Pokemon Regis’ Origin ROM Download [2023 Patched GBA]

Pokemon Regis’ Origin ROM Download [2023 Patched GBA]
Full Name Pokemon Regis’ Origin
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer Hoennwalker
Region Global, Spain
Genre Role Playing
File size 17.01 MB
Released May 9, 2022
Downloads 9357
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Finding the latest Gens features in Pokemon ROM hacks is common. But, trainers want to try unique modifications. Therefore, try Pokemon Regis’ Origin edition. This hack provides the best combination of modifications for players. Thus, trainers will get unique alterations and new gen features.

ROM hacks offer multiple modifications for players. Usually, these hacks offer the latest gen features. But, there are also editions with different modifications. Thus, here players will get information related to a ROM hack with amazing alterations.

What is Pokemon Regis’ Origin ROM?

Pokemon Regis’ Origin GBA is a GBA ROM Hack. So, this offers multiple modifications in the ROM. In this edition, trainers will get unexpected alterations and updated gen features. This is the improved edition of Pokemon Emerald.

Pokemon Emerald is the best and most popular series of Pokemon. Although, it was introduced in two thousand and four. However still, trainers from all over the globe play and enjoy this amazing ROM game. Therefore, this GBA ROM is known as the best ROM game.

The Pokemon Theta Emerald EX is one of the best editions, but today we are here with something new and unique for you all. So, if you want to know more about it, then you only need to stay with us for a while.

The Pokemon Regis’ Origin Game is the best fan-based improved edition of emerald. Therefore, it offers multiple modified features for the trainers. So, no more playing the boring same old gameplay anymore. Hence, experience modified ultra features with this GBA ROM.

Any modified edition provides minior changes in the games. So usually, players dont find mod games amusing. But, there are some amazing fan mods with amazing improvements. Thus, this edition is among the popular mod game.

Downloading any modified ROM without complete details wastes players time. Therefore, it is recommended to get information related to this hack before downloading. So, here trainers will get complete details about modifications. Thus, stay with us and explore all information here

Game Story

Pokemon Emerald’s story ends when the protagonist becomes the Champion. So, the Pokemon Regis’ Origin provides a differnet storyline for players. Therefore, this story will continue after the scenario of the championship has ended.

It has been five years since the Pokemon Championship ended. So, the protagonist is living a relaxed life all these years. However, the relaxation will not last for more. Because the Shadow team is rising again to take control of the Hoenn region.

In different locations of the Hoenn Region Shadow team is starting to do evil. Therefore, the protagonist’s quests are starting again. So, now players have to control the region and maintain peace. Although, maintaining peace will be difficult. But, trainers can achieve anything with hard training.


Traveling in the Pokemon region is quite boring, especially completing tasks. In official ROMs, players can walk from one location to another. The option of flying monsters is available. But it cost learning the flying moves. Therefore, traveling is quite hard for the players.

In this hack, a unique alteration is added known as UltraFlight. With this UltraFlight trainers will get the ability to fly. So, now players can freely move from one town to another easily. Thus, walking a long distance will be easy for trainers.


Sometimes, it is boring to spend time with monsters only. Therefore, this altered ROM offers additional mini-games. So, here trainers will get different games in the ROM hack. Additionally, mini-games offer more rewards for trainers.

Mining is one of the added mini-games in this hack. So, trainers have to visit underground tunnels and collect special items. In these mines, players will encounter powerful creatures. Thus, capturing these monsters is also possible for trainers.


Mostly, ROM hacks don’t offer changes in graphics. Therefore, trainers have to play games with the same display. But, this mod offers better graphics for trainers. Thus, the gameplay will be more attractive to play and enjoy. Additionally, trainers will get battle animations and more display improvements.

The latest altered GBA offers tons of modifications in the gameplay. Although, most of the details are provided here. But, there is much more unexplored. Therefore, it is recommended to download the GBA ROM hack and play to explore all.

Screenshots of Game

How to Download Pokémon Regis’ Origin GBA ROM?

The downloading process will automatically start with a single click. Therefore, players need to click on the download link. Here, trainers will get the fastest downloading process. So, downloading the ROM hack won’t be a problem for anyone.

The download links were checked multiple times before uploading. So, this is hardly impossible to have any problems with downloading. However, using of the comment section is available to share any problems. Additionally, writing reviews about the hack is also possible using this section.

Main Features

  • Latest Emerald Edition
  • New Storylines
  • Ultraflight System
  • Updated Graphics
  • Mining Mini-Game
  • More Items
  • Additional Improvements
  • Many More


How to Patch Pokemon Regis’ Origin?

Here you can find the Pre-Patched ROM, which anyone can easily download and play without any problem.

How to Download Pre-Patch Pokemon Regis’ Origin ROM?

Find the download button on this page and tap on it. You will get the Patched ROM easily.

How to Download Pokemon Regis’ Origin 3DS CIA File?

You can also access the download section, through which you can get the 3DS CIA File easily.


Pokemon Regis’ Origin Download and experience flying in Hoenn Region. With this ROM, trainers will have a new gaming experience. Therefore, download this fan-based edition of Emearld and have fun with altered features. Additionally, keep visiting us for more exciting GBA ROM hacks.

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