Pokemon Violet Wodka ROM Download [2023 GBA Patched]

Pokemon Violet Wodka ROM Download [2023 GBA Patched]
Full Name Pokemon Violet Wodka
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer Wodka
Region Germany, Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 8.27 MB
Released May 1, 2022
Downloads 9288
Download now

Pokemon Journey is filled with endless adventures. Therefore, try the Pokemon Violet Wodka with the most unique altered storylines. In this mod ROM, trainers will get the best alterations and the latest Pokemon core gen features. Hence, players will have the best experience of gameplay.

Mostly, ROMs provide limited features in the gameplay. So, it is boring to play with limited gaming features. Therefore, modified ROMs are quite popular with additional features. So, searching for mod ROMs is quite normal. Hence, get information related to the latest introduced ROM hack.

What is Pokemon Violet Wodka ROM?

Pokémon Violet Wodka Game is a modified ROM for the GBA. In this edition, get rewritten storylines, Monsters, abilities, and much more. Hence, these features are added from all 8 Pokemon core generations. Additionally, altered features are also added. Hence, enjoy playing the modified edition with endless alterations.

FireRed doesn’t support any features above 3rd generation. But, there are modified games available with altered features. So, the Pokemon Fire Red V514 is the best available mod with the latest generation features. However, this page provides information related to a different mod edition.

Pokemon ROMs always attract Pocket monster players. Therefore, there are multiple ROM editions available with unique features. But, each edition offers unique features for players. Hence, players can’t get features from other ROMs. Therefore, altered ROMs are quite popular with unique modifications.

The problem with modified ROMs is limited modifications. Although, there are endless Mod ROMs available on the web. But, not all hacks provide updates. Therefore, this page provides information related to the latest updated ROM hack. Hence, stay and explore details information about mod ROM here.

Pokemon Violet Wodka GBA 2.0.3 is the latest updated ROM hack. In this GBA hack, players will get endless modifications in the gameplay. So, there are multiple newly added modifications. In this edition, get updated GBA modifications. Hence, gameplay will be fun with bug-free GBA. Additionally, more latest generation features were added in the GBA hack.

The latest ROM hack offers unique alterations. So, players will enjoy spending their free time with endless modifications. Therefore, getting information related to modified ROM is possible. Hence, the latest added modifications information is available on this page. So, no need to search on the Internet anymore.

Game Story

Pokemon Fire Red offers simple game storylines. So, it is boring for players to play simple storylines. Because RPG games attract players with a unique story. Therefore, the modified edition provides a completely altered game story. Thus, playing this edition will be exciting for trainers.

The modified ROM consists of a unique game story. In this edition, the story will continue after many years of Kanto championships. Hence, people forget about the legendary Pokémon trainer. So, now people and monsters are under attack. Additionally, the influence of evil organizations is spreading all over the region. Thus, living is quite difficult for humans and Pokemon.

The region is full of corruption and bad people. So, the protagonist is about to start their life as a young trainer. Although, the journey will be hard and difficult. But, saving people and pocket monsters is important for the protagonist. Thus, support this young trainer and save Kanto region once again.


Pokemon FireRed offers a wide range of Pocket monsters in the game. But,   not all available monsters are capable. Hence, only one hundred and fifty-one monsters. Therefore, this altered edition offers modified monsters added. Thus, get three hundred and eighty-six monsters. Additionally, all monsters are catchable in this edition. 

Pokémon players love to get fan-based modified Pocket monsters known as Fakemon. Therefore, this modified ROM allows a wide range of fakemon collections in the gameplay. So, players will get unique newly modified monsters. Thus, having a powerful monster team will be easy.


Pocket monster evolutions provide powerful monsters. But the official edition, doesnt offer evolutions in the gameplay. Therefore, this mod offers the Mega Pokémon Evolutions. So, find exciting monsters evolutions in FireRed modified ROM.

The imperial forms of monsters are not available in the official edition. So, this altered GBA offers additional modifications with imperial form monsters. Therefore, have fun gameplay with new evolutions and forms. Hence, enjoy gaming and have fun playing mod GBA.


Each available monster has differnet abilities. So, the official ROM game provides limited Pocket-monster abilities. But, this modified ROM offer modified abilities in the gameplay. Thus, trainers will have an exciting gameplay experience.

  • Items
  • Pokémon
  • Attacks
  • Many More

The updated Mod ROM provides all amazing modifications. So, players will have better gameplay with exciting modifications. Additionally, the latest updated edition provides the latest hacks and bug-free gameplay. Hence, download ROM to enjoy all modifications. 

Screenshots of Game

How to Download Pokémon Violet Wodka GBA ROM?

Downloading GBA ROM hacks is hard on the internet. Although, there are websites with ROM hacks. However, these websites offer endless advertisements. Therefore, this website provides the fastest ROM hack downloading process. Hence, get the GBA hack download link on this page.

The patching process of GBA hacks is complicated. So, no need to go through the process anymore. Because this website provides pre-patched GBA. Therefore, download the pre-patched and enjoy gaming without patching.

Main Features

  • Latest Improved FireRed Edition
  • New Game Storylines
  • Latest Gen Pokemon And Fakemon
  • Additional Items Available
  • Mega Evolutions
  • Imperial Forms
  • Moves and Abilities
  • Find Rare Pokemon
  • Many More


How to Patch Pokémon Violet Wodka ROM?

We are here with the Pre-Patched ROM.

How to Download Pre-Patched Pokémon Violet Wodaka ROM?

Find the download button here, through which you can download Pre-Patched ROM.

How to Download Pokémon Violet Wodka 3DS CIA?

You can also get the 3DS CIA File here.


Pokemon Violet Wodka Download to enjoy advanced-level modifications of Pokemon FireRed. So, players will have a new gaming experience with fan-based alterations in the gameplay. Therefore, download the modified edition to enjoy free time. Additionally, for more ROM hacks keep following this website.

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