Pokemon AlteRed GBA ROM Download [2023 UPDATE]

Pokemon AlteRed GBA ROM Download [2023 UPDATE]
Full Name Pokemon AlteRed
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer Kingfin128
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 6.42 MB
Released September 1, 2023
Downloads 26370
Download now

Pokemon AlteRed is the new GameBoy Advance ROM hack. This GBA provides improvements in the official Poke FireRed. Therefore, finding new difficulty levels, Alter Form Pokemon, High Generation moves, and much more is possible. Additionally, multiple unofficial features are also added. Thus, have a fun gameplay with various improvements. Hence, Download and enjoy this new GBA ROM hack.

Playing GameBoy Advance hacks is always exciting for Poke trainers. Because hacks provide new gameplay experience with fan-based improvements. Therefore, playing a new available GBA ROM hack is fun. So, this page is about the newly released fan-modified GBA game. Hence, stay to know about this game here.

What is Pokemon AlteRed GBA?

Pokemon AlteRed ROM is a GBA ROM Hack game. This GBA ROM hack is based on Poke FireRed. So, get improvements in the official FireRed game. Further, this GBA provides more controls on the gameplay, High-Gen moves, and more modifications. Hence, play to have fun gameplay in this fan-based Pokemon GBA game.

GameBoy Advance Pokemon games are considered to be low-difficult games. Although, players who enjoy low-level games love to play GBA games. However, there are Poke trainers who love to play difficult games. Thus, trainers prefer to play modified GBAs or GBA hacks. Because hacks offer unofficial improvements.

GBA hacks are easily found on the web after some surfing. However, finding hard-level hacks is quite rare. Because most GBA mods are introduced to minimize the difficulty levels. Therefore, this page is about a unique game with a unique modified hard-level game. Hence, learn about this unique Poke GBA ROM here.

Pokemon AlteRed GBA ROM is the latest available modified Poke ROM with multiple modifications similar to Pokemon Polka Aqua 3. Therefore, Poke trainers will have a fun gameplay with exciting improvements. Hence, learn about this newly available modified game. Further, all features are available here with details. Learn about features on this page.

Alter Form Pokemon

Pokemon with different forms are rare to find. Therefore, this GBA hack provides 411+ Alter Form Pokemon. Thus, Poke trainers will have better gameplay with unique forms and have fun. Further, available forms of Poke are easily evolving. So, play this game to unlock all available forms and have fun.


In the official FireRed, trainers only get 151 monsters. However, this GBA hack offers an improved PokeDex with more monsters. Therefore, higher-generation Pocket monsters are available. Additionally, Capturing high-gen monsters is possible using Pokeballs. So, use Pokeballs and capture all monsters to complete the Pokdex. 

Difficulty Levels

This game provides special modifications in the difficulty levels. Thus, Poke players will get higher difficulty levels. Although, the gameplay isn’t hard compared to the Nuzlocke hack. But, opponents will be more challenged by high-level monsters in this GBA hack. Accordingly, Poke trainers will have a difficult gameplay compared to the official game. 

Dual Battle System

The battle system will change according to the level of the player. At low levels, players will get a single battle machine. However, after increasing the difficulty levels, the dual battle system will also unlocked. Therefore, increase the level of Pokemon to activate the dual battle system. Hence, battle using two monsters against two monsters.

Move Controller

Forgotten moves are unable to learn in the official game. However, this GBA ROM hack offers a social system. At each Pokemon Center Second Floor, get a system to Learn Forgotten moves, Delete Any Moves, and other related services. Thus, Poke trainers will have complete control of the move system. Hence, learn powerful moves and remove useless moves.

Sprite Or Design 

Most Poke hacks offer the same design monsters. However, this modified GBA offers modifications to the existing monster designs. Therefore, Poke trainers will get attractive and beautiful designs of monsters. Additionally, the battle animation of monsters is also modified. Thus, players will get new gameplay with improved animations. Hence, capture newly designed monsters and have a fun gameplay.


Compared to the offical FireRed, all starter Pokemon are also changed. Therefore, Poke players will get CHIKORIED, ATOMIQUIL, And EXPLODILE as starters. Hence, selecting any available Pokemon is possible to start the journey. Further, encounter monsters are also modified. Because this GBA game provides Eighth Generation. Hence, encounter 8th Gen Pocket monsters here.

Maps And Location

Although, the available Map is based on the official FireRed Region Kanto. However, the existing locations are quite improvised. Therefore, players will get an altered region in this game. Further, the available routes are also modified. So, find new routes to explore the improvised Kanto Region. Consequently, have a fun experience exploring this region.

Pokemon Alte Red Download to enjoy available improved features. This game offers various modifications in the gameplay. Therefore, playing this new fan-based edition will be exciting. So, download and play the FireRed with improvised features and have fun. Get information about Alte Red Download from below.

Screenshot Of Game

How To Download Pokemon AlteRed GBA?

This GBA hack has various editions. So, finding one edition is simple. But, the problem is to get a complete collection. Therefore, this website offers a simple GBA downloading system to get complete editions. Find the DOWNLOAD NOW button and tap on it. Get all available hack editions and download them instantly.

How To Add Pokemon AlteRed Cheats?

To add cheats, get the cheats of FireRed. Because this hack is based on FireRed. Therefore, the cheats of FireRed will work on this GBA hack. However, avoided using multiple word cheats. Because it can cause problems. Additionally, save the game before adding any cheats to prevent damaging the official ROM hack.

How To Patch Pokemon AlteRed GBA Hack?

The GBA patching process needs the Official GBA game, Hack, and Patcher tool. Use the Game and Hack in the tool to patch the hack with the game. Additionally, compatibility of the official GBA with the hack is important for patching. However, this website provides pre-patched files. Hence, download and play without patching.

Main Features

  • Completely Modified Fire Red
  • Endless Eigth Gen Pokemon
  • Modified Kanto Region
  • New Locations Available
  • New Designed Pokemon
  • Find New Moves
  • Dual Battle System 
  • Learn Forgotten Moves
  • Difficulty Increased
  • New NPCs Added
  • Unofficial Sidequests
  • Improved Tiles
  • Much More

Frequent Ask Questions [FAQs]

How To Play Pokemon Alte Red On PC?

To play this GBA hack on PC, install a GBA Emulator Software on the PC and play this GBA hack.

How To Play Pokemon Alte Red Android?

This game is not available for Android devices. Therefore, install a GBA emulator on Android and play this GBA version.

What is Pokemon Alte Red Latest Version?

The latest updated version of this game is 2.4. 


Pokemon AlteRed Game provides the best and most challenging gameplay. Thus, Poke players will have a fun gameplay with improvements. Additionally, more similar Poke Mod Games are available on this website. Hence, follow to know more.

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