Pokemon Fire Red v514 ROM Download [2023 GBA]

Pokemon Fire Red v514 ROM Download [2023 GBA]
Full Name Pokemon Fire Red v514
Console GameBoy Advance
Publisher Game Freak
Developer elie2222
Region Global
Genre Role Playing
File size 11.43 MB
Released September 16, 2022
Downloads 49284
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Pocket monster FireRed supports third-generation services. But, there are official nine-generation features available. Therefore, try the Pokemon Fire Red v514 modified edition with multiple alterations. In this edition, get eighth-gen features in the Third gen ROM game. Additionally, find more exciting alterations in this edition.

Pokemon ROMs don’t provide official modifications. Therefore, it is impossible to find upgraded features in the Pokemon games. So, find searching for a modified GBA hack is quite common. Hence, get information related to the latest ROM hack on this website. Thus, enjoy playing modified ROM.

What is Pokemon Fire Red v514 ROM?

Pokemon Fire Red v514 GBA is a GBA Modified ROM. In this mod, get the largest collection of modifications and alterations. So, players will get eighth-generation Pokemon core features. Additionally, more fan-based alterations are added in the Fire Red. This is an improved version of Pokemon FireRed.

The GBA mod editions always attract more players. So, there is the largest collection of modified GBAs available on this website. Therefore, players can also try Pokemon True Kanto. But, on this page get the latest modified ROM.

Each Pokemon gaming series has features added from specific generations. So, it is impossible to find features added from other generations. Therefore, players love to play modified games. Hence, get information related to modified editions on this page.

Fan-based altered editions offer unique changes in the official ROM. So, each of the alter editions provides different alterations in the gameplay. Mostly, altered ROMs offer limited changes. Therefore, playing with limited alterations is boring. Thus, this website provides special editions with endless alterations.

The Pokemon Fire Red v514 Game is the most unique ROM hack. In this GBA hack, get endless alterations and modifications. So, players will have better gameplay with the latest-gen features. Therefore, information relative to the modified hacks are available here. Thus, stay to get relative details.


In the Pokemon games, pocket monsters play an important role. However, the official edition provides third-gen Pokedex. Therefore, this hack provides alterations in the Pokedex. So, players will find additional monsters and enhanced Pokedex added. Thus, have the best experience of gaming.

The altered ROM provides newly added monsters from multiple generations. So, get pocket monsters from the eighth core Pokemon generation. Additionally, there are specific unique monsters added for other core gen. Hence, players will have a wide range of monsters.

In the modified edition, players will get modified monsters from different generations. But, the starters of the edition are third-generation monsters. So, players will start with limited monsters in the modified edition. But, building a powerful team of the latest-gen monsters is also possible. Additionally, get information about added legendary monsters here.

  • Groudon
  • Kyogre
  • Rayquaza
  • Mew
  • Heatran
  • Phione
  • Manaphy
  • Entei
  • Many More

Pokemon players love to play using a team of powerful legendary monsters. Therefore, this exciting ROM hack is the best available option for players. Because this edition provides the best Rare monsters available here. Hence, playing this edition will be full of entertainment.

Difficulty Improved

Playing simple GBA games is simple to play and win. Therefore, this ROM hack offers increased difficulty levels. So, trainers will have a better gameplay experience with increased difficulty levels. Hence, battling against other trainers will be exciting. So, enjoy playing the gameplay without any problem.

The exciting hack offers achievement-based difficulty levels. Therefore, higher-level players will face high difficulty. Similarly, low-level players will encounter low difficulty levels. So, all types of players will get respective opponents in the gameplay.

Day and Night System

Any game is incomplete without some realistic features. But, the official FireRed game doesn’t provide any kind of time system. Therefore, players will always play in daylight. So, this modified ROM provides a complete time system with day and night.

In the time system, players will also encounter specific events. Thus, these events will be encountered only in specific events. Similarly, there are some time-based monsters are added. So, catching these monsters at a specific time only. Hence, missed the relative time and get that monster at another time.

Information related to modified GBA ROM is provided on this page. But, the best method to explore is by playing. Therefore,  get details related to the GBA downloading process here. Additionally, more modified GBA hacks are available on this website. Thus, explore more GBA hacks.

Screenshots of Game

How to Download Pokémon Fire Red v514 GBA ROM?

On the internet, there are multiple ROM downloading websites are available. However, the problem is to find altered ROMs. Therefore, get the best ROM downloader on this website. So, downloading ROM hacks won’t be a problem anymore. Hence, visiting other websites is not necessary.

ROM hacks are incomplete with patching. So, players need to go through the patching process to add hacks. But, this website provides pre-patched ROMs. Therefore, no need to waste time on the internet anymore.  Hence, enjoy gaming without going through the patching process.

Main Features

  • Latest Improved FireRed Edition
  • Pokemon From All 8 Gens
  • Latest Moves and Abilities
  • Battle Items Available
  • Legendary Monsters Available
  • Smart Battle Experience
  • Evolutions Added
  • More Special Items
  • Multiple Rewards
  • Many More


How to Get Pokémon FireRed v514 Pokedex Information?

Find the complete Pokedex of the game at the bottom of this page.

Can We Get Information Related to Pokémon FireRed v514 TMs Location?

Get complete information in the provided document at the bottom of this page.

How to Download Pre-Patched Pokémon FireRed 514 ROM?

Download the ROM from this page, whcih has been Pre-Patched.


Pokemon Fire Red v514 Download and enjoy the most advanced-level modified GBA ROM. So, getting the fan-based alterations and the latest-gen features is possible with this ROM hack. Although, information is provided here. But, there is much more unexplored. Hence, download and play to explore all.

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