Pokemon Magnetic RPGXP FanGame Download [2023 Update]

Pokemon Magnetic RPGXP FanGame Download [2023 Update]
Full Name Pokemon Magnetic
Console RPGXP
Publisher Game Freak
Developer NachoDark
Region Global, Spain
Genre Role Playing
File size 339.68 MB
Released May 8, 2022
Downloads 27277
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Role-Playing Games XP is quite popular among PC gamers. Therefore, Pokemon players should try the Pokemon Magnetic RPGXP. This is the latest available fan-based modified game with various alterations. Hence, Download and start playing the most popular modified edition of Pokemon.

Pokemon offers various games for different gaming consoles. However, computer or XP Pokemon games are not officially introduced. Therefore, PC players only play using the emulator on the system. But, fans introduced special modified editions for PC players. Hence, stay to know about the latest edition. 

What is Pokemon Magnetic RPGXP Game?

Pokemon Magnetic RPGXP is the latest Fan-based modified game. This altered edition is based on Pokemon Essentials. So, here monster trainers will get completely changed storylines, more monsters, new characters, Fakemons, and much more. Thus, players will get a new gameplay experience with ultimate alterations.

ROMSFORGBA.COM offers a large collection of RPG-XP Pokemon games. Therefore, players will find multiple editions on this website. But, Pokemon Kaisen is a recommended edition of RPGXP on this website. This is a popular RPG-XP edition among monster trainers. But, this page offers details about the latest available edition. Hence, explore detailed information here.

Compared to any other gaming console PC operating systems are popular. Because these systems are used all over the globe. However, the official Pocket Monster doesn’t offer any edition for PC players. Therefore, using an emulator on the PC system is the only official way to play any Pocket Monster game. Hence, players will get limited features on the PC operating system.

PC players love to play games related to Pokemon on the system. Therefore, unofficial developers modified existing Pokemon games and themes to create special RPGXP games. Therefore, modified RPGXP are quite popular available editions with endless modifications. Hence, features from different games are available in such editions.

Pokemon Magnetic Game is the latest available modified edition with endless alterations. Thus, this altered edition offers features from the latest Pocket Monster core update. Additionally, gameplay and storylines are also altered. Therefore, playing this altered game will be quite surprising for players.

Game Story

The story of the game starts in the region known as Amperia. This region is well known for having robust Gym Leaders. In this region, two young boys started their journey to become monster trainers. These young boys are dreaming to become the most powerful trainers in the region. Hence, they need the assistance of players to make their dream a reality.

The Amperia Region is mainly controlled by a single company known as Module SA. This company works on extracting Coltan from this region. Thus, it is a well-known company providing services to everyone available on Amperia. But, this region is facing issues with development because of low Coltan. Thus, the whole region is at risk.

Module SA company works on RAW coltan. However, for an unknown reason finding Coltan is getting harder day by day. Therefore, monster trainers will get the task to find the main reason for the low production of Coltan. Hence, trainers will find unexpected situations during this gameplay.

An evil organization is also working in the dark side of Amperia Region. So, this organization is working to gain profit from this region’s main resources. In this evil team, monster trainers are available. Thus, players need to find and fight them to save people. Although, there are additional quests and events. But, this is the main gameplay of this altered edition.

Generation 8

Monsters from higher generations are loved by monster trainers. Therefore, this edition offers wide modifications to the collection of monsters. Thus, trainers will find monsters added from the 8th generation of Pokemon. Additionally, other relative attributes of monsters are also modified. Hence, find other attributes in the provided list below.

  • Pokémon
  • Abilities
  • Moves
  • Hisui’s Pokemon


Fakemon is the fan-modified Pokemon. Mostly, modified editions doest offer Fakemon. However, this altered edition provides the finest and largest collection of Fakemon. So, players will find completely new types of creatures in the gameplay. Hence, create a team of Fakemon for battles of creatures.

In this edition, players will get the best collection of Fakemon with modified stats. Mostly, editions only offer Fakemon with the same starts. However, now players will find unique abilities, stats, moves, and other attributes of Fake Creatures. Hence, playing this will be more exciting for trainers.

Walk Mode

Want to enjoy the gameplay of this altered edition without hardships? If yes, then here trainers will get the Walk Mode. This mode allows players to enjoy the gameplay without any challenges. Additionally, the main storylines will be the same. But, battles of creatures will be low. Hence, have an unlimited fun experience without any difficulty.

Playing modified RPGXP is the way to enjoy free time on PC. Therefore, get the Pokemon Magnetic Download link from this page and get the amazing game. In this mod, many unexplored surprises are waiting for you. Hence, try all available modes and enjoy your free time.

Screenshots of Game

How to Download Pokémon Magnetic RPGXP Game?

Downloading third-party games is one of the hardest things on the internet. Because of endless advertisements. Therefore, this website provides a one-click RPGXP downloading process. Thus, no need to search on search on the internet for Pokemon RPG-XP editions. Just, click on the RPGXP download button and start downloading.

Main Features

  • Latest Fan-Based Game
  • Gen 8 Features
  • Pokémon And Fakemon are available
  • Moves, Abilities, Forms, And Other Features
  • 70 Different Achievements Available
  • Unique Gameplay With Interesting Game Story
  • Walk Mode For Newbie Players
  • Multiple Side Quests Added
  • New Region And Characters
  • Many More


Do We Need to Patch Pokémon Magnetic RPG-XP?

No, it is a complete fan-based edition, which you can play directly.

Can We Get More Updates Of Pokémon Magnetic RPG-XP?

Yes, but currently it is the latest edition.

Can We Play Pokémon Magnetic RPG-XP On Android?

Use a Windows Emulator On Mobile and Play the game.


The conclusion of this article is about the fan-edited RPG-XP game. Pokemon Magnetic RPGXP offers amazing unique services for players. Therefore, it is recommended to try it on your system. Also, more such modified games are available on this website. Hence, fans should follow for more.

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