Pokemon Elysium GBA ROM Download [1.2.0 Patched]

Pokemon Elysium GBA ROM Download [1.2.0 Patched]
Full Name Pokemon Elysium
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer BlKaiser
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 6.16 MB
Released September 3, 2023
Downloads 8733
Download now

Pokemon Elysium is the latest available GBA ROM hack game. This GBA hack offers a completely modified game with newly added features. Therefore, find multiple high-gen features with a fan-based modified game story in this GBA. So, Poke trainers will a fun gameplay with multiple improvements and changes. Hence, Download and play this new GBA ROM hack to have fun.

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What is Pokemon Elysium GBA?

Pokemon Elysium ROM is a GBA ROM hack. This hack is based on the Pokemon FireRed GBA game. Therefore, multiple new features are added to the official gameplay to make it more exciting. Further, this new hack offers new storylines, Higher Gen Pokemon, More NPCs, Moves, and more features. So, enjoy playing this new GBA ROM hack.

Modified GBA ROM hacks of FireRed are quite popular. Therefore, ROMSFORGBA.COM provides the best collection of FireRed hacks such as Pokemon Fire Red 898 Randomizer. However, this page is about the newest available ROM hack. So, get details about the newly modified FireRed game with higher-gen features. Hence, explore the details of this new ROM hack here.

Pokemon Elysium Hack is the newly available game by BlKaiser. This GBA hack was developed after a year of hard work. Therefore, fans will get the best collection improvement combinations here. So, playing this unique game will be more exciting for Poke trainers. Hence, get information about this new hack GBA game here.

Game Story

The Story of this modified GBA game is about a young Poke trainer girl. The PT girl wants to become the best Poke trainer of all time. So, she visits the mysterious Elysium island to win the Poke league and become one of the eight best trainers. However, encountering dark organizations, GYM Leaders, and much more challenging situations await her. Hence, help this girl to fulfill her dreams.


The gameplay of this GBA hack starts on the island of Crysta. So, finding the starter Pokemon is the first available quest. Thus, players have to meet with the professor and get the starter monsters. After completing basic tasks, start the journey to defeat all available GYM Leaders. However, the GYM leaders are changed with 8 spots. Hence, defeat the eight spots to battle against the Poke champion and complete this game.


This is an altered FireRed game. Therefore, multiple sidequests are added to the gameplay. Although, completing these sidequests isn’t important. But, players will get rare items and Pokemon. So, playing the sidequests will provide additional benefits. Hence, don’t forget to play the available secondary missions and enjoy.


In this GBA hack, Pokemon are added from multiple generations. Apart from Gen 1, 2, and 3, higher-generation Pokemons are also added. Thus, players will have multiple high-gen monsters such as Galvantula, Hippopotas, and much more. Additionally, rare Pocket monsters are also available in the gameplay. Hence, enjoy the combo of multi-gen Pokemon.

FakeMons And FakeMoves

Unofficial Pokemon and Poke moves are quite rare even in GBA ROM hacks. Because official and unofficial developers don’t use such fan-bassed monsters and moves. However, this GBA hack offers the best and unique combination of fan-based developed Pokemon/Fakemon and Moves/Fakemoves. Hence, enjoy unofficial monsters with exciting moves and abilities.

Pokemon Elysium 1.2.0 Update


In this version, new monsters are also added. Therefore, Poke trainers will get more unique and powerful Pokemon such as Froslass, Probopass. Hence, get powerful Pokemon and have unlimited fun.


New moves are also added in the 1.2.0 GBA ROM hack. So, players will find powerful moves such as Bug Buzz, Dragon Pulse, Zen Headbutt, and much more. Pokemon needs to level up and unlock all the newly added powerful moves


Poke trainers love to get animations. Therefore, this GBA hack provides the best collection of battle animations in this updated version. So, get Dazzling Gleam, Flash Cannon, and much more unique battle animations. 

Pokemon Elysium Download and explore all available modifications. In this GBA, more unique improvements are added such as Regions, Rare Items, and much more. Therefore, download to enjoy all modifications. So, know how to download Elysium GBA Hack here and get this exciting game.

Screenshots Of Game

How To Download Pokemon Elysium GBA ROM Hack?

This ROM hack has been recently released. Therefore, not all websites offer this GBA hack. So, this website offers the fastest GBA ROM hack downloading system. Find the DOWNLOAD NOW button and tap on it. After this, download the available GBA ROM hack file and start playing. Hence, surfing the web isn’t necessary.

How To Download Pre-Patch Pokemon Elysium GBA Hack?

Mostly, websites offer UPS hack files. Therefore, players have to manually add this UPS hack to the GBA game. Although, the process of UPS patching is simple. But, it is time-wasting for most players. So, find the Pre-patched GBA hack file here and download it. No need to patch the UPS file anymore.

How To Play Pokemon Elysium GBA?

This game is quite simple and easy. Because the main theme and modified theme are differnet. Thus, play the official gameplay to enjoy the main theme. And play the available sidequests to enjoy the modified gameplay. Although, it is not essential to play the sidequests. But, get new monsters, moves, and items while playing side quests. Hence, it is suggested to play both. 

Main Features

  • New FireRed ROM Hack
  • Changed Storylines
  • New Gameplay
  • Higher Gen Pokemon
  • Powerful Moves And Abilities
  • Fakemon With Fake Moves
  • Modified Region
  • New Locations Added
  • Attractive Graphics
  • Much More

Frequent Ask Questions [FAQs]

How To Play Pokémon Elysium Android?

The Android version of this game is not available. Therefore, install a GBA Emulator for Android and play this game on the emulator.

How To Get Pokémon Elysium Cheats?

The game is based on FireRed. Therefore, use the FireRed cheats to hack this game.

How To Play Pokémon Elysium PC?

Install a GBA Emulator on the PC and play this game using the emulator.


Pokemon Elysium Game is the best available Poke GBA ROM hack. Therefore, Poke trainers will have the most fun experience with available services. Hence, download and enjoy this exciting game. Further, more similar ROM hacks are available on this website. Hence, follow and download more GBA ROMs.

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