The Ultimate Guide To iOS And Android GBA Emulators

If you are a huge fan of Nintendo gaming consoles, then you are on the right page. Because here I am going to share The Ultimate Guide to iOS and Android GBA Emulators.

There are so many people who want to try these consoles on their smartphones or tablets. So, this guide will help such users to play their favorite GBA ROMs.

What is GBA ROM?

When we look back into the early 90s and till then 2001 or even 2005, you will never find any 3D game. It was the era of Nintendo games. It was considered as a golden era not only for the Nintendo itself but also for the kids of the 90s as well.

But with the passage of time different companies have started to work on 3D games and some of them succeded in that. So, initially, they launched so many offline 3 dimensional games. Some of the most famous ones include GTA, IGI, and Racing games.

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However, the love and craze for the Nintendo games are still there and millions of people want to play these. However, DBA devices have been outdated and people are mostly using smartphones and tablets to enjoy their favorite games.

So, most of the fans want to enjoy them on their phones. Because they are more reliable, easy to use, and convenient to enjoy such gaming platforms. Moreover, today’s phones have the ability to play such games without latency issues.

Nevertheless, there are some important requirements to run the GBA ROMs whether it be the iOS phone or an Android phone. There are different GBA emulators for Android and iOS. So, some of the emulators may work on both iOS and Android. But most of the time you need different for each phone.

MeBoy Advanced

Let’s talk about the MeBoy Advanced that is compatible with Android mobile phones. As you know that a huge number of people use Android smartphones. Because these devices are cheaper and reliable. Therefore, these are in access of everyone.

So, this is an emulator that you can download and install on your phone. The reason for picking is that this emulator offers convenient and smooth controls. So, through that, you can easily play ROMs with complicated control options.

Furthermore, you can easily access this tool and you don’t need to pay a single penny for its services. You just need to download its Apk file which is the extension that you can only install on your Android mobile phones or tablets.

John GBA Lite

Just like the Me Boy, John GBA Lite is also available for Android mobile phones. You can download its apk file from any third-party website and install it on your phone. There are so many premium factors for picking or listing in this article.

First of all, it is also offering you convenient and smooth controls. But along with that, you can have the option to utilize the cheats codes, speed adjustments, and much more. It is also the best option for users who love to take screenshots of their success and scores.

Provenance Emulator

I don’t want to make iOS users sad, so, that is why I have come up with the best and safest emulator called Provenance Emulator. You can download the extension from any third-party website and then install it on your phone that has an iOS operating system.

The reason for sharing this tool with you is that it supports multiple kinds of systems not only GBA. You can even play the consoles of PSP, Sega, Atari, and many more. You just need to download or enter the ROMs of each system according to the requirements.

Eclipse Emulator

Eclipse Emulator is another best tool for iOS phone users. It allows you to enjoy the GBA ROMs on your phone. So, there are certain features of the app that makes it the best. So, that is the reason why I have shared this with you.

It is one of those tools that allows you to adjust the screen according to your convenience. You can also customize the controls and make them more convenient. It further uses cloud storage, Dropbox, and Google Drive, rather than using your phone’s storage.


These are the major requirements that you must have otherwise, you cannot use or enjoy the games.

Zip File Extractor

Here are some important points or requirements that you must need to keep in your mind. So, first of all, you need to install a Zip File Extractor such as RAR, Unzipper, and many other similar apps.

In simple, you need to have a tool or app for both Android and iOS to unzip the ROMs as they can be found always in zip folders.


As you know that ROM is what you need to have on that emulator in order to play it. Indirectly you can call it a game that you can install or copy-paste on your phone through the emulator and play it.

There you can find free as well as paid ROMs on the internet. Even there are so many mod or hacked editions as well. So, it is up to you which one you prefer or want to play.

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There are so many tools that you can use for both Android and iOS. But again you will have to download different extensions for Android and iOS.

I have tried to make it precise and simple so you can easily understand what these GBA emulators are and how you can use them.

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