367 KB
Released June 27, 2023
Downloads 3784
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Are you looking for the unique edition of Pokemon, in which losing is quite interesting? If yes, then we are here with the Buried Pokemon Red/Blue ROM for you all.

As you know there are some editions, which provide unique gameplay for the players. So, today we are here with of the best editions of all time for you here.

What is Buried Pokemon Red/Blue ROM?

Buried Pokemon Red/Blue ROM is a GB Modified ROM, which provides the modified edition of Pokémon Red & Blue. Explore new graphics and gameplay here to have a unique gaming experience.

The legacy of Pokémon starts with these initial editions, which were quite popular all over the globe. There are still millions of fans, who love to play these editions and have fun.

These editions were available in Japan in 1996, but after two years these were available globally in 1998. So, fans love to play and have these games on their device.

There are more remarks and editions introduced, but these are the basic games. The base of Pokémon started the evolution of the gaming community all over the globe.

If you are a fan of Pikachu, then you can also play Pokemon Yellow Supreme ROM. It is especially improved for the fans of Pikachu.

So, today we are here with the Buried Pokemon Red and Blue ROM for you all. One of the most popular fans-based modified editions of the Blue and Red edition.

There are multiple modified editions introduced by the fans, which provide unique features. But this edition has quite unique features as compared to any available mod.

Here the game gets interesting at the end of the game, where players have to fight against the boss in the Tower.

In the game, you will face random characters at the end of the game, but here you will face a dead person. The battle will be hard for any newbie to win, but you can try.

There are some additional animations and conversation has been added for the players. So, you will get a unique gaming experience.

Tower Bosses

When you reach the Tower and face the boss, then you will get a unique conversation. We are going to share the conversation of Boss in Pokemon Buried Alive ROM below.

  • You’re Here
  • I’m Trapped and Lonely
  • So very Lonely
  • Won’t You Join Me

Now you have to fight with the boss. It will be quite difficult for anyone to defeat, but it is not impossible for players.


So, there are multiple Pokémon available in your opponent, which you need to defeat and win the matches in Buried Alive Pokemon ROM.

  • Muk
  • Gengar
  • White Hand

These are the main Pokémon, which you have to face in the battle. If you win the match, then you will get the effect of GAME OVER here.

But if you lose and the Buried Alive Pokemon, then you will get some more effects. Here your character will be captured and the Boss will say “Finally, Fresh Meat” and some additional text.

Similarly, there are additional changes have been made in the graphics for the players, through which the gameplay will be creepier.

So, if you want to get the game and have fun, then Pokemon Buried Blue/Red ROM Download. You can easily get the GB file here.

If you want to get more unique ROMs, then you can keep following us. We share some of the best and most unique ROMs here.

Screenshots of Game

How to Download Buried Pokemon Red/Blue ROM?

There are different GB files are available for Blue and Red Edition. But don’t worry about it because we are here with both files for you all.

So, you only need to find the download buttons, which are available at the top and bottom here. Click on the button and download the file.

No need to waste your time visiting multiple websites and watching Ads anymore. Here you can get the best and most simple downloading process.

Main Features

  • Best Modified Edition of Blue and Red
  • Unique Ending Available
  • Fight Against Unique Characters
  • New Storylines Available
  • Unique Animation
  • Changes In Graphics
  • Easy to Play
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Locations Are Same
  • Many More


Is It Possible To Kill Tower Boss?

Yes, you can win the battle against the tower boss, but the game will end here.

Is the Tower Boss Buried Alive?

Yes, the boss in the tower is the Buried Alive character.

Can We Play Red and Blue In One ROM?

No, there are different GB ROMs available for both editions.


If you want to get a creepy Pokémon gaming experience, then Buried Pokemon Red/Blue ROM is the best option for you. Get the creepiest Pokemon game and have fun.

GamePlay Video

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