Top Underrated Sega Genesis Games to Play

It happens everywhere, there are always some attention grabbing and shining subjects that take the stage and others get ignored. The same is the case with the top underrated Sega Genesis games listed here.

These did not sell like the hotcakes, some of the well-known games and characters became a common name and took the fame of the console to heights. So you might have heard of Altered Beast, Mortal Combat, Golden Axe, Street of Rage, Sonic the Hedgehog, and many more.

But today we are here with a list that deserves equal attention and you could enjoy as much as enjoying the famous titles. Call it bad marketing or whatever, but you will realize, these are worth exploring.

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Top Underrated Sega Genesis Games

Whether you have the vintage console today or not, the good thing is you can still explore these titles and have some fun time with the help of an emulator.

All you need to do is get the relevant ROM for your PC or mobile phone depending on your choice and availability of the device. All fun and amazing gameplays are here for you to explore. So let’s check out the list here.

Alien Soldier

A title that was released more than two decades ago still feels like a yesterday’s release for a number of reasons. Awesome gameplay, graphics, the game controls are to count as some reasons.

Alien Soldier is a run and gun game where you are going to tackle exotic and alien bosses within an even exquisite surrounding.  These humongous bosses will give you a hard time overcoming them.

At the same time, if you look in the mirror wearing your character’s avatar, you can’t stop admiring the detail and the agile maneuvers that you can perform.  So you can spend around ten minutes each battling the opponent.


The renowned game maker Game Freak for Nintendo Game Boy, but before that, they had Pulseman for Genesis which was shrouded by back-to-back titles from other franchises and consoles.

Great graphics and touches to details make this title a wroth try for all the vintage game enthusiasts. The game hero is half human half digital being who can enter the digital realm, which of course you can control.

He can jump, burst energy inputs, zoom away and become an incoming ballistic. Agility is what defines his character. With a futuristic approach, you are in the digital landscape, shooting and fighting to level up your status.

Comix Zone

A perfect game, but released at a wrong turn, the Comix Zone an awesome title to play, came out when the Genesis console had aged enough to warrant a new hardware update to the system.

This could be the reason why you have not heard about it. A great title to enjoy, you could not stop once you start playing.  An action filled gameplay where the hero is fighting up the ladder of the story in the novel.

So the hero will rip the panel to take you to the next scene in the story here. This means you will see the conversation and dialogues in the little boxes that appear and disappear. This adds to the richness in the graphics, which are detailed and immersive for the player.

Castlevania: Bloodlines

Castlevania is a well-known title that appeared on many consoles, not just Genesis. The Sega Genesis specific Bloodline was indeed exclusive, especially for the fact that it is still one of the best in the 2D names that appeared.

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It is an action-based fast moving gameplay that is immersive for the gamers and becomes a go-to title once you have mastered it. Here you will have to maneuver the hero across treacherous landscapes.

These landscapes are filled with unknown dangers and traps for you and traversing them is not as easy as you think with the powers and abilities you have.  For a subtitle from Castlevania, the Bloodline is indeed a great title to consider even today.


So here we mentioned some top underrated Sega Genesis games that you can play today. Some other names include Yu Yu Hakusho: Makyo Toitsusen; Contra: Hard Corps; Gunstar Heroes; and Dynamite Headdy. Tell us which one is your favorite, from this list in the comments section below.

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