Pokemon Altered Platinum NDS ROM Hack Download [New 2023]

Pokemon Altered Platinum NDS ROM Hack Download [New 2023]
Full Name Pokemon Altered Platinum
Console Nintendo DS
Publisher Game Freak
Developer Lithobraker
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 48.52 MB
Released July 4, 2023
Downloads 8382
Download now

Pokemon Altered Platinum is a new fan-based remake of NDS ROM. This ROM hack provides a new modified gameplay with multiple improvements. Therefore, find high-generation Poke features. Further, get new Forms, Pokemon, NPCs, and much more improvements. Thus, get the best modifications and have a fun gameplay. Hence, Download and Play this NDS ROM hack.

NDS games are always fun for Poke trainers. However, getting improved gaming features is rare. Because officially no improvements are available. Therefore, Poke players prefer to play the remake versions with additional improvements. So, find the information related to the latest NDS ROM hack. Hence, stay to know about this hack.

What is Pokemon Altered Platinum NDS?

Pokemon Altered Platinum ROM is an NDS ROM hack. This ROM is based on Pokemon Platinum. Therefore, find modifications and improvements in the official Platinum. So, get Pokemon, New Forms, Improved Characters, and much more improvements. Additionally, get features added from the eighth Poke generation. Hence, enjoy the mod NDS ROM game. 

Nintendo DS games provide easy access to high-level gaming services. However, limited official Poke games are available for NDS devices. Therefore, to enjoy the high-generation Pokemon N-DS games one must try the modified versions. So, Trainers enjoy playing mod games and have fun gameplay. Hence, explore the mod games here.

ROMSFORGBA.COM provides multiple Nintendo DS-modified games such as Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Fount of Victory. Although, it is rare to find a completely remade NDS ROM. However, this website provides the best collection of modified games. Therefore, surfing on the web for mod ROMs isn’t needed anymore. Hence, get the latest NDS ROM hack here. 

Pokemon Altered Platinum Game is a completely new unofficial game with higher-generation features. In this game, Poke trainers will get a combination of 8th Gen features and Unofficial features. Therefore, players will get unique combined features to have fun gameplay. But, it is recommended to learn about added hacks before downloading. Hence, get information about this NDS hack here.


The gameplay and game storylines are similar to the official. Therefore, Poke trainers will get official gameplay as the main quest. However, this NDS ROM hack offers improved sidequests. So, Poke players will have unique gameplay with official and unofficial modifications. Hence, explore this new combo gameplay.

The unofficial sidequests won’t be activated automatically. Therefore, players need to activate the quests manually. So, find multiple unofficial NPCs in this game. Further, Poke trainers have to find and chat with available characters to get unofficial quests and missions. Hence, explore this available game to meet new characters.


In this Pokemon NDS hack, Pokemon from different generations are added. Therefore, trainers will get multiple Pocket monsters from higher generations compared to the official game. Additionally, the rate of catching monsters is also increased. Therefore, Poke trainers can easily capture all available Pokemon. Hence, complete the Pokedex instantly with a single gameplay.

Sinnohan Forms

The ROM hack provides the best collection of Pokemon Sinnohan forms. Therefore, find 30+ newly added Sinnohan Forms Pokemon. Hence, transform the Poke and have a new form easily. Addtionally, Level up to unlock available from of Pokemon. Because higher levels will activate the Sinnohan Forms and have fun. 

In this ROM hack, Poke trainers will also get more modifications aside from Sinnohan forms. Therefore, get Pokemon with new Types, Stats, and Abilities. Hence, the existing monsters will be more powerful. Further, this Hack provides the best and most advanced level-modified moves. Hence, learn newly added moves and have a fun gameplay.

Improved designs of Pokemon are rare to find. However, this hack offers the best collection of re-designed monsters. Additionally, new Sinnohan forms of Pokemon are also available with new designs. Consequently, get improved gameplay with attractive and creative Pokemon.


Find the best modifications in the existing moves. Because this NDS ROM offers high-quality moves. Thus, find Roughhouse, Meteor Dive, and much more. Additionally, the signature moves of Pokemon are also added. So, trainers will get Cosmic Void, Steel Feathers, and more unique signature moves. Hence, unlock signature moves and enjoy monster battles.

Pokemon Altered Platinum NDS ROM Hack provides the best collection of improvements. Therefore, it is considered to be the most unique fan-based game. So, download and start playing this exciting unofficial game and have fun. Further, get information related to the download NDS ROM hack below. Hence, follow to learn about downloading.

Screenshot Of Game

How To Download Pokemon Altered Platinum NDS ROM Hack?

This remake game has two versions. Although, the first remake is available on the web. But, it is rare to find the updated edition. Therefore, this website offers a simple downloading process to get both versions here. So, find the DOWNLOAD NOW button and tap it. Get the downloading system instantly to download this NDS ROM hack.

How To Patch Altered Platinum NDS Hack?

To patch this NDS Hack ROM, users have to get the official Platinum NDS, Hack, and Patcher tool. However, a simple way to skip is to download the patched NDS hack. Therefore, this website offers pre-patched ROMs. Hence, Download and start playing instantly. Skip the patching process of NDS ROM hacks.

How To Play Pokemon Altered Platinum NDS Hack?

To play this game, remember to identify the main and side quests. Because complete sidequests aren’t compulsory for players. Additionally, sidequests are unofficial and modifications. Therefore, play to complete the main quest. The Main quest is the same as the official gameplay. Hence, Poke trainers won’t find any problems. 

Main Features

  • Remake Poke Platinum
  • Sinnohan Forms 30+
  • New Characters And Side Story
  • Sidequests Added
  • New Designed Pokemon
  • Improved Moves
  • Changed Abilities And Stats
  • Customized Graphics
  • More Poke Types Added
  • Many More

Frequent Ask Questions [FAQs]

How To Play Pokemon Alte Red Platinum PC?

To Play On PC, install an NDS-Emulator on your PC and run the NDS game on the emulator.

How To Download Pokemon Altered Platinum Android?

The Apk version of this game isn’t available. Therefore, install an NDS Emulator On Android and play this game on the Emulator.

What is Shiny Pokemon Rate In Pokemon Alte Red Platinum?

In the latest edition, the Shiny Pokemon Rate is 1/512.


Pokemon Altered Platinum Download and enjoy modifications in Poke Platinum. Although, information about modifications is available here. But, the right way to enjoy game mods is to play. Therefore, download and play to experience all features. Further, this website offers more similar Poke modes. Hence, follow to get more mods.

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