Best Grand Theft Auto ROMs To Play In 2023

Grand Theft Auto has been the most famous crime series on Play Station. The official creators of this series are Rockstar Games. The series has gathered an audience of millions from the date of its first part. So here we will try to find Best Grand Theft Auto ROMS to Play in 2023.

Players from around the world have loved playing the game on their Play Station. It was also published from other platforms like Windows. But there was a difference between the PSP ROMs and the desktop version. Now with these ROMS, players will get that experience.

Some of the parts from the series have gathered an audience of millions. The developers had sold millions of copies in the very starting days. Each part of the series was meant to be ahead of its time. That is why people still look for these games.

What is Best Grand Theft Auto ROMS?

It won’t be that hard for the users to find the Best Grand Theft Auto ROMS. Because as mentioned in the beginning, the series was immensely popular.  All the PSP players surely have had a great time playing their favorite part.

As mentioned the Play Stations improved with time. Similarly, the creators of GTA have also improved the ROMs. The major improvements were made in terms of graphics quality and the smooth gaming experience.

Each GTA ROM had a specific feature that attracted players. So here we will list out the 5 Best GTA ROMS for players to try in the year 2023. Playing ROMS using emulators is quite normal these days.  This list will surely help the players in getting started right away.

Grand Theft Auto 2

This gameplay is set in a city called Anywhere in the USA. It is set in the year 2013 and the date of release was 1999.  It provided a futuristic experience for the players at that time. It had a top view camera Angle which was permanent. There was no option of changing the view.

The map was quite small and it was distributed in three different areas. The areas were Downtown, Residential, and Industrial. The player is supposed to switch between the places according to the need of levels.  There will be multiple levels offered which the players have to complete.

Most of the gameplay is simply about performing criminal activities. There will be multiple missions given which the gamer has to complete. Completing the mission will result in getting points. Points can be used for multiple activities here.

Grand Theft Auto 3

This gameplay brings a very interesting story for the gamers. It provides an amazing overview in the very starting to help the gamers to involved in the gameplay more. The story is about a character named Claude.  This revenge story letter leads to multiple events and activities.

This gameplay offered a complete 3D gaming experience for the gamers. This was the first GTA series where gamers got the 3D open-world gaming experience.  The story was set in Liberty city the USA and the area was separated into three different sections.

The story revolves around Claude trying to get to the girlfriend that betrayed him. There will be a lot of events in between from which the gamers have to go through. Eventually, the events lead to what Claude desires.  This game is amongst the most famous parts of GTA.

Screenshot of Grand Theft Auto ROMS

Grand Theft Auto Vice City

The protagonist of this part is called Tommy Vercetti. Tommy was in jail for 15 years for a murder sentence. After being released, he visits his old boss Sonny and starts working again. The story is set in 1986 and the city is called Vice City, Miami.

This game was surely an improvement in a lot of aspects. It had more missions to complete any other part, there was a proper storyline till the very end and so much more. The weapon options for usage during the missions.

 The graphics and the controls were also really great. This part of the series had won numerous awards and sold millions of copies over various platforms.  It was first offered for PSP and after the success, it was offered for other platforms like Windows.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas    

The protagonist of this part with called CJ, who is a former Bandit.  He returns to his old area after getting the news of the death of his mother. The story is set in a Fictional place in the USA called San Andreas.  The map in this part is also distributed in three areas.

The creators have tried to gain influence from real-life incidents. There were a lot of incidents in the parts which have been added in this gameplay. There are many aspects in the gameplay which may not be suitable for kids underage.

In this open-world game, players had the liberty of things that were not possible before. Like when it comes to daily life activities swimming and eating food was not a concept.  Also, the previous one did let you fly the Helicopters and aircraft.

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Final Words

These are the Best Grand Theft Auto ROMS players can try in the following year. All these ROMS have been offered for play station and for running these ROMS players will require an emulator.


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